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Robyn Hitchcock
Album Lyrics: Spooked [2004]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Spooked [2004]"

1. Television playlist
2. If You Know Time playlist
3. Everybody Needs Love playlist
4. English Girl playlist
5. Demons & Fiends playlist
6. Creeped Out playlist
7. Sometimes a Blonde playlist
8. We're Gonna Live in the Trees playlist
9. Tryin' to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door playlist
10. Full Moon in My Soul playlist
11. Welcome to Earth playlist
12. Flanagan's Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Luminous Groove [2008]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Luminous Groove [2008]"

1. Brenda's Iron Sledge playlist
2. Acid Bird playlist
3. If You Were a Priest playlist
4. Winchester playlist
5. Somewhere Apart playlist
6. The President playlist
7. Raymond Chandler Evening playlist
8. Bass playlist
9. Airscape playlist
10. Never Stop Bleeding playlist
11. The Black Crow Knows playlist
12. The Crawling playlist
13. The Leopard playlist
14. Tell Me About Your Drugs playlist
15. Egyptian Cream playlist
16. Another Bubble playlist
17. I'm Only You playlist
18. My Wife And My Dead Wife playlist
19. Goodnight I Say playlist
20. The Man With the Lightbulb Head playlist
21. Insect Mother playlist
22. Strawberry Mind playlist
23. Glass playlist
24. The Fly playlist
25. Heaven playlist
26. Bells of Rhymney playlist
27. Some Body playlist
28. Unsettled playlist
29. Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl playlist
30. Kingdom of Love playlist
31. The Cars She Used to Drive playlist
32. Only the Stones Remain playlist
33. Leppo and the Jooves playlist
34. America playlist
35. Listening to the Higsons playlist
36. The Face of Death playlist
37. Wax Doll playlist
38. So You Think You're in Love playlist
39. Eight Miles High playlist
40. Railway Shoes playlist
41. Freeze playlist
42. Into It playlist
43. I Am Not Me playlist
44. Beautiful Queen playlist
45. Child of the Universe playlist
46. Veins of the Queen playlist
47. Arms of Love playlist
48. Wafflehead playlist

Album Lyrics: I Wanna Go Backwards [2007]

Robyn Hitchcock
"I Wanna Go Backwards [2007]"

1. The Man Who Invented Himself playlist
2. Do Policemen Sing? playlist
3. The Lizard playlist
4. Meat playlist
5. I Watch the Cars playlist
6. Out of the Picture playlist
7. City of Shame playlist
8. Love playlist
9. Cynthia Mask playlist
10. Queen Elvis playlist
11. Flesh Cartoons playlist
12. Executioner playlist
13. Linctus House playlist
14. Sweet Ghost of Light playlist
15. Transparent Lover playlist
16. Beautiful Girl playlist
17. Raining Twilight Coast playlist
18. Clean Steve playlist
19. Agony of Pleasure playlist
20. Glass Hotel playlist
21. Satellite playlist
22. Aquarium playlist
23. Queen Elvis II playlist
24. It Was the Night playlist
25. Cathedral playlist
26. Uncorrected Personality Traits playlist
27. Sounds Great When You're Dead playlist
28. Flavour of Night playlist
29. Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus playlist
30. Winter Love playlist
31. The Bones in the Ground playlist
32. My Favourite Buildings playlist
33. I Used to Say I Love You playlist
34. This Could Be the Day playlist
35. Trams of Old London playlist
36. Furry Green Atom Bowl playlist
37. Autumn Is Your Last Chance playlist
38. I Often Dream of Trains playlist
39. All I Wanna Do Is Fall in Love playlist
40. It's a Mystic Trip playlist
41. She Reached for a Light playlist
42. August Hair playlist
43. Take Your Knife Out of My Back playlist
44. Fiend Before the Shrine playlist
45. Birdshead playlist
46. Victorian Squid playlist
47. You've Got playlist
48. Captain Dry playlist
49. Point It at Gran playlist
50. Vegetable Friend playlist
51. Surgery playlist
52. I Got a Message for You playlist
53. If I Could Look playlist
54. Nothing playlist
55. Stranded in the Future playlist
56. The Abandoned Brain playlist
57. September Cones playlist
58. Trash playlist
59. Let There Be More Darkness playlist

Album Lyrics: fegMANIA! [1985]

Robyn Hitchcock
"fegMANIA! [1985]"

1. Dwarfbeat playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [1996]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Greatest Hits [1996]"

1. Vibrating playlist
2. Balloon Man playlist
3. Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis) playlist
4. Legalized Murder playlist
5. One Long Pair of Eyes playlist
6. More Than This playlist
7. Ruling Class playlist
8. Ride playlist
9. She Doesn't Exist playlist
10. Dark Green Energy playlist
11. Bright Fresh Flower playlist

Album Lyrics: Shadow Cat [2008]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Shadow Cat [2008]"

1. The Green Boy playlist
2. The Wind Cries Mary playlist

Album Lyrics: This Is The Bbc [2006]

Robyn Hitchcock
"This Is The Bbc [2006]"

1. I Saw Nick Drake playlist
2. The Cheese Alarm playlist
3. Sally Was a Legend playlist
4. Elizabeth Jade playlist
5. Jewels for Sophia playlist
6. Heliotrope playlist
7. Man With a Woman's Shadow playlist
8. De Chirico Street playlist
9. Where Do You Go When You Die? playlist
10. Polly on the Shore playlist

Album Lyrics: Obliteration Pie [2005]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Obliteration Pie [2005]"

1. Chinese Bones playlist
2. Madonna of the Wasps playlist

Album Lyrics: Live at the Cambridge Folk Festival [1998]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Live at the Cambridge Folk Festival [1998]"

1. A Globe of Frogs playlist
2. Oceanside playlist
3. Driving Aloud (Radio Storm) playlist
4. Birds in Perspex playlist

Album Lyrics: The Kershaw Sessions [1994]

Robyn Hitchcock
"The Kershaw Sessions [1994]"

1. Lady Waters and the Hooded One playlist
2. Tropical Flesh Mandala playlist
3. Sleeping With Your Devil Mask playlist
4. Superman playlist
5. Open the Door, Homer playlist
6. The Banana Boat Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Eye [1990]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Eye [1990]"

1. Certainly Clickot playlist

Album Lyrics: A Star for Bram [2000]

Robyn Hitchcock
"A Star for Bram [2000]"

1. Daisy Bomb playlist
2. Adoration of the City playlist
3. 1974 playlist
4. I Wish I Liked You playlist
5. Nietzsche's Way playlist
6. The Philosophers' Stone playlist
7. Judas Sings (Jesus & Me) playlist
8. Antwoman (Dub) playlist
9. I Used to Love You playlist
10. The Underneath playlist

Album Lyrics: Globe of Frogs [1988]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Globe of Frogs [1988]"

1. Luminous Rose playlist
2. The Shapes Between Us Turn Into Animals playlist

Album Lyrics: Element of Light [1986]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Element of Light [1986]"

1. Ted, Woody, and Junior playlist

Album Lyrics: You & Oblivion [1995]

Robyn Hitchcock
"You & Oblivion [1995]"

1. Don't You playlist
2. Mr. Rock 'N' Roll playlist
3. The Dust playlist
4. Aether playlist
5. Keeping Still playlist
6. The Ghost Ship playlist
7. You and Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Luxor [2003]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Luxor [2003]"

1. The Sound of Sound playlist
2. One L playlist
3. Penelope's Angles playlist
4. The Idea of You playlist
5. You Remind Me of You playlist
6. Keep Finding Me playlist
7. Maria Lyn playlist
8. Round Song playlist
9. Ant Corridor playlist
10. Idonia playlist
11. Solpadeine playlist

Album Lyrics: Perspex Island [1991]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Perspex Island [1991]"

1. Ultra Unbelievable Love playlist
2. Vegetation and Dimes playlist
3. Lysander playlist
4. If You Go Away playlist
5. Earthly Paradise playlist

Album Lyrics: Respect [1993]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Respect [1993]"

1. The Moon Inside playlist
2. When I Was Dead playlist
3. The Wreck of the Arthur Lee playlist
4. Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom playlist
5. Then You're Dust playlist

Album Lyrics: Robyn Sings [2002]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Robyn Sings [2002]"

1. Tangled Up in Blue playlist
2. Not Dark Yet playlist
3. 4th Time Around playlist
4. Desolation Row playlist
5. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue playlist
6. Dignity playlist
7. Visions of Johanna playlist
8. Tell Me Mama playlist
9. I Don't Believe You playlist
10. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down playlist
11. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues playlist
12. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat playlist
13. One Too Many Mornings playlist
14. Ballad of a Thin Man playlist
15. Like a Rolling Stone playlist

Album Lyrics: Moss Elixir [1996]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Moss Elixir [1996]"

1. Sinister but She Was Happy playlist
2. The Devil's Radio playlist
3. Filthy Bird playlist
4. The Speed of Things playlist
5. You and Oblivion playlist
6. This Is How It Feels playlist

Album Lyrics: Mossy Liquor [1996]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Mossy Liquor [1996]"

1. Alright, Yeah [Swedish version] playlist
2. Cool Bug Rumble playlist
3. Wide Open Star playlist
4. Each of Her Silver Wands playlist
5. As Lemons Chop playlist
6. Trilobite playlist

Album Lyrics: Queen Elvis [1989]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Queen Elvis [1989]"

1. The Devil's Coachman playlist
2. Knife playlist
3. Swirling playlist
4. Autumn Sea playlist
5. Veins of the Queen [Royal Mix] playlist
6. Freeze [Shatter Mix] playlist

Album Lyrics: Jewels for Sophia [1999]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Jewels for Sophia [1999]"

1. Mexican God playlist
2. Viva! Sea-Tac playlist
3. I Feel Beautiful playlist
4. You've Got a Sweet Mouth on You, Baby playlist
5. NASA Clapping playlist
6. Antwoman playlist
7. No, I Don't Remember Guildford playlist
8. Dark Princess playlist

Album Lyrics: Storefront Hitchcock [1998]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Storefront Hitchcock [1998]"

1. The Yip Song playlist
2. Alright, Yeah playlist
3. Let's Go Thundering playlist
4. I Something You playlist

Album Lyrics: I Often Dream of Trains [1984]

Robyn Hitchcock
"I Often Dream of Trains [1984]"

1. Mellow Together playlist

Album Lyrics: Gravy Deco (The Complete Groovy Decay/Decoy Sessions) [1995]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Gravy Deco (The Complete Groovy Decay/Decoy Sessions) [1995]"

1. The Rain playlist
2. How Do You Work This Thing? playlist
3. When I Was a Kid playlist
4. Midnight Fish playlist
5. Young People Scream playlist
6. Grooving on an Inner Plane playlist
7. St. Petersburg playlist

Album Lyrics: Uncorrected Personality Traits: The Robyn Hitchcock Collection [1997]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Uncorrected Personality Traits: The Robyn Hitchcock Collection [1997]"

1. Nightride to Trinidad playlist
2. 52 Stations playlist

Album Lyrics: Invisible Hitchcock [1986]

Robyn Hitchcock
"Invisible Hitchcock [1986]"

1. Give Me a Spanner, Ralph playlist
2. A Skull, A Suitcase, And a Long Red Bottle of Wine playlist
3. Falling Leaves playlist
4. Eaten By Her Own Dinner playlist
5. Mr. Deadly playlist
6. Star of Hairs playlist
7. Messages of Dark playlist
8. Blues in A playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Robyn Hitchcock

Robyn Hitchcock
"Other Songs - Robyn Hitchcock"

1. Spoken Word Intro playlist