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Album Lyrics: Beyond The Wall [1992]

"Beyond The Wall [1992]"

1. Bury All Life playlist
2. On The Edge playlist
3. I Want You playlist
4. (Those, Who Got) Nothing To Lose playlist
5. Last Goodbye playlist
6. Light Into The Darkness [Acoustic Version] playlist

Album Lyrics: From The Cradle To The Stage [1997]

"From The Cradle To The Stage [1997]"

1. Black In Mind playlist
2. Firestorm playlist
3. Suicide playlist
4. Enough Is Enough playlist
5. Invisible Horizons playlist
6. Refuge playlist
7. Solitary Man playlist
8. Don't Fear The Winter playlist

Album Lyrics: Black In Mind [1995]

"Black In Mind [1995]"

1. The Crawling Chaos playlist
2. A Spider's Web playlist
3. The Icecold Hand Of Destiny playlist
4. Forever playlist
5. Until I Die playlist
6. My RAGE playlist
7. Start! playlist
8. Tie The Rope [Bonus Track] playlist
9. Forgive But Don't Forget [Bonus Track] playlist
10. All This Time [Bonus Track] playlist
11. Chase [Bonus Track] playlist

Album Lyrics: Lingua Mortis [1996]

"Lingua Mortis [1996]"

1. Alive But Dead playlist
2. In A Nameless Time playlist
3. All This Time playlist
4. Lost In The Ice playlist
5. Alive But Dead [Instrumental Orchestra Version] playlist

Album Lyrics: Live From The Vault EP [1997]

"Live From The Vault EP [1997]"

1. Sent By The Devil playlist
2. Shadow Out Of Time playlist
3. The Price Of War playlist
4. Visions playlist
5. Motorbreath [Metallica Cover] playlist

Album Lyrics: End Of All Days [1996]

"End Of All Days [1996]"

1. Under Control playlist
2. Deep In The Blackest Hole playlist
3. End Of All Days playlist
4. Desperation playlist
5. Voice From The Vault playlist
6. Let The Night Begin playlist
7. Fortress playlist
8. Frozen Fire playlist
9. Talking To The Dead playlist
10. Face Behind The Mask playlist
11. Silent Victory playlist
12. Fading Hours playlist
13. The Sleep playlist
14. How We Treat Each Other [Bonus Track] playlist

Album Lyrics: Higher Than The Sky EP [1997]

"Higher Than The Sky EP [1997]"

1. Higher Than The Sky playlist
2. The Trooper [Iron Maiden Cover] playlist
3. Jawbreaker [Judas Priest Cover] playlist
4. Forgive But Don't Forget playlist
5. Tie The Rope playlist

Album Lyrics: Execution Guaranteed [1987]

"Execution Guaranteed [1987]"

1. Mental Decay playlist
2. Grapes Of Wrath playlist
3. When You Are Dead playlist
4. Streetwolf playlist
5. Deadly Error playlist
6. Execution Guaranteed playlist
7. Hatred playlist

Album Lyrics: The Power Of Metal [1993]

"The Power Of Metal [1993]"

1. Down By Law playlist
2. Shame On You playlist
3. Baby, I'm Your Nightmare playlist

Album Lyrics: Extended Power [1990]

"Extended Power [1990]"

1. Woman playlist
2. Ashes playlist
3. Bottlefield playlist
4. What's Up playlist

Album Lyrics: Soundchaser [2003]

"Soundchaser [2003]"

1. Orgy Of Destruction playlist
2. War Of Worlds playlist
3. Great Old Ones playlist
4. Flesh And Blood playlist
5. Soundchaser playlist
6. Defenders Of The Ancient Life playlist
7. Secrets In A Weird World playlist
8. Human Metal playlist
9. See You In Heaven Or Hell playlist
10. Wake The Nightmares (Falling From Grace Pt.1) playlist
11. Death Is On It's Way (Falling From Grace Pt.2) playlist
12. French Bourree [Bonus Track From Digi-Pack] playlist
13. Fuga [Japanese Bonus Track] playlist

Album Lyrics: Welcome To The Other Side [2001]

"Welcome To The Other Side [2001]"

1. Paint The Devil On The Wall playlist
2. Straight To Hell playlist
3. Trauma playlist
4. The Mirror In Your Eyes playlist
5. R.I.P. playlist
6. One More Time playlist
7. Requiem playlist
8. I'm Crucified playlist
9. No Lies playlist
10. Point Of No Return playlist
11. Leave It All Behind playlist
12. Deep In The Night playlist
13. Welcome To The Other Side playlist
14. Lunatic playlist
15. Riders On The Moonlight playlist
16. After The End playlist
17. Sister Demon playlist
18. Don't Fear The Winter [Bonus Track Japan Version] playlist

Album Lyrics: Unity [2002]

"Unity [2002]"

1. Down playlist
2. Unity playlist
3. Set This World On Fire playlist
4. All I Want playlist
5. Insanity playlist
6. Dies Irae playlist
7. World Of Pain playlist
8. Shadows playlist
9. Living My Dream playlist
10. Seven Deadly Sins playlist
11. You Want It, You'll Get It playlist
12. Mistery Trip [Bonus Track] playlist
13. Darkness Turns To Light [Bonus Track] playlist

Album Lyrics: Thirteen [1999]

"Thirteen [1999]"

1. Days Of December playlist
2. From The Cradle To The Grave playlist
3. HeartBlood playlist
4. Over And Over playlist
5. In Vain (I Won't Go Down) playlist
6. Immortal Sin playlist
7. Just Alone playlist

Album Lyrics: Ghosts [1999]

"Ghosts [1999]"

1. Back In Time playlist
2. Beginning Of The End playlist
3. Ghosts playlist
4. Wash My Sins Away playlist
5. Fear playlist
6. Love And Fear Unite playlist
7. Vanished In Haze playlist
8. Spiritual Awakening playlist
9. Love After Death playlist
10. More Than A Lifetime playlist
11. Tomorrow's Yesterday playlist
12. End Of Eternity [Bonus Track] playlist

Album Lyrics: Perfect Man [1988]

"Perfect Man [1988]"

1. Wasteland playlist
2. In The Darkest Hour playlist
3. Animal Instinct playlist
4. Perfect Man playlist
5. Sinister Thinking playlist
6. Supersonic Hydromatic playlist
7. Death In The Afternoon playlist
8. A Pilgrim's Path playlist
9. Time And Place playlist
10. Round Trip playlist
11. Between The Lines playlist
12. Symbols Of Our Fear playlist
13. Neurotic playlist

Album Lyrics: Reflections Of A Shadow [1990]

"Reflections Of A Shadow [1990]"

1. Introduction (A Bit More Of Green) playlist
2. That's Human Bondage playlist
3. True Face In Everyone playlist
4. Flowers That Fade In My Hand playlist
5. Reflections Of A Shadow playlist
6. Can't Get Out playlist
7. Waiting For The Moon playlist
8. Faith playlist
9. Saddle The Wind playlist
10. Dust playlist
11. Nobody Knows playlist
12. Wild Seed playlist

Album Lyrics: Refuge EP [1994]

"Refuge EP [1994]"

1. Truth Hits Everybody [The Police Cover] playlist
2. I Can't Control Myself [The Troggs Cover] playlist

Album Lyrics: Reign Of Fear [1986]

"Reign Of Fear [1986]"

1. Scared To Death playlist
2. Deceiver playlist
3. Reign Of Fear playlist
4. Hand Of Glory playlist
5. Raw Energy playlist
6. Echoes Of Evil playlist
7. Chaste Flesh playlist
8. Machinery playlist
9. The Scaffold playlist

Album Lyrics: Secrets In A Weird World [1989]

"Secrets In A Weird World [1989]"

1. Intro playlist
2. Time Waits For Noone playlist
3. Make My Day playlist
4. The Inner Search playlist
5. She playlist
6. Light Into The Darkness playlist
7. Talk To Grandpa playlist
8. Distant Voices playlist
9. Without A Trace playlist
10. Lost Side Of The World playlist
11. Law And Order [Bonus Track] playlist
12. Mirror [Bonus Track] playlist

Album Lyrics: Speak of the Dead [2006]

"Speak of the Dead [2006]"

1. Innocent playlist
2. No Regrets playlist
3. Beauty playlist
4. No Fear playlist
5. Soul Survivor playlist
6. Full Moon playlist
7. Kill Your Gods playlist
8. Turn My World Around playlist
9. Be With Me or Be Gone playlist
10. Speak of the Dead playlist

Album Lyrics: Ten Years In Rage [1994]

"Ten Years In Rage [1994]"

1. Vertigo playlist
2. She Killed And Smiled playlist
3. Destination Day playlist
4. Take My Blood playlist
5. No Sign Of Life playlist
6. Submission playlist
7. The Unknown playlist
8. Dangerous Heritage playlist
9. Prayers Of Steel '94 playlist
10. The Blow In A Row playlist
11. Brainsucker playlist
12. On The Edge (Live) playlist
13. Solitary Man (Live) playlist
14. Enough Is Enough (Live) playlist
15. From The Underworld (Live) playlist

Album Lyrics: The Missing Link [1993]

"The Missing Link [1993]"

1. Nevermore playlist
2. The Pit And The Pendulum playlist
3. From The Underworld playlist
4. Certain Days playlist
5. Who Dares? playlist
6. Wake Me When I'm Dead playlist
7. Her Diary's Black Pages playlist
8. The Missing Link playlist
9. Raw Caress playlist
10. Another Kind Of Madness [Bonus Track] playlist

Album Lyrics: Trapped! [1992]

"Trapped! [1992]"

1. Medicine playlist
2. Questions playlist
3. Take Me To The Water playlist
4. Power And Greed playlist
5. The Body Talks playlist
6. Not Forever playlist
7. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep playlist
8. Difference playlist
9. Innocent Guilty [Bonus Track] playlist

Album Lyrics: XIII [1998]

"XIII [1998]"

1. Overture playlist
2. Sign Of Heaven playlist
3. Incomplete playlist
4. Turn The Page playlist
5. Paint It Black [Rolling Stones Cover] playlist
6. Another Wasted Day playlist
7. Tom Sawyer [Rush Cover] [Bonus Track] playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Rage

"Other Songs - Rage"

1. 6 Feet Under Ground playlist
2. F*&K You Freaks playlist
3. Fool Yourself playlist
4. For All My Niggaz & Bitches playlist
5. One To Ten playlist
6. P-5000 playlist
7. Robbin The Hood playlist
8. Xiii playlist