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Barclay James Harvest
Album Lyrics: All Is Safely Gathered In - An Anthology 1967-1997 [2005]

Barclay James Harvest
"All Is Safely Gathered In - An Anthology 1967-1997 [2005]"

1. Back in the game playlist
2. Brother Thrush playlist
3. Capricorn playlist
4. Child of Man playlist
5. Dark now my sky playlist
6. Early morning playlist
7. Eden Unobtainable playlist
8. For Your Love playlist
9. Hard hearted woman playlist
10. If Love Is King playlist
11. Jonathan playlist
12. Moonwater playlist
13. One Hundred thousand smiles out playlist
14. Pools of Blue playlist
15. Ring Of Changes playlist
16. Sip Of Wine playlist
17. Someone there you know playlist
18. Song with no meaning playlist
19. The Closed Shop playlist
20. The Iron Maiden playlist
21. The Joker playlist
22. The sun will never shine playlist
23. Too much on your plate playlist
24. Ursula (The Swansea Song) playlist
25. When the city sleeps playlist

Album Lyrics: River of Dreams [1997]

Barclay James Harvest
"River of Dreams [1997]"

1. (Took Me) So Long playlist
2. Do You Believe In Dreams(Same Chance For Everyone) playlist
3. Pool Of Tears playlist
4. The time of our lives playlist
5. Three weeks to despair playlist

Album Lyrics: Caught In The Light [1993]

Barclay James Harvest
"Caught In The Light [1993]"

1. A matter of time playlist
2. Back To Earth playlist
3. Cold War playlist
4. Copii Romania playlist
5. Knoydart playlist
6. Once more playlist
7. Silver Wings playlist
8. Spud-U-Like playlist
9. The Great Unknown playlist
10. Who Do We think We are playlist

Album Lyrics: XII [1992]

Barclay James Harvest
"XII [1992]"

1. A Tale Of Two Sixties playlist
2. Giving it up playlist
3. The Streets Of San Francisco playlist
4. Turning in circles playlist

Album Lyrics: Sea Of Tranquility: Polydor Years 1974-1997 [2009]

Barclay James Harvest
"Sea Of Tranquility: Polydor Years 1974-1997 [2009]"

1. African playlist
2. Alone in the night playlist
3. Berlin playlist
4. Cheap The Bullet playlist
5. Children of the disappeared playlist
6. Crazy city playlist
7. Fifties Child playlist
8. For No One playlist
9. Hymn For The Children playlist
10. In Memory Of The Martyrs playlist
11. In My Life playlist
12. In Search Of England playlist
13. John Lennon's guitar playlist
14. Lady Macbeth playlist
15. May Day playlist
16. Mr. E playlist
17. Negative Earth playlist
18. On the wings of love playlist
19. Ra playlist
20. Sea of Tranquility playlist
21. Song for you playlist
22. Sperratus playlist
23. Sweet Jesus playlist
24. The Ballad Of Denshaw Mill playlist
25. The Great 1974 Mining Disaster playlist
26. The Song (They love to sing) playlist
27. The World Goes On playlist
28. Titles playlist

Album Lyrics: Welcome To The Show [1990]

Barclay James Harvest
"Welcome To The Show [1990]"

1. African nights playlist
2. Halfway to freedom playlist
3. Origin Earth playlist
4. Psychedelic child playlist
5. The Life You Lead playlist
6. Where do we go playlist

Album Lyrics: Live At High Voltage 2011 [2011]

Barclay James Harvest
"Live At High Voltage 2011 [2011]"

1. After the day playlist
2. Ball and chain playlist
3. Galadriel playlist
4. Hymn playlist
5. Medicine Man playlist
6. Nova Lepidoptera playlist
7. Poor Wages playlist
8. She Said playlist
9. Song for dying playlist
10. Taking Some time On playlist
11. The Poet playlist

Album Lyrics: Face to Face [1987]

Barclay James Harvest
"Face to Face [1987]"

1. All my life playlist
2. Following Me playlist
3. Gitar Blues playlist
4. Prisoner of your love playlist

Album Lyrics: Sorcerers And Keepers [1993]

Barclay James Harvest
"Sorcerers And Keepers [1993]"

1. Alright Down Get Boogie (Mu Ala Rusic) playlist
2. Hold On playlist
3. Love is like a violin playlist
4. Poor Boy Blues playlist
5. See Me See You playlist
6. Teenage Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: Turn The Tide [1981]

Barclay James Harvest
"Turn The Tide [1981]"

1. Back to the wall playlist
2. Death Of A City playlist
3. Doctor Doctor playlist
4. Echoes and shadows playlist
5. Highway For Fools playlist
6. How do you feel now playlist
7. I'm Like A Train playlist
8. Waiting on the borderline playlist

Album Lyrics: Octoberon [1976]

Barclay James Harvest
"Octoberon [1976]"

1. Believe in me playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Barclay James Harvest

Barclay James Harvest
"Other Songs - Barclay James Harvest"

1. Beyond the grave playlist
2. he devils that I keep playlist
3. Need you oh so bad playlist
4. Small Time Town playlist
5. So tomorrow playlist
6. You can't get it playlist

Album Lyrics: Millennium Edition [2000]

Barclay James Harvest
"Millennium Edition [2000]"

1. Blow Me Down playlist
2. Friend of Mine playlist
3. I've got a feeling playlist
4. Our Kid's Kid playlist
5. Panic playlist
6. Victims of circumstance playlist
7. Waiting For The Right Time playlist

Album Lyrics: Four Barclay James Harvest Originals [1996]

Barclay James Harvest
"Four Barclay James Harvest Originals [1996]"

1. Blue John's Blues playlist
2. Little lapwing playlist
3. When the world has woken playlist

Album Lyrics: Echoes of A Brave New World [2003]

Barclay James Harvest
"Echoes of A Brave New World [2003]"

1. Brave new world playlist
2. Float playlist
3. Hors D'Oeuvre playlist
4. Loving is easy playlist
5. River of Dreams playlist
6. Sitting upon a shelf playlist
7. Star Bright playlist

Album Lyrics: Live At Metropolis Studios London [2011]

Barclay James Harvest
"Live At Metropolis Studios London [2011]"

1. Child Of The Universe playlist
2. Mocking Bird playlist
3. Poor Man's Moody Blues playlist
4. Summer Soldier playlist
5. Ursula playlist

Album Lyrics: Baby James Harvest / Once Again [2003]

Barclay James Harvest
"Baby James Harvest / Once Again [2003]"

1. Crazy (Over you) playlist
2. Delph Town Morn playlist
3. Happy old world playlist
4. I'm over you playlist
5. Lady loves playlist
6. Rock 'N' Roll Lady playlist
7. Thank You playlist
8. Vanessa Simmons playlist

Album Lyrics: Gold Collection [2003]

Barclay James Harvest
"Gold Collection [2003]"

1. Festival! playlist
2. The devils that I keep playlist

Album Lyrics: Endless Dream [1996]

Barclay James Harvest
"Endless Dream [1996]"

1. Forever Yesterday playlist
2. Mæstoso (A Hymn In The Roof Of The World) playlist

Album Lyrics: Their First Album [2002]

Barclay James Harvest
"Their First Album [2002]"

1. Good love child playlist
2. Mother Dear playlist

Album Lyrics: Hymn: The Best Of Barclay James Harvest Live [2003]

Barclay James Harvest
"Hymn: The Best Of Barclay James Harvest Live [2003]"

1. Harbour playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best Of Barclay James Harvest 1997 [1997]

Barclay James Harvest
"The Best Of Barclay James Harvest 1997 [1997]"

1. Harry's Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Alone We Fly [1990]

Barclay James Harvest
"Alone We Fly [1990]"

1. He Said Love playlist
2. Shades of B Hill playlist
3. Slideshow playlist
4. You Need love playlist

Album Lyrics: Ring Of Changes [1983]

Barclay James Harvest
"Ring Of Changes [1983]"

1. High Wire playlist
2. Looking From The Outside playlist
3. Midnight Drug playlist

Album Lyrics: The Harvest Years [1991]

Barclay James Harvest
"The Harvest Years [1991]"

1. I can't go on without you playlist
2. Mr. Sunshine playlist

Album Lyrics: Victims Of Circumstance [1984]

Barclay James Harvest
"Victims Of Circumstance [1984]"

1. Inside my nightmare playlist
2. Rebel Woman playlist
3. Say you'll stay playlist
4. Watching You playlist

Album Lyrics: That Was Then This Is Now [2010]

Barclay James Harvest
"That Was Then This Is Now [2010]"

1. It's my life playlist
2. January morning playlist
3. Life is for living playlist
4. Love on the line playlist
5. Missing You playlist
6. Prelude playlist
7. Quiero El Sol playlist
8. Revolution day playlist
9. Sleepy Sunday playlist
10. Totally Cool playlist

Album Lyrics: Mockingbird [2001]

Barclay James Harvest
"Mockingbird [2001]"

1. Just A Day Away (Forever Tomorrow) playlist
2. Kiev playlist

Album Lyrics: BJHFLH - On The Road [2005]

Barclay James Harvest
"BJHFLH - On The Road [2005]"

1. Lebe Für's Leben playlist
2. Marlene playlist
3. Shadows On the Sky playlist
4. That was then this is now playlist
5. Yesterday's Hero playlist

Album Lyrics: Gone To Earth [1977]

Barclay James Harvest
"Gone To Earth [1977]"

1. Leper's song playlist
2. Spirit On The Water playlist

Album Lyrics: Everyone Is Everybody Else [1974]

Barclay James Harvest
"Everyone Is Everybody Else [1974]"

1. Mill Boys playlist

Album Lyrics: Time Horoured Ghosts [1975]

Barclay James Harvest
"Time Horoured Ghosts [1975]"

1. Moongirl playlist

Album Lyrics: B.J.H. Live Tapes [1978]

Barclay James Harvest
"B.J.H. Live Tapes [1978]"

1. One Night playlist
2. Talking Me Higher playlist

Album Lyrics: After The Day: The Radio Broadcasts [2008]

Barclay James Harvest
"After The Day: The Radio Broadcasts [2008]"

1. Paper Wings playlist
2. Polk Street Rag playlist
3. Rock 'N' Roll Star playlist
4. Suicide? playlist

Album Lyrics: The Compact Story Of Barclay James Harvest [1987]

Barclay James Harvest
"The Compact Story Of Barclay James Harvest [1987]"

1. Paraiso Dos Cavalos playlist

Album Lyrics: BJH 25th Anniversary Concert (DVD) [2003]

Barclay James Harvest
"BJH 25th Anniversary Concert (DVD) [2003]"

1. Play to the world playlist
2. Stand Up playlist

Album Lyrics: Eyes Of The Universe [1979]

Barclay James Harvest
"Eyes Of The Universe [1979]"

1. Skin Flicks playlist

Album Lyrics: Glasnost [1988]

Barclay James Harvest
"Glasnost [1988]"

1. Turn The Key playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best Of BJH [1992]

Barclay James Harvest
"The Best Of BJH [1992]"

1. Welcome to the show playlist