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John Hiatt
Album Lyrics: Dirty Jeans & Mudslide Hymns [2011]

John Hiatt
"Dirty Jeans & Mudslide Hymns [2011]"

Album Lyrics: Slug Line [1979]

John Hiatt
"Slug Line [1979]"

1. (No More) Dancing In The Street playlist
2. Long Night playlist
3. Madonna Road playlist
4. Sharon's Got A Drug Store playlist
5. The Negroes Were Dancing playlist
6. The Night That Kenny Died playlist
7. You Used To Kiss The Girls playlist
8. You're My Love Interest playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - John Hiatt

John Hiatt
"Other Songs - John Hiatt"

2. Don't Look Any Further playlist
3. Fireball Roberts playlist
4. Go Down Swingin' playlist
5. Haulin' playlist
6. Homeland playlist
8. Let It Ride playlist
9. Let's Give This Love A Try playlist
10. Like A Freight Train playlist
11. Movin' On playlist
12. Sail Away playlist
14. What Kind Of Man playlist
15. You Caught Me Laughin' playlist

Album Lyrics: Little Head [1997]

John Hiatt
"Little Head [1997]"

1. After All This Time playlist
2. Far As We Go playlist
3. Feelin' Again playlist
4. Graduated playlist
5. Little Head playlist
6. My Sweet Girl playlist
7. Runaway playlist
8. Sure Pinocchio playlist
9. Woman Sawed In Half playlist

Album Lyrics: Master Of Disaster [2005]

John Hiatt
"Master Of Disaster [2005]"

1. Ain't Ever Goin' Back playlist
2. Cold River playlist
3. Find You At Last playlist
4. Howlin' Down The Cumberland playlist
5. Love's Not Where We Thought We Left It playlist
6. Master Of Disaster playlist
7. Old School playlist
8. Thunderbird playlist
9. When My Love Crosses Over playlist
10. Wintertime Blues playlist

Album Lyrics: The Tiki Bar Is Open [2001]

John Hiatt
"The Tiki Bar Is Open [2001]"

1. All The Lilacs In Ohio playlist
2. Come Home To You playlist
3. Everybody Went Low playlist
4. Farther Stars playlist
5. Hangin' Round Here playlist
6. I Know A Place playlist
7. I'll Never Get Over You playlist
8. My Old Friend playlist
9. Rock Of Your Love playlist
10. Something Broken playlist
11. The Tiki Bar Is Open playlist

Album Lyrics: Bring The Family [1987]

John Hiatt
"Bring The Family [1987]"

1. Alone In The Dark playlist
2. Learning How To Love You playlist
3. Stood Up playlist
4. Tip Of My Tongue playlist

Album Lyrics: Perfectly Good Guitar [1993]

John Hiatt
"Perfectly Good Guitar [1993]"

1. Angel playlist
2. Blue Telescope playlist
3. Cross My Fingers playlist
4. Loving A Hurricane playlist
5. Old Habits playlist
6. Permanent Hurt playlist
7. Straight Outta Time playlist
8. The Wreck Of The Barbie Ferrari playlist
9. When You Hold Me Tight playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best Of John Hiatt [1998]

John Hiatt
"The Best Of John Hiatt [1998]"

1. Angel Eyes playlist
2. Don't Know Much About Love playlist
3. Love In Flames playlist
4. Take Off Your Uniform playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [1999]

John Hiatt
"Greatest Hits [1999]"

1. Angel Eyes (Live) playlist
2. Something Wild playlist
3. Tennessee Plates playlist
4. The Rest Of The Dream playlist
5. Through Your Hands playlist

Album Lyrics: Stolen Moments [1990]

John Hiatt
"Stolen Moments [1990]"

1. Back Of My Mind playlist
2. Bring Back Your Love To Me playlist
3. Listening To Old Voices playlist
4. One Kiss playlist
5. Rock Back Billy playlist
6. Seven Little Indians playlist
7. Stolen Moments playlist
8. Thirty Years Of Tears playlist

Album Lyrics: Two Bit Monsters [1980]

John Hiatt
"Two Bit Monsters [1980]"

1. Back To Normal playlist
2. Back To The War playlist
3. Copy Party playlist
4. Down In Front playlist
5. Face The Nation playlist
6. Good Girl, Bad World playlist
7. I Spy (For The F.B.I.) playlist
8. New Numbers playlist
9. String Pull Job playlist

Album Lyrics: Crossing Muddy Waters [2000]

John Hiatt
"Crossing Muddy Waters [2000]"

1. Before I Go playlist
2. God's Golden Eyes playlist
3. Gone playlist
4. Lift Up Every Stone playlist
5. Lincoln Town playlist
6. Mr. Stanley playlist
7. Only The Song Survives playlist
8. Take It Back playlist
9. What Do We Do Now playlist

Album Lyrics: Riding With The King [1983]

John Hiatt
"Riding With The King [1983]"

1. Book Lovers playlist
2. Death By Misadventure playlist
3. Falling Up playlist
4. Girl On A String playlist
5. Lovers Will playlist
6. Say It With Flowers playlist
7. You May Already Be A Winner playlist

Album Lyrics: Anthology [2001]

John Hiatt
"Anthology [2001]"

1. Buffalo River Home playlist
2. Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder playlist
3. Crossing Muddy Waters playlist
4. Cry Love playlist
5. Doll Hospital playlist
6. Down Home playlist
7. Drive South playlist
8. Feels Like Rain playlist
9. Hangin' Around The Observatory playlist
10. Have A Little Faith In Me playlist
11. I Don't Even Try playlist
12. It Hasn't Happened Yet playlist
13. Lipstick Sunset playlist
14. Memphis in the Meantime playlist
15. My Edge Of The Razor playlist
16. Paper Thin playlist
17. Perfectly Good Guitar playlist
18. Pink Bedroom playlist
19. Pirate Radio playlist
20. Radio Girl playlist
21. Real Fine Love playlist
22. Riding With The King playlist
23. She Loves The Jerk playlist
24. She Said The Same Things To Me playlist
25. Shredding The Document playlist
26. Slow Turning playlist
27. Slug Line playlist
28. Sure As I'm Sittin' Here playlist
29. Take It Down playlist
30. Thank You Girl playlist
31. The Love That Harms playlist
32. The Usual playlist
33. The Way We Make A Broken Heart playlist
34. Thing Called Love playlist
35. Washable Ink playlist
36. When We Ran playlist

Album Lyrics: Same Old Man [2008]

John Hiatt
"Same Old Man [2008]"

1. Cherry Red playlist
2. On With You playlist
3. Ride My Pony playlist
4. Same Old Man playlist
5. Two Hearts playlist

Album Lyrics: Beneath The Gruff Exterior [2003]

John Hiatt
"Beneath The Gruff Exterior [2003]"

1. Circle Back playlist
2. Fly Back Home playlist
3. How Bad's The Coffee playlist
4. Missing Pieces playlist
5. My Baby Blue playlist
6. My Dog And Me playlist
7. The Nagging Dark playlist
8. Uncommon Connection playlist

Album Lyrics: Overcoats [1975]

John Hiatt
"Overcoats [1975]"

1. Distance playlist
2. I Killed An Ant With My Guitar playlist
3. I Want Your Love Inside Of Me playlist
4. I'm Tired Of Your Stuff playlist
5. Motorboat To Heaven playlist
6. One More Time playlist
7. Overcoats playlist
8. Smiling In The Rain playlist
9. The Lady Of The Night playlist

Album Lyrics: Walk On [1995]

John Hiatt
"Walk On [1995]"

1. Dust Down A Country Road playlist
2. Ethylene playlist
3. Friend Of Mine playlist
4. Good As She Could Be playlist
5. I Can't Wait playlist
6. Mile High playlist
7. Native Son playlist
8. The River Knows Your Name playlist
9. Walk On playlist
10. Wrote It Down And Burned It playlist
11. You Must Go playlist
12. Your Love Is My Rest playlist

Album Lyrics: All Of A Sudden [1982]

John Hiatt
"All Of A Sudden [1982]"

1. Forever Yours playlist
2. Getting Excited playlist
3. I Could Use An Angel playlist
4. Marianne playlist
5. Overnight Story playlist
6. Some Fun Now playlist
7. Something Happens playlist
8. The Walking Dead playlist
9. This Secret Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Hangin' Around The Observatory [1974]

John Hiatt
"Hangin' Around The Observatory [1974]"

1. Full Moon playlist
2. It's All Right With Me playlist
3. Little Blue Song For You playlist
4. Maybe Baby, Say You Do playlist
5. Ocean playlist
6. Rose playlist
7. Whistles In My Ears playlist
8. Wild-Eyed Gypsies playlist

Album Lyrics: Slow Turning [1988]

John Hiatt
"Slow Turning [1988]"

1. Georgia Rae playlist
2. Is Anybody There? playlist
3. It'll Come to You playlist
4. Ride Along playlist
5. Sometime Other Than Now playlist
6. Trudy And Dave playlist
7. Is Anybody There playlist

Album Lyrics: Warming Up To The Ice Age [1985]

John Hiatt
"Warming Up To The Ice Age [1985]"

1. I Got A Gun playlist
2. I'm A Real Man playlist
3. Living A Little, Laughing A Little playlist
4. Number One Honest Game playlist
5. Warming Up To The Ice Age playlist
6. Zero House playlist

Album Lyrics: Y'all Caught?: The Ones That Got Away, 1979-1985 [1989]

John Hiatt
"Y'all Caught?: The Ones That Got Away, 1979-1985 [1989]"

1. I Look For Love playlist
2. Love Like Blood playlist
3. The Crush playlist

Album Lyrics: Hiatt Comes Alive At Budokan [1994]

John Hiatt
"Hiatt Comes Alive At Budokan [1994]"

1. Icy Blue Heart playlist
2. Your Dad Did playlist