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Burl Ives
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Burl Ives

Burl Ives
"Other Songs - Burl Ives"

1. I've got no use for women playlist
2. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon playlist
3. Call Me Mr In-Between playlist
4. Happy birthday Jesus playlist
6. Home On The Range playlist
7. Little drummer boy playlist
8. Lollipop Tree playlist
9. Lolly Too Dum playlist
10. Polly Wolly Doodle playlist
12. Silver and gold playlist
13. The Deceiver playlist
14. The Man On The Flying Trapeze playlist
15. The Ugly Bug Ball playlist
16. This is all I ask playlist

Album Lyrics: Lavender Blue [2000]

Burl Ives
"Lavender Blue [2000]"

1. Rodger Young playlist
2. Froggie Went A-Courtin playlist
3. I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes playlist
4. I've got no use for women playlist
5. Lavender's blue (dilly dilly) playlist
6. Mr. Rabbit playlist
7. The Doughnut Song playlist
8. The Fox playlist
9. The Lavender Cowboy playlist
10. The little White Duck playlist
11. Venezuela playlist

Album Lyrics: Big Rock Candy Mountain [2000]

Burl Ives
"Big Rock Candy Mountain [2000]"

1. Taut I taw a puddy tat playlist
2. All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth playlist
3. Aren't you glad you're you playlist
4. Hush, little baby playlist
5. I know an old lady playlist
6. I Whistle a Happy Tune playlist
7. Teddy Bears Picnic playlist
8. The King's new clothes playlist
9. There's A Hole In My Bucket playlist
10. Thumbalina, Thumbalina tiny little thing playlist
11. Tongue twister playlist
12. Ugly duckling playlist
13. Walzing Matilda playlist

Album Lyrics: Sweet, Sad & Salty [2012]

Burl Ives
"Sweet, Sad & Salty [2012]"

1. A Little Bitty Tear playlist

Album Lyrics: I do believe [1974]

Burl Ives
"I do believe [1974]"

1. A new Name In Glory playlist
2. Amazing Grace playlist
3. Are ye able ? (said the Master) playlist
4. Beyond the sunset playlist
5. Bringing in the sheaves playlist
6. Count your blessings playlist
7. God be with you playlist
8. Haven of Rest playlist
9. How Great Thou Art playlist
10. Joy Unspeakable playlist
11. Lily of the Valley playlist
12. Love lifted me playlist
13. Oh How I Love Jesus playlist
14. On Jordan's Stormy Banks playlist
15. Only believe playlist
16. Power in the blood playlist
17. Rescue the perishing playlist
18. Shall we gather at the river playlist
19. Showers of Blessing playlist
20. Since Jesus Came into my heart playlist
21. Softly and tenderly playlist
22. Stand up for Jesus playlist
23. Stepping in the light playlist
24. Sweet by and by playlist
25. The Old Rugged Cross playlist
26. The Uncloudy Day playlist
27. Throw out the lifeline playlist
28. Victory in Jesus playlist
29. What a friend we have in Jesus playlist
30. When we all get to heaven playlist
31. Will the circle be unbroken ? playlist
32. Will there be any stars ? playlist

Album Lyrics: The Singing Wayfarer [2007]

Burl Ives
"The Singing Wayfarer [2007]"

1. Aunt Rhody playlist
2. Big Rock Candy Mountain playlist
3. Diesel smoke, dangerous curves playlist
4. Down In The Valley playlist
5. Frankie and Johnny playlist
6. Henry Martin playlist
7. Molly Malone playlist
8. My Good Old Man playlist
9. Po' boy playlist
10. The Erie Canal playlist
11. The Foggy, Foggy Dew playlist
12. The Little Green Valley playlist

Album Lyrics: Christmas [1995]

Burl Ives
"Christmas [1995]"

1. Ave Maria playlist
2. Jingle Bells playlist
3. O Holy night playlist

Album Lyrics: Down To The Sea In Ships [1956]

Burl Ives
"Down To The Sea In Ships [1956]"

1. Away Rio playlist
2. Ben Backstay playlist
3. Blow Ye Winds playlist
4. Drunken Sailor playlist
5. Go down you red red roses playlist
6. Haul Away, Joe playlist
7. Highland Laddie playlist
8. Hullabaloo Belay playlist
9. Leave Her, Johnny playlist
10. New York Girls playlist
11. Rolling Home playlist
12. Santy Anna playlist
13. Storm Along playlist
14. The Sailor's Grave playlist
15. Wrap Me Up In My Tarpaulin Jacket playlist

Album Lyrics: Inspirational Favorites [2008]

Burl Ives
"Inspirational Favorites [2008]"

1. Beulah Land playlist

Album Lyrics: Little Bitty Tear [1997]

Burl Ives
"Little Bitty Tear [1997]"

1. Billy Brown playlist
2. Green grass of home playlist

Album Lyrics: Poor Wayfaring Stranger [1996]

Burl Ives
"Poor Wayfaring Stranger [1996]"

1. Black is the colour playlist
2. Buckeyed Jim playlist
3. Old Dan Tucker playlist
4. On Top Of Old Smoky playlist
5. Tam Pierce (Widdecombe Fair) playlist
6. The Bold Soldier playlist
7. The Eddystone Light playlist
8. The Sow took The Measles playlist
9. Turtle dove playlist
10. Wee Cooper Of Fife playlist

Album Lyrics: 51 Great Performances [2006]

Burl Ives
"51 Great Performances [2006]"

1. Blue Tail Fly playlist
2. Bonnie Wee Lassie playlist
3. Colorado Trail playlist
4. Cotton-Eyed Joe playlist
5. Funny way of laughing playlist
6. High Barbaree playlist
7. Hound Dog playlist
8. I know my love playlist
9. I know where I'm going playlist
10. John Hardy playlist
11. Lavender Cowboy playlist
12. Leather-Winged Bat playlist
13. On Springfield Mountain playlist
14. Peter Gray playlist
15. Riddle Song playlist
16. Robin, he married playlist
17. Roving Gambler playlist
18. Sweet Betsy from Pike playlist
19. The crawdad Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Songs of Ireland [1958]

Burl Ives
"Songs of Ireland [1958]"

1. Brennan on the moor playlist
2. Come back Paddy Reilly playlist
3. Girls of Coleraine playlist
4. Kilgary Mountain playlist
5. Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe playlist
6. Mrs. McGrath playlist
7. Nell Flaherty's Drake playlist
8. On board the Kangaroo playlist
9. Paddy and the Whale playlist

Album Lyrics: Have a Holly Jolly Christmas [1995]

Burl Ives
"Have a Holly Jolly Christmas [1995]"

1. Christmas can't be far away playlist
3. Snow For Johnny playlist

Album Lyrics: Jesse James [2011]

Burl Ives
"Jesse James [2011]"

1. Cowboy's Lament playlist
2. Darlin' cory playlist
3. Little Mohee playlist
4. The Golden Vanity playlist
5. The riddle song playlist

Album Lyrics: Little White Duck [1995]

Burl Ives
"Little White Duck [1995]"

1. Fooba Wooba John playlist
2. Mother Goose Song playlist
3. The Grey Goose playlist
4. The Whale playlist

Album Lyrics: Ace In The Hole [1958]

Burl Ives
"Ace In The Hole [1958]"

1. Ghost Riders In The Sky playlist
2. Grandfather's Clock playlist
3. Juanita playlist

Album Lyrics: Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head [2011]

Burl Ives
"Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head [2011]"

1. Goober Peas playlist
2. John Henry playlist
3. Snowbird playlist

Album Lyrics: 20th Century Masters [2003]

Burl Ives
"20th Century Masters [2003]"

1. Holly Jolly Christmas playlist
2. I heard the bells on Christmas day playlist
3. It came upon the midnight clear playlist
4. O little town of Bethlehem playlist
5. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer playlist
7. Silent night, holy night playlist
8. Silver and gold playlist
9. Silver bells playlist
10. Twelve days of Christmas playlist
11. What child is this? playlist
12. White Christmas playlist
13. Winter wonderland playlist

Album Lyrics: The Wild Side OF Life [1956]

Burl Ives
"The Wild Side OF Life [1956]"

1. I Left My Gal In The Mountains playlist
2. One hour ahead of the posse playlist
3. The wild side of life playlist

Album Lyrics: We Americans - A Musical Journey With Burl Ives [1991]

Burl Ives
"We Americans - A Musical Journey With Burl Ives [1991]"

1. Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor playlist

Album Lyrics: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [1995]

Burl Ives
"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [1995]"

1. Jingle, jingle, jingle playlist
2. The most wonderful day of the year playlist
3. There's always tomorrow playlist
4. We are Santa's elves playlist

Album Lyrics: The Very Best Of [1956]

Burl Ives
"The Very Best Of [1956]"

1. Mary Ann Regrets playlist

Album Lyrics: Wayfaring Stranger [1959]

Burl Ives
"Wayfaring Stranger [1959]"

1. Old Paint (I ride an old Paint) playlist
2. Pretty Polly playlist
3. The Troubador Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Twinkle In Your Eye (Blisterpack) [1998]

Burl Ives
"Twinkle In Your Eye (Blisterpack) [1998]"

1. Old Witch, Old Witch playlist
2. The Donut Song playlist
3. The Little Engine That Could playlist
4. The little turtle playlist
5. The Lollipop Tree playlist

Album Lyrics: Men [1956]

Burl Ives
"Men [1956]"

1. The Prisoner's Song playlist
2. The Wild Rover playlist
3. When I was single playlist

Album Lyrics: Favorites For Children [2008]

Burl Ives
"Favorites For Children [2008]"

1. The Tailor And The Mouse playlist