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Album Lyrics: Under The Gun [1980]

"Under The Gun [1980]"

1. A Fool's Paradise playlist
2. Down To The Wire playlist
3. Footsteps Of A Fool playlist
4. Friends In The Distance playlist
5. Made Of Stone playlist
6. Reputation playlist
7. The Everlasting Kind playlist
8. While We're Still Young playlist

Album Lyrics: Original Album Classic [2008]

"Original Album Classic [2008]"

1. A Good Feelin' To Know playlist
2. A Right Along playlist
3. And Settlin' Down playlist
4. Anyway Bye Bye playlist
5. Bad Weather playlist
6. Blue Water playlist
7. Brass Buttons playlist
8. Calico Lady playlist
9. Crazy Eyes playlist
10. Do You Feel It Too playlist
11. Don't Let It Pass By playlist
12. Early Times playlist
13. First Love playlist
14. Foreword playlist
15. From The Inside playlist
16. Go And Say Goodbye playlist
17. Grand Junction playlist
18. Here We Go Again playlist
19. Hoe Down playlist
20. Honky Tonk Downstairs playlist
21. Hurry Up playlist
22. I Can See Everything playlist
23. Just For Me And You playlist
24. Just In Case It Happens, Yes Indeed playlist
25. Keep On Believin' playlist
26. Keeper Of The Fire playlist
27. Let's Dance Tonight playlist
28. Magnolia playlist
29. Make Me A Smile playlist
30. Nobody's Fool playlist
31. Oh Yeah playlist
32. Ol' Forgiver playlist
33. Pickin' Up The Pieces playlist
34. Railroad Days playlist
35. Restrain playlist
36. Ride The Country playlist
37. Short Changed playlist
38. Sweet Lovin' playlist
39. Tomorrow playlist
40. What A Day playlist
41. What Am I Gonna Do playlist
42. What If I Should Say I Love You playlist
43. You Are The One playlist
44. You Better Think Twice playlist

Album Lyrics: Deliverin' [1971]

"Deliverin' [1971]"

1. A Man Like Me playlist
2. Child's Claim To Fame playlist

Album Lyrics: Universal Masters Collection [2000]

"Universal Masters Collection [2000]"

1. All Alone Together playlist
2. The Last Goodbye playlist
3. The Price Of Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Cantamos [1974]

"Cantamos [1974]"

1. All The Ways playlist
2. Another Time Around playlist
3. Bitter Blue playlist
4. One Horse Blue playlist
5. Susannah playlist

Album Lyrics: Live [1975]

"Live [1975]"

1. Angel playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best Of Poco (1975-1982) [1989]

"The Best Of Poco (1975-1982) [1989]"

1. Ashes playlist
2. Sometimes playlist

Album Lyrics: Gold [2006]

"Gold [2006]"

1. Barbados playlist
2. Cajun Moon playlist
3. Dallas playlist
4. Days Gone By playlist
5. Find Out In Time playlist
6. Ghost Town playlist
7. If Your Heart Needs A Hand playlist
8. Indian Summer playlist
9. Keep On Tryin' playlist
10. Legend playlist
11. Little Darlin' playlist
12. Makin' Love playlist
13. Me And You playlist
14. Nothin' To Hide playlist
15. Rose Of Cimarron playlist
16. Shake It playlist
17. Shoot For The Moon playlist
18. Spellbound playlist
19. Starin' At The Sky playlist
20. Streets Of Paradise playlist
21. Too Many Nights Too Long playlist
22. Widowmaker playlist

Album Lyrics: The Forgotten Trail (1969-1974) [1990]

"The Forgotten Trail (1969-1974) [1990]"

1. Believe Me playlist
2. Faith In The Families playlist
3. Get In The Wind playlist
4. Guess You Made It playlist
5. Hear That Music playlist
6. Lullaby In September playlist
7. Nothin's Still The Same playlist
8. Skunk Creek playlist
9. Western Waterloo playlist
10. Whatever Happened To Your Smile playlist

Album Lyrics: Blue And Grey [1981]

"Blue And Grey [1981]"

1. Blue And Grey playlist
2. Down On The River Again playlist
3. Glorybound playlist
4. Here Comes That Girl Again playlist
5. Please Wait For Me playlist
6. The Land Of Glory playlist
7. The Writing On The Wall playlist

Album Lyrics: Legend [1978]

"Legend [1978]"

1. Boomerang playlist
2. Love Comes Love Goes playlist

Album Lyrics: Ghost Town [1995]

"Ghost Town [1995]"

1. Break Of Hearts playlist
2. Cry No More playlist
3. High Sierra playlist
4. How Will You Feel Tonight playlist
5. Love's So Cruel playlist
6. Special Care playlist
7. The Midnight Rodeo playlist
8. When Hearts Collide playlist

Album Lyrics: Inamorata [1994]

"Inamorata [1994]"

1. Brenda X playlist
2. Daylight playlist
3. How Many Moons playlist
4. Odd Man Out playlist
5. Standing In The Fire playlist
6. The Old Flame playlist
7. The Storm playlist
8. When You Love Somebody playlist

Album Lyrics: The Essential Poco [2005]

"The Essential Poco [2005]"

1. C'mon playlist
2. High And Dry playlist
3. When It All Began playlist

Album Lyrics: Standing Room Only [2007]

"Standing Room Only [2007]"

1. Call It Love playlist
2. Crazy Love playlist
3. Heart Of The Night playlist
4. Midnight Rain playlist
5. Save A Corner Of Your Heart playlist
6. Under The Gun playlist

Album Lyrics: Rose Of Cimarron [1976]

"Rose Of Cimarron [1976]"

1. Company's Comin' playlist
2. Just Like Me playlist
3. Stealaway playlist
4. Tulsa Turnaround playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best Of Poco (1969-1974) [1990]

"The Best Of Poco (1969-1974) [1990]"

1. Consequently, So Long playlist
2. Hard Luck playlist
3. Last Call playlist
4. My Kind Of Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Head Over Heels [1975]

"Head Over Heels [1975]"

1. Down In The Quarter playlist
2. Flyin' Solo playlist
3. Georgia, Bind My Ties playlist
4. I'll Be Back Again playlist
5. Let Me Turn Back To You playlist
6. Lovin' Arms playlist
7. Sittin' On A Fence playlist
8. Us playlist

Album Lyrics: Indian Summer [1977]

"Indian Summer [1977]"

1. Downfall playlist
2. Stay playlist
3. Win Or Lose playlist

Album Lyrics: On The Country Side [1996]

"On The Country Side [1996]"

1. Drivin' Wheel playlist
2. Fool's Gold playlist
3. Rocky Mountain Breakdown playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Poco

"Other Songs - Poco"

1. El Tonto De Nadie Regresa playlist

Album Lyrics: Bareback At Big Sky [2005]

"Bareback At Big Sky [2005]"

1. Every Time I Hear That Train playlist
2. What Do People Know playlist

Album Lyrics: Cowboys & Englishmen [1982]

"Cowboys & Englishmen [1982]"

1. Feudin' playlist
2. If You Could Read My Mind playlist
3. No Relief In Sight playlist
4. Ribbon Of Darkness playlist
5. Sea Of Heartbreak playlist
6. There Goes My Heart playlist
7. While You're On Your Way playlist

Album Lyrics: Legacy [1989]

"Legacy [1989]"

1. Follow Your Dreams playlist
2. If It Wasn't For You playlist
3. Look Within playlist
4. Lovin' You Every Minute playlist
5. Rough Edges playlist
6. The Nature Of Love playlist
7. Who Else playlist

Album Lyrics: Running Horse [2002]

"Running Horse [2002]"

1. Forever playlist
2. I Can Only Imagine playlist
3. If You Can't Stand To Lose playlist
4. Never Get Enough playlist
5. Never Loved playlist
6. One Tear At A Time playlist
7. Running Horse playlist
8. That's What Love Is All About playlist

Album Lyrics: Seven [1974]

"Seven [1974]"

1. Just Call My Name playlist
2. Passing Through playlist
3. Skatin' playlist
4. You've Got Your Reasons playlist

Album Lyrics: In Concert [2005]

"In Concert [2005]"

1. Kind Woman playlist

Album Lyrics: Keeping The Legend Alive [2004]

"Keeping The Legend Alive [2004]"

1. Let's Dance playlist
2. Where Did The Time Go playlist

Album Lyrics: The Last Roundup [2004]

"The Last Roundup [2004]"

1. Living In The Band playlist
2. Sagebrush Serenade playlist
3. Slow Poke playlist
4. The Dance playlist
5. Twenty Years playlist
6. When You Come Around playlist