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Bad Brains
Album Lyrics: Youth Are Getting Restles [2005]

Bad Brains
"Youth Are Getting Restles [2005]"

1. At The Movies playlist
2. Banned In D.C. playlist
3. Coptic Times playlist
4. House Of Suffering playlist
5. Let Me Help playlist
6. Pay To Cum playlist
7. Re-Ignition playlist
8. Rock For Light playlist
9. Sacred Love playlist
10. Sailin' On playlist

Album Lyrics: Rock For Light [1991]

Bad Brains
"Rock For Light [1991]"

1. Attitude playlist
2. Rally Round Jah Throne playlist

Album Lyrics: Live At Cbgb 1982 - The Audio Recordings [2006]

Bad Brains
"Live At Cbgb 1982 - The Audio Recordings [2006]"

1. Big Takeover playlist
2. Destroy Babylon playlist
3. How Low Can A Punk Get playlist
4. I playlist
5. Joshua's Song playlist
6. Right Brigade playlist
7. Riot Squad playlist
8. Supertouch/Shitfit playlist
9. The Meek playlist
10. The Regulator playlist
11. We Will Not playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Bad Brains

Bad Brains
"Other Songs - Bad Brains"

1. Coming In Numbers playlist
2. Der Himmel Kann Waretn playlist
3. Don't Blow Bubbles playlist
4. Don't Need It playlist
5. Fearless Vampire Killers playlist
6. Free playlist
7. Gene Machine/don't Bother Me playlist
8. Hair playlist
9. Hired Gun playlist
10. Jah Calling playlist
12. Leaving Babylon playlist
14. Love Is The Answer playlist
17. Miss Freedom playlist
18. No Conditions playlist
19. Peace Of Mind playlist
20. Return To Heaven playlist
21. Rise playlist
22. Secret 77 playlist
23. She's Calling You playlist
24. Sheba playlist
25. Silent Tears playlist
27. Take Your Time playlist
28. Unidentified playlist
30. Why'd You Have To Go playlist
31. Without You playlist
32. Yes Jah playlist
33. Yout' Juice playlist

Album Lyrics: Into The Future [2012]

Bad Brains
"Into The Future [2012]"

Album Lyrics: Banned In Dc: Bad Brains Greatest Riffs [2003]

Bad Brains
"Banned In Dc: Bad Brains Greatest Riffs [2003]"

1. I Against I playlist
2. Soul Craft playlist
3. The Prophet's Eye playlist
4. Voyage To Infinity playlist
5. With The Quickness playlist