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Diplomats, The
Album Lyrics: Diplomatic Immunity Disc 1

Diplomats, The
"Diplomatic Immunity Disc 1"

1. Un Casa playlist
2. Who I Am playlist
3. Ground Zero playlist
4. Real Niggaz playlist
5. More Than Music playlist
6. Beautiful Noise playlist
7. Dipset Anthem playlist
8. Hey Ma (Remix) playlist
9. This Is What I Do playlist
10. Gangsta playlist

Album Lyrics: Diplomatic Immunity Disc 2

Diplomats, The
"Diplomatic Immunity Disc 2"

1. I Really Mean It playlist
2. My Love playlist
3. I Love You playlist
4. Purple Haze playlist
5. The First playlist
6. Juelz Santana The Great playlist
7. What's Really Good playlist
8. I'm Ready playlist
9. Bout it Bout it... Part III playlist
10. Built This City playlist
11. Let's Go playlist

Album Lyrics: Diplomatic Immunity 2

Diplomats, The
"Diplomatic Immunity 2"

1. Stop-N-Go playlist
2. S.A.N.T.A.N.A. playlist
3. Take Em to Church playlist
4. Family Ties playlist
5. Wouldn't You Like to be a Gangsta Too? playlist
6. Get From Round Me playlist
7. Push It playlist
8. Crunk Muzik playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Diplomats, The

Diplomats, The
"Other Songs - Diplomats, The"

1. I Really Mean T playlist
2. Shake playlist