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Good Riddance
Album Lyrics: Gidget

Good Riddance

1. Not So Bad playlist
2. Last Believer playlist
3. Just For Today playlist
4. Patriarch playlist

Album Lyrics: A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion

Good Riddance
"A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion"

1. Last Believer playlist
2. Weight Of The World playlist
3. Steps playlist
4. A Credit To His Gender playlist
5. Trophy playlist
6. Up & Away playlist
7. Static playlist
8. Favorite Son playlist
9. West End Memorial playlist
10. This Is the Light playlist
11. Bittersweet playlist
12. Token Idiot playlist
13. Come Dancing playlist
14. Lampshade playlist
15. Think Of Me playlist
16. Sky Is Falling playlist
17. Sometimes playlist

Album Lyrics: For God and Country

Good Riddance
"For God and Country"

1. Flies First Class playlist
2. Better playlist
3. All Fall Down playlist
4. United Cigar playlist
5. Decoy playlist
6. Boys and Girls playlist
7. Mother Superior playlist
8. Twelve Year Circus playlist
9. Lisa playlist
10. Wrong Again playlist
11. October playlist

Album Lyrics: Cover Ups

Good Riddance
"Cover Ups"

1. Come Dancing playlist
2. I Melt With You playlist
3. I Stole Your Love playlist
4. Outlaw playlist
5. Leader Of The Pack playlist
6. In My Head playlist
7. My War playlist

Album Lyrics: Ballads From the Revolution

Good Riddance
"Ballads From the Revolution"

1. Fertile Fields playlist
2. Sacrifice playlist
3. State Control playlist
4. Jeannie playlist
5. Salt playlist
6. Choices Made playlist
7. Not With Him playlist
8. Understood playlist
9. Waste playlist
10. Slowly playlist
11. Without Anger playlist
12. Holding On playlist
13. Eversmile playlist
14. I.S.Y.L. (I Stole Your Love) playlist
15. Years from Now playlist

Album Lyrics: Operation Phoenix

Good Riddance
"Operation Phoenix"

1. Shadows of Defeat playlist
2. Blueliner playlist
3. Hardest Part playlist
4. Eighteen Seconds playlist
5. Heresy, Hypocrisy And Revenge playlist
6. Self-Fulfilling Catastrophe playlist
7. Indoctrination playlist
8. Shit-Talking Capitolists playlist
9. Letters Home playlist
10. 30 Day Wonder playlist
11. Dear Cammi playlist
12. Yesterday Died-Tomorrow Won't Be Born playlist
13. Winning the Hearts and Minds playlist
14. Time and a Place playlist
15. After the Nightmare playlist

Album Lyrics: Phenomenon of Craving

Good Riddance
"Phenomenon of Craving"

1. Cages playlist
2. One For The Braves playlist
3. Uniontown playlist
4. Calendar playlist
5. Start At Zero playlist
6. Undefeated playlist

Album Lyrics: Symptoms of A Leveling Spirit

Good Riddance
"Symptoms of A Leveling Spirit"

1. Fire Engine Red playlist
2. Enter The Unapproachables playlist
3. Yesterday's Headlines playlist
4. Great Leap Forward playlist
5. Cheyenne playlist
6. Libertine playlist
7. Trial of the Century playlist
8. Nobody Likes a Cynic playlist
9. Pisces/Almost Home playlist
10. Defusing the Popular Struggle playlist
11. All the Joy You've Ever Known playlist
12. Blue Black Eyes playlist
13. Spit You Out playlist

Album Lyrics: Bound By Ties of Blood and Affection

Good Riddance
"Bound By Ties of Blood and Affection"

1. Made to Be Broken playlist
2. More Depalma, Less Fellini playlist
3. Saccharine playlist
4. Up the Affiliates playlist
5. Boxing Day playlist
6. The Dubious Flow of Excess playlist
7. Black Bag Confidential playlist
8. Paean to the Enlightenment playlist
9. There's No I In Team playlist
10. The Process playlist
11. Dylan playlist
12. Remember Me playlist
13. Shame, Rights & Privilege playlist
14. Bobby Baun playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Good Riddance

Good Riddance
"Other Songs - Good Riddance"

1. Always playlist
2. Day That I Die playlist
3. Say It Loud playlist
4. Shadows Of Defeat playlist
5. Stand playlist