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Ray Price
Album Lyrics: Say I Do [Dot] [1976]

Ray Price
"Say I Do [Dot] [1976]"

Album Lyrics: San Antonio Rose [Columbia] [1962]

Ray Price
"San Antonio Rose [Columbia] [1962]"

1. Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now playlist
2. Hang Your Head in Shame playlist

Album Lyrics: For the Good Times/I Won't Mention It Again [Colum [1990]

Ray Price
"For the Good Times/I Won't Mention It Again [Colum [1990]"

1. Sunday Morning Coming Down playlist
2. Loving Her Was Easier playlist
3. Gonna Burn Some Bridges playlist
4. I'll Go to a Stranger playlist
5. Black and White Lies playlist
6. Grazin' in Greener Pastures playlist
7. You Can't Take It With You playlist
8. Kiss the World Goodbye playlist
9. Burden of Freedom playlist
10. Jesse Younger playlist

Album Lyrics: Sweetheart of the Year [Columbia] [1969]

Ray Price
"Sweetheart of the Year [Columbia] [1969]"

1. Make Me Wonderful in Her Eyes playlist
2. Margie's at the Lincoln Park Inn playlist
3. Terrible Tangled Web playlist
4. Woman Without Love playlist
5. On the South Side of Chicago playlist
6. I Wanna Be Around playlist
7. Pride Goes Before a Fall playlist
8. Somewhere playlist

Album Lyrics: Welcome to My World [Columbia] [1971]

Ray Price
"Welcome to My World [Columbia] [1971]"

1. I'd Be a Legend in My Time playlist
2. Welcome to My World playlist

Album Lyrics: Born to Lose [Harmony] [1967]

Ray Price
"Born to Lose [Harmony] [1967]"

1. I Gotta Have My Baby Back playlist
2. Until Death Do Us Part playlist
3. The Answer to ''The Last Letter'' playlist
4. We Crossed Our Hearts playlist

Album Lyrics: In a Honky Tonk Mood [Jasmine Records] [2000]

Ray Price
"In a Honky Tonk Mood [Jasmine Records] [2000]"

1. Take These Chains from My Heart playlist
2. I'll Keep on Loving You playlist
3. Invitation to the Blues playlist
4. I'll Sail My Ship Alone playlist
5. Curtain in the Window playlist
6. Home in San Antone playlist

Album Lyrics: Make the World Go Away [Harmony] [1970]

Ray Price
"Make the World Go Away [Harmony] [1970]"

1. You Gave Me a Mountain playlist
2. Set Me Free playlist

Album Lyrics: Legend Begins [2005]

Ray Price
"Legend Begins [2005]"

1. Release Me playlist
2. Talk to Your Heart playlist
3. Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes playlist
4. I Saw My Castles Fall Today playlist
5. That's What I Get for Loving You playlist
6. Oh Yes, Darling playlist
7. If You Don't, Somebody Else Will playlist

Album Lyrics: She Wears My Ring [Columbia] [1968]

Ray Price
"She Wears My Ring [Columbia] [1968]"

1. Remembering playlist
2. I'm Gonna Change Everything playlist
3. Trouble playlist
4. I've Been There Before playlist

Album Lyrics: I Won't Mention It Again [Columbia] [1971]

Ray Price
"I Won't Mention It Again [Columbia] [1971]"

1. Forgive Me My Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: Memories That Last (Faron Young & Ray Price) {Step One] [1990]

Ray Price
"Memories That Last (Faron Young & Ray Price) {Step One] [1990]"

1. Mansion on the Hill playlist

Album Lyrics: Crazy Arms: Big Hits & Favorites [2004]

Ray Price
"Crazy Arms: Big Hits & Favorites [2004]"

1. Let Me Talk to You playlist
2. If You're Ever Lonely Darling playlist
3. I Know I'll Never Win Your Love Again playlist
4. The Last Letter playlist
5. Run Boy playlist
6. You Never Will Be True playlist
7. You Done Me Wrong playlist
8. Wasted Words playlist

Album Lyrics: By Request [Step One] [1988]

Ray Price
"By Request [Step One] [1988]"

1. 24th Hour playlist

Album Lyrics: Hall of Fame Series [Step One] [1991]

Ray Price
"Hall of Fame Series [Step One] [1991]"

1. Over playlist

Album Lyrics: Help Me [Columbia] [1977]

Ray Price
"Help Me [Columbia] [1977]"

1. Vaya Con Dios playlist

Album Lyrics: Love Life [Columbia] [1964]

Ray Price
"Love Life [Columbia] [1964]"

1. Way to Free Myself playlist

Album Lyrics: Danny Boy [Columbia] [1967]

Ray Price
"Danny Boy [Columbia] [1967]"

1. Greensleeves playlist
2. Across the Wide Missouri playlist
3. Pretend playlist
4. What's Come Over My Baby playlist

Album Lyrics: Christmas Gift for You [Step One] [1993]

Ray Price
"Christmas Gift for You [Step One] [1993]"

1. Silver Bells playlist
2. Blue Christmas playlist
3. Jingle Bells playlist
4. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer playlist
5. White Christmas playlist
6. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! playlist
7. I'll Be Home for Christmas playlist
8. Silent Night playlist

Album Lyrics: Heart of Country Music [Step One] [1987]

Ray Price
"Heart of Country Music [Step One] [1987]"

1. Walking on New Grass playlist
2. Satisfied Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Songs Of Inspiration [2011]

Ray Price
"Songs Of Inspiration [2011]"

1. Rock of Ages playlist
2. The Old Rugged Cross playlist
3. Farther Along playlist
4. How Great Thou Art playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits 2 [Step One] [1986]

Ray Price
"Greatest Hits 2 [Step One] [1986]"

1. Way to Survive playlist
2. Other Woman playlist

Album Lyrics: For the Good Times [Columbia] [1970]

Ray Price
"For the Good Times [Columbia] [1970]"

1. Cold Day in July playlist

Album Lyrics: Crazy Arms [Platinum Disc] [2004]

Ray Price
"Crazy Arms [Platinum Disc] [2004]"

1. The Same Old Me playlist
2. Please Talk to My Heart playlist
3. Under Your Spell Again playlist

Album Lyrics: Burning Memories/Touch My Heart [Audium Entertainm [2003]

Ray Price
"Burning Memories/Touch My Heart [Audium Entertainm [2003]"

1. Here Comes My Baby Back Again playlist
2. Are You Sure? playlist
3. Soft Rain playlist
4. Together Again playlist
5. You Took Her Off My Hands (Now Take Her Off My Min playlist
6. A Thing Called Sadness playlist
7. Walk Me to the Door playlist
8. That's All That Matters playlist
9. Touch My Heart playlist
10. There Goes My Everything playlist
11. It's Only Love playlist
12. I Lie a Lot playlist
13. You Took My Happy Away playlist
14. Swinging Doors playlist
15. Enough to Lie playlist
16. Am I That Easy to Forget playlist
17. Just for the Record playlist
18. Are You Sure playlist

Album Lyrics: Happens to Be the Best [Pair] [1983]

Ray Price
"Happens to Be the Best [Pair] [1983]"

1. If You Ever Change Your Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Gospel [K-Tel] [2003]

Ray Price
"Gospel [K-Tel] [2003]"

1. In the Garden playlist

Album Lyrics: Time [Audium Entertainment] [2002]

Ray Price
"Time [Audium Entertainment] [2002]"

1. Time playlist

Album Lyrics: The Lonesomest Lonesome [Columbia] [1972]

Ray Price
"The Lonesomest Lonesome [Columbia] [1972]"

1. But I Was Lying playlist
2. One Night to Remember playlist
3. Just the Other Side of Nowhere playlist
4. Empty Chairs playlist
5. That's What Leaving's About playlist
6. Wake Up Yesterday playlist
7. This House playlist
8. Oh, Lonesome Me playlist

Album Lyrics: The Essential Ray Price (1951-1962) [Columbia] [1991]

Ray Price
"The Essential Ray Price (1951-1962) [Columbia] [1991]"

1. I'll Be There playlist

Album Lyrics: 20 All-Time Greatest Hits [TeeVee] [2003]

Ray Price
"20 All-Time Greatest Hits [TeeVee] [2003]"

1. The Other Woman (In My Life) playlist
2. Lonesomest Lonesome playlist

Album Lyrics: Collection [Madacy] [2005]

Ray Price
"Collection [Madacy] [2005]"

1. Burning Memories playlist
2. I'd Rather Be Sorry playlist
3. Danny Boy playlist
4. Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go) playlist
5. She Wears My Ring playlist
6. When I Loved Her playlist
7. By the Time I Get to Phoenix playlist
8. Yesterday playlist
9. Lonely World playlist
10. Sweetheart of the Year playlist
11. Little Green Apples playlist
12. Sweet Memories playlist
13. Bridge Over Troubled Water playlist
14. San Antonio Rose playlist
15. Crazy playlist
16. Spanish Eyes playlist
17. Help Me Make It Through the Night playlist
18. For the Good Times [Instrumental] playlist

Album Lyrics: Cherokee Cowboy [2011]

Ray Price
"Cherokee Cowboy [2011]"

1. Crazy Arms playlist
2. My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You playlist
3. Make the World Go Away playlist
4. For the Good Times playlist
5. I Won't Mention It Again playlist
6. She's Got To Be A Saint playlist
7. You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me playlist
8. City Lights playlist
9. Heartaches By the Number playlist
10. Night Life playlist

Album Lyrics: 16 Biggest Hits [Columbia] [1999]

Ray Price
"16 Biggest Hits [Columbia] [1999]"

1. One More Time playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits: Hall of Fame 1996 [Gusto] [2004]

Ray Price
"Greatest Hits: Hall of Fame 1996 [Gusto] [2004]"

1. I've Got a New Heartache playlist
2. Heart Over Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: The Honky Tonk Years (1950-1966) [Bear Family (Ger [1996]

Ray Price
"The Honky Tonk Years (1950-1966) [Bear Family (Ger [1996]"

1. Funny How Time Slips Away playlist
2. Healing Hands of Time playlist
3. Another Bridge to Burn playlist
4. Don't You Believe Her playlist
5. I Want to Hear It from You playlist
6. Don't Touch Me playlist
7. I'd Fight the World playlist
8. Go Away playlist
9. Too Late playlist
10. It Should Be Easier Now playlist
11. Please Don't Leave Me playlist
12. Beyond the Last Mile playlist
13. Born to Lose playlist
14. Your Heart Is Too Crowded playlist
15. Move on in and Stay playlist
16. This Cold War With You playlist
17. Pride playlist
18. I've Just Destroyed the World (I'm Living In) playlist
19. Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes playlist
20. Four Walls playlist
21. Faith playlist
22. Help Thou My Unbelief playlist
23. Just as I Am playlist
24. When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder playlist
25. How Big Is God? playlist
26. Softly and Tenderly playlist
27. Until Then playlist
28. Where He Leads Me (I Will Follow) playlist
29. Now the Day Is Over playlist
30. Who'll Be the First playlist
31. Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me) playlist
32. I'm Still Not Over You playlist
33. Unloved, Unwanted playlist
34. Cold, Cold Heart playlist
35. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You) playlist
36. Blues Stay Away from Me playlist
37. Fallin' Fallin' Fallin' playlist
38. Slowly Dying playlist
39. I Fall to Pieces playlist
40. My Confession playlist
41. A Maiden's Prayer playlist
42. I'm Tired playlist
43. All Right (I'll Sign the Papers) playlist
44. I Don't Know Why I Just Do playlist
45. How Long Is Forever playlist
46. You're Stronger Than Me playlist
47. Same Old Memories playlist
48. Still playlist
49. Your Old Love Letters playlist
50. Sittin' and Thinkin' playlist
51. Lonely Street playlist
52. There's No Fool Like a Young Fool playlist
53. If She Could See Me Now playlist
54. Bright Lights and Blonde Haired Women playlist
55. The Twenty-Fourth Hour playlist
56. I Love You Because playlist
57. Many Tears Ago playlist
58. Letters Have No Arms playlist
59. Faded Love playlist
60. Remember Me (I'm The One Who Loves You) playlist
61. Pins and Needles (In My Heart) playlist
62. Deep Water playlist
63. Just Call Me Lonesome playlist
64. Roly Poly playlist
65. Bubbles in My Beer playlist
66. You Don't Love Me (But I'll Always Care) playlist
67. You Don't Care What Happens to Me playlist
68. Time Changes Everything playlist
69. The Kind of Love I Can't Forget playlist
70. Each Time playlist
71. I Love You So Much It Hurts playlist
72. I Told You So playlist
73. Wondering playlist
74. Ice Cold Heart playlist
75. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight playlist
76. Driftwood on the River playlist
77. You Will Never Be True playlist
78. City Lights [Take 3] playlist
79. City Lights [Alternate Version][Alternate Take] playlist
80. I Can't Run Away from Myself playlist
81. Soft Rain [Harmony Vocal Overdub] playlist
82. Hang Your Head in Shame/Outro playlist
83. I'm Walkin' Slow (And Thinking 'Bout Her) playlist
84. Linda Lou playlist
85. Lil' Liza Jane playlist
86. Rubber Dolly playlist
87. Burnt Fingers playlist
88. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star playlist
89. Spanish Two Step playlist
90. Liberty Bells playlist
91. Sing a Sad Song playlist
92. Rose Colored Glasses playlist
93. Too Much Love Is Spoiling You playlist
94. After Effects (From Loving You) playlist
95. Let Me Talk to You [Alternate Version][Alternate T playlist
96. Touch My Heart [Alternate Version][Alternate Take] playlist
97. How Big Is God playlist

Album Lyrics: Night Life [Koch] [1962]

Ray Price
"Night Life [Koch] [1962]"

1. Introduction and Theme/ Night Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Night Life [Columbia] [1963]

Ray Price
"Night Life [Columbia] [1963]"

1. Intro and Theme playlist
2. Girl at Night playlist

Album Lyrics: Reunited [Dot] [1977]

Ray Price
"Reunited [Dot] [1977]"

1. Different Kind of Flower playlist

Album Lyrics: Portrait of a Singer [Step One] [1985]

Ray Price
"Portrait of a Singer [Step One] [1985]"

1. Always playlist

Album Lyrics: Ray Price's Christmas Album [Columbia] [1969]

Ray Price
"Ray Price's Christmas Album [Columbia] [1969]"

1. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day playlist
2. Hark the Herald Angels Sing playlist
3. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen playlist
4. O Little Town of Bethlehem playlist
5. The Little Drummer Boy playlist
6. The Lord's Prayer playlist
7. O Come All Ye Faithful playlist
8. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear playlist
9. Happy Birthday to You, Our Lord playlist

Album Lyrics: The World of Ray Price [Columbia] [1970]

Ray Price
"The World of Ray Price [Columbia] [1970]"

1. Wild Side of Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Western Strings [Columbia] [1965]

Ray Price
"Western Strings [Columbia] [1965]"

1. Devil's Dream (instru.) playlist
2. Linda Lou (instru.) playlist
3. Lil' Liza Jane (instru.) playlist
4. Rubber Dolly (instru.) playlist
5. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (instru.) playlist
6. A Maiden's Prayer (instru.) playlist
7. Spanish Two Step (instru.) playlist
8. Liberty Bells (instru.) playlist

Album Lyrics: Touch My Heart [Columbia] [1966]

Ray Price
"Touch My Heart [Columbia] [1966]"

1. Same Two Lips playlist

Album Lyrics: The Same Old Me [CSP] [1963]

Ray Price
"The Same Old Me [CSP] [1963]"

1. I'm Walking Slow (And Thinking 'Bout Her) playlist

Album Lyrics: The Other Woman [Columbia] [1965]

Ray Price
"The Other Woman [Columbia] [1965]"

1. Any Eye For an Eye playlist

Album Lyrics: Take Me As I Am [Columbia] [1968]

Ray Price
"Take Me As I Am [Columbia] [1968]"

1. Walk Through This World With Me playlist
2. Just Out of Reach playlist
3. In the Summer of My Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Prisoner of Love [Budha] [2000]

Ray Price
"Prisoner of Love [Budha] [2000]"

1. Better Class of Losers playlist
2. Prisoner of Love playlist
3. Ramblin' Rose playlist
4. If It's Love (Then Bet It All) playlist
5. In My Life playlist
6. Fly Me to the Moon playlist
7. Body and Soul playlist
8. The Only Bridge playlist
9. I Wish I Was Eighteen Again playlist
10. What a Wonderful World playlist

Album Lyrics: Sometimes a Rose [Columbia] [1991]

Ray Price
"Sometimes a Rose [Columbia] [1991]"

Album Lyrics: All-Time Greatest Hits [Sony Special Products] [1990]

Ray Price
"All-Time Greatest Hits [Sony Special Products] [1990]"

1. April's Fool playlist

Album Lyrics: She's Got to Be a Saint [Columbia] [1973]

Ray Price
"She's Got to Be a Saint [Columbia] [1973]"

1. Goin' Away playlist
2. My Baby's Gone playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Ray Price

Ray Price
"Other Songs - Ray Price"

1. How Great Thou Art playlist
2. Just A Little Talk With Jesus playlist
3. Lost Highway playlist
4. Under Your Spell Again playlist
5. I'm In The Mood For Love playlist
6. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry playlist
7. Jambalaya (On The Bayou) playlist
8. Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys playlist
9. Mom And Dad's Waltz playlist
10. Nobody Wins playlist
11. Once In A While playlist
12. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down playlist
13. Sentimental Journey playlist

Album Lyrics: Rainbows and Tears [Dot] [1976]

Ray Price
"Rainbows and Tears [Dot] [1976]"

1. To Make A Long Story Short (She's Gone) playlist