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Bonnie Pink
Album Lyrics: Even So [2004]

Bonnie Pink
"Even So [2004]"

1. 1.2.3 playlist
2. 5 More Minutes playlist
3. Bedtime Story playlist
4. I Just Want You To Be Happy playlist
5. Jinsei Game (Life Game) playlist
6. Mint playlist
7. New Dawn playlist
8. Ocean playlist
9. The Answer~Hitotsu Ni Naru Toki~ playlist
10. Walk With You playlist

Album Lyrics: Thinking Out Loud [2007]

Bonnie Pink
"Thinking Out Loud [2007]"

1. A Perfect Sky (Philharmonic Flava) playlist
2. Anything For You playlist
3. Broken Hearts Citylights and Just Thinking Outloud playlist
4. Burning Inside playlist
5. Catch the Sun playlist
6. Chances Are playlist
7. Imagination playlist
8. lullaby playlist
9. Nagusami Blue (Comforting Blue) playlist
10. Sakamichi (Hill Road) playlist

Album Lyrics: Golden Tears [2005]

Bonnie Pink
"Golden Tears [2005]"

1. Addiction playlist
2. Believe playlist
3. Coast to Coast playlist
4. Cotton Candy playlist
5. Mirror playlist
6. Monster playlist
7. Nichinichisou (Rose Periwinkle) playlist
8. Nocturne playlist
9. Paradiddle-Free playlist
10. Rise and Shine playlist
11. Robotomy playlist
12. You Got Me Good playlist

Album Lyrics: Present [2003]

Bonnie Pink
"Present [2003]"

1. April Shower -Shigatsu no Arashi- playlist
2. Can't Get Enough playlist
3. Chronic Vertigo playlist
4. Losing Myself playlist
5. Passive-Progressivism playlist
6. Present playlist
7. Tonight, the Night playlist
8. Wildflower playlist

Album Lyrics: Just a Girl [2001]

Bonnie Pink
"Just a Girl [2001]"

1. Are You Sure? playlist
2. Boku Ja Nakatta Nara (If I Were Someone Else) playlist
3. Building A Castle playlist
4. Coin playlist
5. Communication playlist
6. Just A Girl playlist
7. Movin' On playlist
8. Nemurenai Yoru (Sleepless Nights) (Album Mix) playlist
9. Saisei (Rebirth) playlist
10. Sweet playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Bonnie Pink

Bonnie Pink
"Other Songs - Bonnie Pink"

1. Awa Ni Natta (I Became a Bubble) playlist
2. Blackbird playlist
3. Bubble Gum playlist
4. Free playlist
5. Friends, Aren't We? playlist
6. Good-Bye playlist
7. Hang Glider playlist
8. I'm in the Mood For Dancing playlist
9. Inu To Tsuki (Dog and Moon) playlist
10. Kanawanai Koto (Not to Hope) playlist
11. Let's Kiss and Make Up playlist
12. Love Song playlist
13. Not Ready playlist
14. One Night With Chocolate playlist
15. Passion Fruit playlist
16. Pump It Up! playlist
17. Tatoeba no Hanashi (For Example, Talking About) playlist
18. That's What It's All About playlist
19. The Last Thing I Can Do playlist
20. Touch Me / All Night Long playlist
21. Toughness playlist
22. We've Gotta Find a Way Back To Love playlist
23. What About Me? playlist
24. You and I playlist

Album Lyrics: Let Go [2000]

Bonnie Pink
"Let Go [2000]"

1. Call My Name playlist
2. Fish playlist
3. Kako To Genjitsu (Past and Present) playlist
4. Reason playlist
5. Rumblefish playlist
6. Run With Yourself playlist
7. Shadow playlist
8. Shine playlist
9. Tears For Leo playlist
10. Trust playlist

Album Lyrics: CHAIN [2008]

Bonnie Pink
"CHAIN [2008]"

1. CHAIN playlist
2. CHAIN ~The Birth Cry~ playlist
3. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus playlist
4. Let It Snow playlist
5. The Christmas Song playlist
6. Wonderful Christmastime playlist

Album Lyrics: Blue Jam [1995]

Bonnie Pink
"Blue Jam [1995]"

1. Curious Baby playlist
2. Freak playlist
3. Kyandi Futatsu no Sanpo (A Walk with Two Candies) playlist
4. Maze Of Love playlist
5. Orenji (Orange) playlist
6. Scarecrow playlist
7. Senaka (Back) playlist
8. Too Young to Stop Loving playlist

Album Lyrics: Complete Best Of [2006]

Bonnie Pink
"Complete Best Of [2006]"

1. Daisy playlist
2. Do You Crash? playlist
3. Forget Me Not playlist
4. Heaven's Kitchen playlist
5. Last Kiss playlist
6. Lie Lie Lie playlist
7. LOVE IS BUBBLE playlist
8. New York playlist
9. Private Laughter playlist
10. Sleeping Child playlist
11. So Wonderful playlist
12. Surprise! playlist
13. Take Me In playlist
14. Thinking Of You playlist
15. You Are Blue, So Am I playlist

Album Lyrics: Reminiscence [2005]

Bonnie Pink
"Reminiscence [2005]"

1. Don't Get Me Wrong playlist
2. Got Me a Feeling playlist
3. Manatsu no Kajitsu (The Fruits of Summer) playlist
4. Manic Monday playlist
5. Ordinary Angels playlist
6. Perfect playlist
7. That's Just What You Are playlist
8. The Origin of Love playlist
9. Through The Dark playlist
10. Your Eyes playlist

Album Lyrics: Evil And Flowers [1998]

Bonnie Pink
"Evil And Flowers [1998]"

1. Eve's Apple playlist
2. Evil And Flowers playlist
3. Evil and Flowers (Piano Version) playlist
4. Fallen Sun playlist
5. He playlist
6. Hickey Hickey playlist
7. Kingyo (Goldfish) playlist
8. Masquerade playlist
9. Meddler playlist
10. Only For Him playlist
11. Quiet Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Heaven's Kitchen [1997]

Bonnie Pink
"Heaven's Kitchen [1997]"

1. Farewell Alcohol River playlist
2. Get In My Hair playlist
3. Hohemi no Kate (Smile Food) playlist
4. It's Gonna Rain playlist
5. Mad Afternoon playlist
6. Melody playlist
7. No One Like You playlist
8. Pendulum playlist
9. Silence playlist

Album Lyrics: One [2009]

Bonnie Pink
"One [2009]"

1. Fed Up playlist
2. Fyusha Fyusha Fyusha playlist
3. Get On The Bus playlist
4. Happy Ending playlist
5. Himitsu (Secret) playlist
6. Joy playlist
7. Kane wo Narashite (Ring a Bell) playlist
8. Mousou Lover (Delusional Lover) playlist
9. One Last Time playlist
10. Play & Pause playlist
11. Princess Incognito playlist
12. Ring a Bell playlist
13. Rock You Till The Dawn playlist
14. Try Me Out playlist
15. Won't Let You Go playlist

Album Lyrics: Water Me [2007]

Bonnie Pink
"Water Me [2007]"

1. Gimme a Beat playlist
3. Water Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Pink In Red: Tonight The Night At Akasaka Blitz [2003]

Bonnie Pink
"Pink In Red: Tonight The Night At Akasaka Blitz [2003]"

1. Home playlist
2. Need You playlist
3. Over the Brown Bridge playlist
4. Rope Dancer playlist
5. Your Butterfly playlist