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Kelly Price
Album Lyrics: Soul of a Woman

Kelly Price
"Soul of a Woman"

1. Friend of Mine playlist
2. Don't Say Goodbye playlist
3. Her playlist
4. Friend of Mine [remix] playlist

Album Lyrics: Life OST

Kelly Price
"Life OST"

1. It's Gonna Rain playlist

Album Lyrics: Mirror Mirror

Kelly Price
"Mirror Mirror"

1. Good Love playlist
2. You Should've Told Me playlist
3. At Least (The Little Things) playlist
4. She Wants You playlist
5. 3 Strikes playlist
6. Mirror Mirror playlist
7. Can't Run Away playlist
8. The Lullaby playlist
9. Married Man playlist
10. Like You Do playlist
11. All I Want Is You playlist
12. As We Lay playlist
13. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow playlist
14. Love Sets You Free playlist

Album Lyrics: Bringing Down the House OST

Kelly Price
"Bringing Down the House OST"

1. Ain't Nobody playlist

Album Lyrics: Priceless

Kelly Price

1. Someday playlist
2. How Does It Feel (Married Your Girl) playlist
3. He Proposed playlist
4. Whatcha Gon Do playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Kelly Price

Kelly Price
"Other Songs - Kelly Price"

1. Ain't No Way playlist