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Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Petra

"Other Songs - Petra"

1. Metafora playlist
2. Suze playlist
3. Veruj mi playlist
4. Ajmo plesat playlist
5. Amazing Grace playlist
6. Believer In Deed playlist
7. Counsel Of The Holy playlist
8. Destiny playlist
9. Disciple playlist
10. Falling Up playlist
11. Fool's Gold playlist
12. For All You're Worth playlist
13. God Fixation playlist
14. God Is My Refuge playlist
15. Good News playlist
16. He Came, He Saw, He Conqured playlist
17. He's Been In My Shoes playlist
18. Heart Of A Hero playlist
19. I'll Meet You There playlist
20. If I Had To Die For Someone playlist
21. Jawa playlist
22. Just Reach Out playlist
23. Let Our Voices Rise Like Incense playlist
24. Lord I Ligt Your Name On High playlist
25. Marks Of The Cross playlist
26. More Than Words playlist
27. No Doubt playlist
28. Onward Christian Soldiers playlist
29. Parting Thought playlist
30. Praying Man playlist
31. Right Place playlist
32. Secret Weapon playlist
33. Set For Life playlist
34. Sincerely Yours playlist
35. Sleeping Giant playlist
36. Song Of Moses playlist
37. Strong Convictions playlist
38. The Invitation playlist
39. Two Are Better Than One playlist
40. Underneath The Blood playlist
41. Wake Up playlist
42. We Hold Our Hearts Out To You playlist
43. Who's On The Lord's Side playlist

Album Lyrics: Jekyll & Hyde [2003]

"Jekyll & Hyde [2003]"

1. All About Who You Know playlist
2. I Will Seek You playlist
3. Jekyll And Hyde playlist
4. Life As We Know It playlist
5. Perfect World playlist
6. Sacred Trust playlist
7. Stand playlist
8. Till Everything I Do playlist
9. Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda playlist

Album Lyrics: This Means War: 25th Anniversary Edition [2012]

"This Means War: 25th Anniversary Edition [2012]"

1. All The King's Horses playlist
2. Get On Your Knees And Fight Like A Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Praise Collection [2006]

"Praise Collection [2006]"

1. Ancient Of Days playlist
2. I Love the Lord playlist
3. Lovely Lord playlist
4. The Battle Belongs To The Lord playlist
5. The Holiest Name playlist
6. We Need Jesus playlist

Album Lyrics: 40th Anniversary [2012]

"40th Anniversary [2012]"

1. Angel Of Light playlist
2. Beat the System playlist
3. Beyond Belief playlist
4. Creed playlist
5. God Gave Rock and Roll To You playlist
6. Graverobber playlist
7. Midnight Oil playlist
8. Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows playlist
9. Stand Up playlist
10. Thankful Heart playlist
11. Why Should The Father Bother playlist

Album Lyrics: Beyond Belief [1990]

"Beyond Belief [1990]"

1. Armed And Dangerous playlist
2. I Am On The Rock playlist
3. Last Daze playlist
4. Love playlist
5. Prayer playlist
6. Seen And Not Heard playlist
7. Underground playlist
8. What's In A Name playlist

Album Lyrics: Back To The Rock [1989]

"Back To The Rock [1989]"

1. Clean playlist

Album Lyrics: Captured In Time and Space [1986]

"Captured In Time and Space [1986]"

1. Computer Brains playlist
2. Godpleaser playlist
3. It is Finished playlist
4. Speak to the Sky playlist
5. The Mellow Medley playlist
6. The Praise Medley playlist
7. The Rock Medley- Stand Up/Not By Sight/Judas' Kiss playlist

Album Lyrics: Petra Praise, The Rock Cries Out [1989]

"Petra Praise, The Rock Cries Out [1989]"

1. Hallowed Be Thy Name playlist

Album Lyrics: Petrafied: Very Best Of Petra [2009]

"Petrafied: Very Best Of Petra [2009]"

1. Hollow Eyes playlist
2. Not Of This World playlist
3. The Coloring Song playlist
4. This Means War playlist

Album Lyrics: Petra Means Rock [1995]

"Petra Means Rock [1995]"

1. Judas Kiss playlist

Album Lyrics: Farewell [2005]

"Farewell [2005]"

1. Test Of Time playlist

Album Lyrics: Revival [2001]

"Revival [2001]"

1. We Want To See Jesus Lifted High playlist