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Album Lyrics: Don't Say Goodbye [1987]

"Don't Say Goodbye [1987]"

1. A Boy And His Dog playlist
2. Beat The Retreat playlist
3. Big Brother playlist
4. That's When The Crying Starts playlist

Album Lyrics: Full Bloom, Acoustic Strawbs Live [2004]

"Full Bloom, Acoustic Strawbs Live [2004]"

1. A glimpse of heaven playlist
2. Alice's Song playlist
3. Ghosts playlist
4. Remembering playlist
5. The Flower And The Young Man playlist
6. The Winter And The Summer playlist

Album Lyrics: Preserved Uncanned [1990]

"Preserved Uncanned [1990]"

1. A Good Woman's Love playlist
2. All I Need Is You playlist
3. Always On My Mind playlist
4. And You Need Me playlist
5. Coal Creek March playlist
6. Following The Rainbow playlist
7. Handsome Molly playlist
8. Hard Times playlist
9. How Everyone But Sam Was A Hypocrite playlist
10. How I Need You playlist
11. I'll Show You Where To Sleep playlist
12. Jenny O'Brien playlist
13. Just The Same In Every Way playlist
14. Lawrence Brown playlist
15. October To May playlist
16. On My Way playlist
17. Or Am I Dreaming playlist
18. Sail Away To The Sea playlist
19. Spanish Is The Loving Tongue playlist
20. Strawberry Picking playlist
21. Sweetling playlist
22. That Which Once Was Mine playlist
23. The Blantyre Explosion playlist
24. Wild Strawberries playlist

Album Lyrics: Nomadness [1975]

"Nomadness [1975]"

1. A Mind Of My Own playlist
2. Back On The Farm playlist
3. So Shall Our Love Die playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Strawbs

"Other Songs - Strawbs"

1. A Song For Me playlist
2. All In Vain playlist
3. And Wherefore playlist
4. Backside playlist
5. Bitter Sunshine playlist
6. Can You Believe playlist
7. Changes Arranges playlist
8. Crie Du Cœur playlist
9. Dance On playlist
10. Flinthill Special playlist
11. Going Home playlist
12. Heat Of The Street playlist
13. Higher Germanie playlist
14. Hummingbird playlist
15. Ice Maiden playlist
16. Lady Fuchsia playlist
17. Part Of The Union playlist
18. Riviera Del Fiori playlist
19. Silver Smile playlist
20. So Close And Yet So Far Away playlist
21. Song For Alex playlist
22. Starshine/Angel Wine playlist
23. Steppes playlist
24. Still Small Voice playlist
25. Strawbs - Oh, How She Changed playlist
26. That's The Way It Ends (including The World) playlist
27. The Desert Song playlist
28. The Life Auction playlist
29. The Soldier's Tale playlist
30. The Young Pretender playlist
31. Via Bencini playlist
32. Wasting My Time (Thinking Of You) playlist
33. Ways And Means playlist
34. When The Lights Came On playlist
35. When You Were A Child playlist
36. Why playlist

Album Lyrics: Halcyon Days [1997]

"Halcyon Days [1997]"

1. Absent Friend playlist
2. Stormy Down playlist
3. We'll Meet Again Sometime playlist
4. Why And Wherefore playlist

Album Lyrics: The Strawbs' Greatest Hits Live [1993]

"The Strawbs' Greatest Hits Live [1993]"

1. Afraid To Let You Go playlist
2. Cut Like A Diamond playlist

Album Lyrics: Live in Tokyo '75/ Grave New World The Movie [2003]

"Live in Tokyo '75/ Grave New World The Movie [2003]"

1. Ah Me, Ah My playlist
2. Just Love playlist
3. On Growing Older playlist
4. The Journey's End playlist
5. Tomorrow playlist

Album Lyrics: 30 Years in Rock, Classic Rock Legends [2001]

"30 Years in Rock, Classic Rock Legends [2001]"

1. Alexander The Great playlist
2. Ringing Down The Years playlist
3. Something For Nothing playlist
4. Tell Me What You See In Me playlist
5. Tina Dei Fada playlist
6. Where Is This Dream Of Your Youth playlist

Album Lyrics: Early Strawbs [1974]

"Early Strawbs [1974]"

1. All The Little Ladies playlist
2. Close Your Eyes playlist
3. Dragonfly playlist
4. Josephine, For Better Or For Worse playlist
5. Pieces Of 79 And 15 playlist
6. Poor Jimmy Wilson playlist
7. Till The Sun Comes Shining Through playlist
8. Where Am I/I'll Show You Where To Sleep playlist

Album Lyrics: Strawbs by Choice [1974]

"Strawbs by Choice [1974]"

1. Another Day playlist
2. Lay A Little Light On Me/Hero's Theme playlist
3. The Actor playlist

Album Lyrics: Heartbreak Hill [1995]

"Heartbreak Hill [1995]"

1. Another Day Without You playlist
2. Heartbreak Hill playlist
3. Let It Rain playlist
4. Starting Over playlist
5. Two Separate People playlist
6. We Can Make It Together playlist

Album Lyrics: Live At Nearfest [2005]

"Live At Nearfest [2005]"

1. Autumn playlist
2. Burning For Me playlist
3. Down By The Sea playlist
4. Heartbreaker playlist
5. Hero And Heroine playlist
6. New World playlist
7. Out In The Cold playlist
8. Round And Round playlist
9. The River playlist

Album Lyrics: Burning for you [1977]

"Burning for you [1977]"

1. Back In The Old Routine playlist
2. Barcarole (For The Death Of Venice) playlist
3. Carry Me Home playlist
4. Goodbye (Is Not An Easy Word To Say) playlist
5. I Feel Your Loving Coming On playlist
6. Keep On Trying playlist

Album Lyrics: Painted Sky [2005]

"Painted Sky [2005]"

1. Benedictus playlist
2. Cold Steel playlist
3. Grace Darling playlist
4. If playlist
5. Midnight Sun playlist
6. Shine On Silver Sun playlist
7. The Antique Suite playlist

Album Lyrics: Deep Cuts [2003]

"Deep Cuts [2003]"

1. Beside The Rio Grande playlist
2. Charmer playlist
3. Hard Hard Winter playlist
4. I Only Want My Love To Grow In You playlist
5. My Friend Peter playlist
6. Simple Visions playlist
7. Turn Me Round playlist

Album Lyrics: Blue Angel [2003]

"Blue Angel [2003]"

1. Blue Angel playlist
2. Cry No More playlist
3. Do You Remember playlist
4. Further Down The Road playlist
5. Morning Glory playlist
6. Oh So Sleepy playlist
7. Rhythm Of The Night playlist
8. Sealed With A Traitor's Kiss playlist
9. Strange Day Over The Hill playlist
10. The King playlist
11. The Plain playlist
12. There Will Come The Day playlist

Album Lyrics: From The Witchwood [1971]

"From The Witchwood [1971]"

1. Canon Dale playlist
2. Flight playlist
3. In Amongst The Roses playlist
4. Thirty Days playlist

Album Lyrics: Deadlines [1978]

"Deadlines [1978]"

1. Deadly Nightshade playlist
2. I Don't Want To Talk About It playlist
3. Joey And Me playlist
4. New Beginnings playlist
5. Time And Life playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best Of Strawbs [1978]

"The Best Of Strawbs [1978]"

1. Don't Try To Change Me playlist
2. Little Sleepy playlist
3. Where Do You Go (When You Need A Hole To Crawl In) playlist

Album Lyrics: Acoustic Strawbs Baroque & Roll [2001]

"Acoustic Strawbs Baroque & Roll [2001]"

1. Evergreen playlist
2. Inside Your Hell Tonight playlist
3. Not All The Flowers Grow playlist
4. The Golden Salamander playlist

Album Lyrics: Just a collection of Antiques and Curios [1970]

"Just a collection of Antiques and Curios [1970]"

1. Fingertips playlist
2. Temperament Of Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Bursting At The Seams [1973]

"Bursting At The Seams [1973]"

1. Flying playlist
2. Thank You playlist

Album Lyrics: Halcyon Days (US Release) [1998]

"Halcyon Days (US Release) [1998]"

1. Forever playlist
2. Here It Comes playlist
3. Sheep playlist
4. The Battle playlist
5. The Hangman And The Papist playlist
6. The Shepherd's Song playlist
7. The Weary Song playlist
8. Two Weeks Last Summer playlist

Album Lyrics: Ringing Down the Years [1991]

"Ringing Down the Years [1991]"

1. Forever Ocean Blue playlist
2. Might As Well Be On Mars playlist
3. Stone Cold Is The Woman's Heart playlist
4. Taking A Chance playlist

Album Lyrics: Ny 75 [2003]

"Ny 75 [2003]"

1. Hanging In The Gallery playlist
2. The Promised Land playlist
3. To Be Free playlist

Album Lyrics: The Collection [2002]

"The Collection [2002]"

1. Heavy Disguise playlist
2. I Turned My Face Into The Wind playlist
3. I'll Carry On Beside You playlist
4. Keep The Devil Outside playlist
5. Martin Luther King's Dream playlist
6. The Man Who Called Himself Jesus playlist
7. Tokyo Rosie playlist

Album Lyrics: Grave New World [1972]

"Grave New World [1972]"

1. Hey Little Man ... Thursday's Child playlist
2. Hey Little Man ... Wednesday's Child playlist
3. Is It Today Lord playlist

Album Lyrics: Strawberry sampler number 1 [1969]

"Strawberry sampler number 1 [1969]"

1. I've Been My Own Worst Friend playlist
2. Stay Awhile With Me playlist
3. Whichever Way The Wind Blows playlist

Album Lyrics: Heroes and Heroine [1974]

"Heroes and Heroine [1974]"

1. Lay A Little Light On Me (Early Version) playlist
2. Sad Young Man playlist

Album Lyrics: 20th Century Masters - Millenium Collection [2003]

"20th Century Masters - Millenium Collection [2003]"

1. Lay Down playlist
2. Lemon Pie playlist
3. Part Of The Union playlist

Album Lyrics: Concert Classics - (Live) [1999]

"Concert Classics - (Live) [1999]"

1. No Return playlist
2. The Last Resort playlist

Album Lyrics: All Our Own Work [1973]

"All Our Own Work [1973]"

1. Nothing Else Will Do playlist
2. Who Knows Where The Time Goes playlist

Album Lyrics: Deja Fou [2004]

"Deja Fou [2004]"

1. NRG playlist
2. On A Night Like This playlist
3. Russian Front playlist
4. Sunday Morning playlist
5. This Barren Land playlist
6. Under A Cloudless Sky playlist

Album Lyrics: Tears And Pavan (An Introduction To Strawbs) [2002]

"Tears And Pavan (An Introduction To Strawbs) [2002]"

1. Queen Of Dreams playlist
2. Tears And Pavan playlist

Album Lyrics: Classic Strawbs [1977]

"Classic Strawbs [1977]"

1. The Vision Of The Lady Of The Lake playlist