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Lil' Kim
Album Lyrics: Hardcore

Lil' Kim

1. Intro In A-Minor playlist
2. Big Momma Thang (Featuring Jay-Z) playlist
3. No Time playlist
4. Spend a Little Doe playlist
5. Take It! playlist
6. Crush On You playlist
7. Drugs playlist
8. Scheamin' playlist
9. Queen B@# playlist
10. Dreams playlist
11. M.A.F.I.A. Land playlist
12. We Don't Need It playlist
13. Not Tonight playlist
14. Player Haters playlist
15. Fuck You playlist

Album Lyrics: Notorious K.I.M.

Lil' Kim
"Notorious K.I.M."

1. Lil' Drummer Boy playlist
2. Custom Made (Give It To You) playlist
3. Who's Number One? playlist
4. Suck My Dick playlist
5. Single Black Female playlist
6. Revolution playlist
7. How Many Licks? playlist
8. Notorious K.I.M. playlist
9. No Matter What They Say playlist
10. She Dont Love You playlist
11. Queen Bitch Pt. II playlist
12. Don't Mess With Me playlist
13. Do What You Like playlist
14. Off The Wall playlist
15. Right Now playlist
16. Aunt Dot playlist
17. Hold On playlist
18. I'm Human playlist

Album Lyrics: La Bella Mafia

Lil' Kim
"La Bella Mafia"

1. Hold It Now playlist
2. Doing It Way Big playlist
3. Can't F**k With Queen Bee playlist
4. Hollywood Skit playlist
5. Shake Ya Bum Bum playlist
6. This Is Who I Am playlist
7. The Jump Off playlist
8. This Is A Warning playlist
9. Can You Hear Me? playlist
10. Thug Luv playlist
11. Magic Stick playlist
12. Get In Touch With Us playlist
13. Heavenly Father playlist
14. Tha Bee Hive playlist
15. Came Back For You playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Lil' Kim

Lil' Kim
"Other Songs - Lil' Kim"

1. (Moulin Rouge) Lady Marmalade playlist
2. Another playlist
3. Big Momma playlist
4. Big Momma Thang (remix) playlist
5. Call Me playlist
6. Crush On You (Remix) playlist
7. F**K You playlist
8. Hell Yeah playlist
9. How Many Licks Remix Ft Kelis, Snoop Dogg, playlist
10. In The Air Tonight playlist
11. Jump Off playlist
12. Jump Off (Cn Remix) playlist
13. Jump Off (Explicit) playlist
14. Keys To The City - Feat. Trish Stratus playlist
15. Kimnotyze playlist
16. Ladies Night (Not Tonight remix) playlist
17. Magic Stick (Feat/50 Cent) playlist
18. Money Talks playlist
19. Moulin Rouge playlist
20. One Shining Moment playlist
21. Pin-Up playlist
22. Queen Bitch playlist
23. Queen Bytch playlist
24. Skanky Martina playlist
25. Song To Benjamin (Real) playlist
26. Supersexual playlist
27. The Jump Off playlist
28. The Jump Off (Venomous Remix) Ft. Venom (A.K.A Tah playlist
29. The Jump Off F/Mr.Cheeks playlist
30. The Jump Off( Real Deal) playlist
31. The Jumpoff playlist
32. The Rock The Party Remix playlist
33. Time To Rock 'N Roll - Lil' Kim playlist
34. Time To Shine playlist
35. What's The Word playlist
36. What's The World playlist
37. You Can't Win playlist