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Eddie Cochran
Album Lyrics: Rockin It Country Style [2003]

Eddie Cochran
"Rockin It Country Style [2003]"

1. A healer like time playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Eddie Cochran

Eddie Cochran
"Other Songs - Eddie Cochran"

1. A million teardrops playlist
2. Ah, Pretty Girl playlist
3. Always late playlist
4. Believe me playlist
5. Big door playlist
6. Broken hearted fellow playlist
7. Butterscotch candy playlist
8. Cryin' in one eye playlist
9. Doin' the Hully Gully playlist
10. Don't be bashful little girl playlist
11. Drown in my own tears playlist
12. Even then playlist
13. Goodbye bye bye bye playlist
14. Guilty concience playlist
15. Hey diddle diddle playlist
16. Honey, honey playlist
17. Hooray For Weekend playlist
18. How'd ya do playlist
19. Hurry up playlist
20. I can't wait playlist
21. I hate rabbits playlist
22. I'm sending you this record playlist
23. It happened to me playlist
24. Let's coast a while playlist
25. Love is made of this playlist
26. Love me, so I'll know playlist
27. Lovely Loretta playlist
28. Minnie the Moocher playlist
29. Mister Fiddle playlist
30. Mojo workout playlist
31. My blind date playlist
32. My eyes are crying for you playlist
33. My tattle tale playlist
34. Now is the hour playlist
35. Olita playlist
36. On my mind again playlist
37. One love playlist
38. Oo ba la baby playlist
39. Peace of mind playlist
40. Playboy playlist
41. Rock'n'Roll Blues playlist
42. Rough stuff playlist
43. Sarah Lee playlist
44. See them laugh playlist
45. Sixteen tons playlist
46. Skinny Minnie playlist
47. Somebody help me playlist
48. Spilled milk playlist
49. Stockin's and shoes playlist
50. The pied piper playlist
51. The scream playlist
52. The tender age playlist
53. The wayward wind playlist
54. The Willies playlist
55. Time will tell playlist
56. Twenty-four hour night playlist
57. Two young lovers playlist
58. Unfaitful Diane playlist
59. Walk the dog playlist
60. Way out far playlist
61. What'd I say playlist
62. You been torturing me playlist
63. You're the reason playlist
64. Yours tomorrows never comes playlist

Album Lyrics: Classic Rockers And Ballads [2010]

Eddie Cochran
"Classic Rockers And Ballads [2010]"

1. Am I blue playlist
2. Boll weevil song playlist
3. Dark lonely street playlist
4. Don't ever let me go playlist
5. Hallelujah, I Love Her So playlist
6. Have I told you lately that I love you playlist
7. I'm alone because I love you playlist
8. Love again playlist
9. Lovin' time playlist
10. Pocketful of Hearts playlist
11. Proud of you playlist
12. Tell me why playlist
13. Teresa playlist
14. Undying love playlist

Album Lyrics: Somethin Else: Ultimate Collection [1998]

Eddie Cochran
"Somethin Else: Ultimate Collection [1998]"

1. Baby please don't go playlist
2. Cotton picker playlist
3. Don't wake up the kids playlist
4. Git it playlist
5. I almost lost my mind playlist
6. I want Elvis for christmas playlist
7. Just relax playlist
8. New shoes playlist
9. Over a coke playlist
10. Slowly but surely playlist
11. The keeper of the key playlist
12. Tood-A-Loo playlist
13. Watch your mouth playlist
14. Willa Mae playlist
15. You oughta see grandma rock playlist

Album Lyrics: La Sessions [2003]

Eddie Cochran
"La Sessions [2003]"

1. Bad baby doll playlist
2. Fontella playlist
3. Hide and go seek playlist
4. If I were dying playlist
5. It's heaven playlist
6. Once more playlist
7. Seriously in love playlist
8. Take my hand playlist

Album Lyrics: Twenty Flight Rock [2011]

Eddie Cochran
"Twenty Flight Rock [2011]"

1. Blue suede shoes playlist
2. C'mon Everybody playlist
3. Cradle baby playlist
4. Cut across Shorty playlist
5. Half Loved playlist
6. I remember playlist
7. Little angel playlist
8. Long tall Sally playlist
9. Mean when I'm mad playlist
10. One kiss playlist
11. Pink Peg Slacks playlist
12. Pretty Girl playlist
13. Sittin' in the balcony playlist
14. Skinny Jim playlist
15. Somethin' else playlist
16. Summertime Blues playlist
17. Sweetie pie playlist
18. Teenage heaven playlist
19. Three Steps To Heaven playlist
20. Twenty Flight Rock playlist

Album Lyrics: Cruisin' The Drive In [2004]

Eddie Cochran
"Cruisin' The Drive In [2004]"

1. Borrowed love playlist
2. I.O.U. playlist
3. Love charms playlist
4. Market place playlist
5. Meet Mr. Tweedy playlist
6. My lovin' baby playlist
7. Opportunity playlist
8. Who can I count on playlist

Album Lyrics: My Way/cherished Memories [2009]

Eddie Cochran
"My Way/cherished Memories [2009]"

1. Cherished Memories playlist
2. Guybo playlist
3. I've waited so long playlist
4. Let's get together playlist
5. Little Lou playlist
6. Lonely playlist
7. My love to remember playlist
8. My way playlist
9. Nervous breakdown playlist
10. Never playlist
11. That's my desire playlist
12. Think of me playlist
13. Weekend playlist

Album Lyrics: Summertime Blues [2009]

Eddie Cochran
"Summertime Blues [2009]"

1. Completely Sweet playlist
2. Rollin' playlist
3. Walkin' stick boogie playlist

Album Lyrics: Early Years [1990]

Eddie Cochran
"Early Years [1990]"

1. Country Jams playlist
2. Instrumental Blues playlist

Album Lyrics: Forever Rockin' [2003]

Eddie Cochran
"Forever Rockin' [2003]"

1. Don't bye-bye-baby me playlist
2. Drownin' all my sorrows playlist
3. I don't like you anymore playlist
4. Itty-Bitty-Betty playlist
5. White lightning playlist

Album Lyrics: Last Recordings [2007]

Eddie Cochran
"Last Recordings [2007]"

1. Drive in show playlist

Album Lyrics: Don't Forget Me [1998]

Eddie Cochran
"Don't Forget Me [1998]"

1. Fast Jivin' playlist
2. Rain playlist
3. Song Of New Orleans playlist

Album Lyrics: Nervous Breakdown [2009]

Eddie Cochran
"Nervous Breakdown [2009]"

1. Fool's paradise playlist
2. I'm ready playlist
3. Jungle Jingle playlist
4. Latch on playlist
5. One minute to one playlist
6. Open the door playlist
7. Sick and tired playlist
8. Slow down playlist
9. Thinkin' about you playlist
10. Tired and Sleepy playlist
11. Yesterday's heartbreak playlist

Album Lyrics: I'm Ready [2008]

Eddie Cochran
"I'm Ready [2008]"

1. Gambler's guitar playlist
2. That's what it takes to make a man playlist
3. Two blue singing stars playlist

Album Lyrics: Guitar Picker: Rare Recordings 1954-1960 [2007]

Eddie Cochran
"Guitar Picker: Rare Recordings 1954-1960 [2007]"

1. Heart Of A Fool playlist
2. Jelly Bean playlist
3. Kiss and make up playlist
4. Live fast, love hard, die young playlist
5. Pretty little devil playlist

Album Lyrics: Best of Eddie Cochran [2005]

Eddie Cochran
"Best of Eddie Cochran [2005]"

1. Heartbreakin' mama playlist
2. Milkcow blues playlist
3. Rock 'n' Roll Blues playlist
4. Three Stars playlist

Album Lyrics: Inedits [2006]

Eddie Cochran
"Inedits [2006]"

1. Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie playlist

Album Lyrics: Live Performances 1957-1960 [2008]

Eddie Cochran
"Live Performances 1957-1960 [2008]"

1. Money honey playlist
2. Sweet little sixteen playlist

Album Lyrics: One Minute To One [2003]

Eddie Cochran
"One Minute To One [2003]"

1. Quick like playlist

Album Lyrics: Rocks [2003]

Eddie Cochran
"Rocks [2003]"

1. Teenage Cutie playlist