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Jennifer Rush
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Jennifer Rush

Jennifer Rush
"Other Songs - Jennifer Rush"

1. A Broken Heart playlist
2. A Touch Of Paradise playlist
3. All In Love Is Fair playlist
4. Angel playlist
5. Automatic playlist
6. Ave Maria playlist
7. Credo playlist
8. Cry playlist
9. Deeper Within playlist
10. Destiny playlist
11. Everything playlist
12. Flames Of Paradise playlist
13. Fortress playlist
14. Heart Over Mind playlist
15. Heart Wars playlist
16. Hero Of A Fool playlist
17. Higher Ground playlist
18. I Come Undone playlist
19. I See A Shadow (Not A Fantasy) playlist
20. In The Arms Of Love playlist
21. Keep All The Fires Burning Bright playlist
22. Love Of A Stranger playlist
23. Madonna's Eyes playlist
24. Midnight Mirage playlist
25. More Than Words playlist
26. My Heart Is Still Young playlist
27. Never Say Never playlist
28. Nobody Move playlist
29. Piano In The Dark playlist
30. Ring Of Ice playlist
31. Search The Sky playlist
32. Sense & Sensibility playlist
33. Sidekick playlist
34. Silent Killer playlist
35. Tears In The Rain playlist
36. Testify With My Heart playlist
37. The Power Of Love playlist
38. Timeless Love playlist
39. Vision Of You playlist
40. Wherever You Are playlist
41. Who Wants To Live Forever playlist
42. Wings Of Desire playlist
43. Yesterme Yesteryou Yesterday playlist
44. You & I playlist
45. You Don't Know What You've Got playlist
46. You'll Never Catch Me Dreaming playlist
47. You're My One An Only playlist