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Travis Garland
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Travis Garland

Travis Garland
"Other Songs - Travis Garland"

1. A Thounsand Goodbye's playlist
3. Beautiful Nightmare playlist
4. Believe playlist
5. Come To My Senses playlist
6. Dead & Gone Lyrics playlist
7. Electromagnetic Lyrics playlist
8. Glow Stick playlist
9. I Want It All playlist
10. Let Me Know playlist
11. Long Way From Lonely playlist
12. Paint playlist
13. R.I.P. playlist
14. Saving My Life playlist
15. Stranded playlist
16. Stranger playlist
17. Sunday Morning playlist
18. Twilight playlist
19. Whatever playlist
20. When You Learn How To Love playlist
21. Your Song playlist
22. Your Way Or The Highway playlist
23. Airplanes playlist

Album Lyrics: Fashionably Late Vol. II [2013]

Travis Garland
"Fashionably Late Vol. II [2013]"

1. Where To Land Ft. III playlist
2. From Adam (Interlude) playlist

Album Lyrics: Travis Garland [2013]

Travis Garland
"Travis Garland [2013]"

1. Abby Lee playlist
2. Blue Electric Roses playlist
3. Clouds playlist
4. Homewrecker playlist
5. Motel Pool playlist
6. Neighbor playlist
7. Where To Land Ft. III playlist

Album Lyrics: Fashionably Late [2012]

Travis Garland
"Fashionably Late [2012]"

1. Didn't Stand A Chance playlist