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Marianne Faithfull
Album Lyrics: Before The Poison-Deluxe [2008] [2008]

Before The Poison-Deluxe [2008]

Marianne Faithfull
"Before The Poison-Deluxe [2008]"

1. My Friends Have playlist
2. Crazy Love playlist
3. Last Song playlist
4. No Child Of Mine playlist
5. Before The Poison playlist
6. There Is A Ghost playlist
7. In The Factory playlist
8. Desperanto playlist
9. City Of Quartz playlist

Album Lyrics: Collection [2005] [2005]

Collection [2005]

Marianne Faithfull
"Collection [2005]"

1. Blowin' In The Wind playlist
2. Tomorrow's Calling playlist
3. Summer Nights playlist
4. Go Away From My World playlist
5. That's Right Baby playlist

Album Lyrics: Very Best Of [2001] [2001]

Very Best Of [2001]

Marianne Faithfull
"Very Best Of [2001]"

1. Something Better playlist

Album Lyrics: True [2000] [2000]

True [2000]

Marianne Faithfull
"True [2000]"

1. Chords Of Fame playlist
2. Visions Of Johanna playlist
3. Southern Butterfly playlist
4. Rich Kid Blues playlist
5. Long Black Veil playlist
6. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue playlist
7. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry playlist
8. Beware Of Darkness playlist

Album Lyrics: Faithless [2000] [2000]

Faithless [2000]

Marianne Faithfull
"Faithless [2000]"

1. Wrong Road Again playlist
2. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels playlist

Album Lyrics: Vagabond Ways [2000] [2000]

Vagabond Ways [2000]

Marianne Faithfull
"Vagabond Ways [2000]"

1. File It Under Fun From The Past playlist
2. Electra playlist
3. Marathon Kiss playlist
4. For Wanting You playlist
5. Great Expectations playlist
6. After The Ceasefire playlist

Album Lyrics: 20th Century Blues [1997] [1997]

20th Century Blues [1997]

Marianne Faithfull
"20th Century Blues [1997]"

1. Want To Buy Some Illusions playlist
2. Pirate Jenny playlist
3. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams playlist
4. Complainte De La Seine playlist
5. Mon Ami, My Friend playlist
6. Falling In Love Again playlist
7. Mack The Knife playlist
8. 20th Century Blues playlist
9. Don't Forget Me playlist
10. Surabaya Johnny playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [1990] [1990]

Greatest Hits [1990]

Marianne Faithfull
"Greatest Hits [1990]"

1. Some Other Spring playlist

Album Lyrics: Blazing Away [1990] [1990]

Blazing Away [1990]

Marianne Faithfull
"Blazing Away [1990]"

1. Les Prisons Du Roy playlist
2. Why'd Ya Do It? playlist
3. When I Find My Life playlist
4. Times Square playlist
5. Blazing Away playlist

Album Lyrics: Broken English [1990] [1990]

Broken English [1990]

Marianne Faithfull
"Broken English [1990]"

1. Working Class Hero playlist
2. Broken English playlist
3. Brain Drain playlist

Album Lyrics: Decca Years 1965-1967 [2007]

Marianne Faithfull
"Decca Years 1965-1967 [2007]"

1. Come & Stay With Me playlist
2. Sunny Goodge Street playlist
3. Green Are Your Eyes playlist
4. Scarborough Fair playlist
5. Coquillages playlist
6. Fare Thee Well playlist
7. Lonesome Traveller playlist
8. Four Strong Winds playlist
9. Once I Had A Sweetheart playlist
10. Bells Of Freedom playlist
11. Yesterday playlist
12. Sally Free & Easy playlist
13. North Country Maid playlist
14. Morning Sun playlist
15. Wild Mountain Thyme playlist
16. Jaberwock playlist
17. Portland Town playlist
18. Spanish Is A Loving Tongue playlist
19. Full Fathom Five playlist
20. Greensleeves playlist
21. Oh Look Around You playlist
22. I'd Like To Dial Your Number playlist
23. Cockleshells playlist
24. How Should I Your True Love Know playlist
25. Lullaby playlist
26. You Can't Go Where The Roses Go playlist
27. Our Love Has Gone playlist
28. Don't Make Promises playlist
29. Ne Me Quitte Pas playlist
30. Counting playlist
31. Young Girl Blues playlist
32. Good Guy playlist
33. I Have A Love playlist
34. Hang On To A Dream playlist
35. Rosie, Rosie playlist

Album Lyrics: No Regrets [2008]

Marianne Faithfull
"No Regrets [2008]"

1. I'm Not Lisa playlist
2. I'm Looking For Blue Eyes playlist
3. Somebody Loves You playlist
4. Vanilla O'lay playlist
5. Sweet Little Sixteen playlist
6. Wait For Me Down By The River playlist
7. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight playlist
8. All I Wanna Do In Life playlist
9. That Was The Day playlist
10. The Way You Want Me To Be playlist

Album Lyrics: Dreaming My Dreams [2004]

Marianne Faithfull
"Dreaming My Dreams [2004]"

1. Fairy Tale Hero playlist

Album Lyrics: Marianne Faithfull [2008]

Marianne Faithfull
"Marianne Faithfull [2008]"

1. If I Never Get To Love You playlist
2. Time Takes Time playlist
3. He'll Come Back To Me playlist
4. Plaisir D'amour playlist
5. Can't You Hear My Heartbeat playlist
6. Paris Bells playlist
7. They Never Will Leave You playlist
8. What Have They Done To The Rain playlist
9. In My Time Of Sorrow playlist

Album Lyrics: Horses And High Heels [2011]

Marianne Faithfull
"Horses And High Heels [2011]"

Album Lyrics: North Country Maid [2002]

Marianne Faithfull
"North Country Maid [2002]"

1. The Last Thing On My Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Kissin Time

Marianne Faithfull
"Kissin Time"

1. Sex With Strangers playlist
2. Like Being Born playlist
3. Song For Nico playlist
4. Sliding Through Life On Charm playlist

Album Lyrics: It's All Over Now Baby [2000]

Marianne Faithfull
"It's All Over Now Baby [2000]"

1. Lady Madeleine playlist

Album Lyrics: Stranger On Earth: Introduction To Marianne Faith [2008]

Marianne Faithfull
"Stranger On Earth: Introduction To Marianne Faith [2008]"

1. Strange Weather playlist
2. Guilt playlist
3. Sister Morphine playlist
4. As Tears Go By playlist
5. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan playlist
6. House Of The Rising Sun playlist
7. This Little Bird playlist
8. I'm A Loser playlist
9. Reason To Believe playlist
10. Bored By Dreams playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull
"Other Songs - Marianne Faithfull"

1. A Bientt Nous Deux playlist
2. A Thrill's A Thrill playlist
3. Alone playlist
4. Anger playlist
5. Annabel Lee playlist
6. Ashes In My Hand playlist
7. Because The Night playlist
9. C?ur Ouvert playlist
10. C' Chi Spera playlist
11. Ce Qu'a De Pis playlist
12. Chaque Jour playlist
13. Children Of Stone playlist
14. Come My Way [Version 1] playlist
15. Comme Une Aube Nouvelle playlist
16. Comrade playlist
17. Conversation On A Barstool playlist
18. Corrina, Corrina playlist
19. Covetousness playlist
20. D'o La Voix playlist
21. Danny Boy playlist
22. Dear God Please Help Me playlist
23. Don't Smoke In Bed playlist
24. Down By The Salley Garden playlist
27. En Cadence playlist
28. En Face playlist
29. Envy playlist
30. Et Maintenant playlist
31. Eye Communication playlist
32. Falling From Grace playlist
33. Flaming September playlist
34. Flandyke Shore playlist
35. For Beautie's Sake playlist
36. For What It's Worth playlist
37. Fous Qui Disiez playlist
38. Gluttony playlist
39. Hang It On Your Heart (Tv Theme Version) playlist
40. Hier Ou Demain playlist
43. I Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No More playlist
44. I Got You Babe playlist
45. I Saw Three Ships A-Sailing playlist
46. I'll Keep It With Mine playlist
47. I'm The Sky playlist
48. I've Done It Again playlist
49. If Love Were All playlist
50. Imagine playlist
51. Insane Asylum playlist
52. Intrigue playlist
53. Ireland playlist
54. Irony playlist
55. Is This What I Get From Loving You playlist
57. Kissin Time (F/blur) playlist
58. L ... Devant Toi playlist
59. Le C?ur Gros playlist
60. Les Parapluies De Cherbourg playlist
61. Lies playlist
62. Losing playlist
63. Love & Money (Marianne Faithfull, David Courts) playlist
64. Love Got Lost playlist
65. Love Is Teasin' playlist
66. Lucky Girl playlist
67. Lust playlist
68. Mad About The Boy playlist
69. Madame George playlist
70. Many A Mile To Freedom playlist
71. Mary Ann [Version 2] playlist
72. Monday Monday playlist
73. Mud Slime Slim playlist
74. Night Nurse playlist
75. Nuit D't playlist
76. Ooh, Baby Baby playlist
77. Over Here playlist
79. Penthouse Serenade playlist
80. Pride playlist
81. Prologue playlist
82. Quando Ballai Con Lui playlist
83. RĂªve playlist
84. Rien Nul playlist
85. Ruby Tuesday playlist
86. Running For Our Lives playlist
87. Rve playlist
88. Salvation playlist
89. Self - Imposed Exile playlist
90. Sexual Terrorist playlist
91. She Moved Thu' The Fair playlist
92. She's Got A Problem playlist
93. Sign Of Judgement playlist
94. Silence playlist
95. Sleep playlist
96. Sloth playlist
97. So Sad playlist
98. Solitude playlist
99. Somewhere playlist
100. Son Ombre playlist
101. Sonnet 14 playlist
102. Stranger Intro playlist
103. Street Singer's Farewell playlist
104. Tenderness playlist
105. The Absent Touch playlist
106. The Blue Millionaire playlist
107. The Crane Wife playlist
108. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [Version 2] playlist
109. The Hawk (El Gaviln) playlist
110. The Letter playlist
111. The Most Of What Is Least playlist
112. The Mystery Of Love playlist
113. The Phoenix playlist
114. The Sha La La Song playlist
115. The Stars Line Up playlist
116. The Wedding playlist
117. Trouble In Mind playlist
118. Truth, Bitter Truth playlist
119. Un Piccolo Cuore playlist
120. Vagabond Ways playlist
121. Vieil Aller playlist
122. What's The Hurry playlist
123. Who Will Take My Dreams Away ? playlist
124. Without Blame playlist