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Beautiful South
Album Lyrics: Painting It Red [2000]

Beautiful South
"Painting It Red [2000]"

1. 'Til You Can't Tuck It In playlist
2. 10000 Feet playlist
3. A Little Piece Of Advice playlist
4. Final Spark playlist
5. Half-Hearted Get (Is Second Best) playlist
6. Hot On The Heels Of Heartbreak playlist
7. If We Crawl playlist
8. Just Checkin' playlist
9. The Mediterranean playlist
10. Tupperware Queen playlist
11. You Can Call Me Leisure playlist

Album Lyrics: Gaze [2003]

Beautiful South
"Gaze [2003]"

1. 101percent Man playlist
2. Angels And Devils playlist
3. Get Here playlist
4. Half of Him playlist
5. Last Waltz playlist
6. Life Vs The Lifeless playlist
7. Loneliness playlist
8. Pretty playlist
9. Sailing Solo playlist
10. Spit It All Out playlist
11. The Gates playlist

Album Lyrics: Gold [2004]

Beautiful South
"Gold [2004]"

1. 36D playlist
2. A Little Time playlist
3. Alone playlist
4. Baby Please Go playlist
5. Blackbird on the Wire playlist
6. Closer Than Most playlist
7. Dumb playlist
8. Everybody's Talkin' playlist
9. From Under the Covers playlist
10. Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud) playlist
11. Hit Parade playlist
12. I'll Sail This Ship Alone playlist
13. Just A Few Things That I Ain't playlist
14. Let Go With The Flow playlist
15. Let Love Speak Up Itself playlist
16. Liars' Bar playlist
17. Losing Things playlist
18. Masculine Eclipse playlist
19. Mirror playlist
20. My Book playlist
21. Old Red Eyes Is Back playlist
22. One God playlist
23. One Last Love Song playlist
24. Perfect 10 playlist
25. Prettiest Eyes playlist
26. Property Quiz playlist
27. Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) playlist
28. Song For Whoever playlist
29. The Table playlist
30. We Are Each Other playlist
31. Window Shopping For Blinds playlist
32. You Keep It All In playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Beautiful South

Beautiful South
"Other Songs - Beautiful South"

1. A Long Day In The Field playlist
2. A Minute's Silence playlist
3. A Thousand Lies playlist
4. A Way With The Blues playlist
5. Big Beautiful South playlist
6. But 'Til Then playlist
7. Chicken Wings playlist
8. Danielle Steele (The Enemy Within) playlist
9. Diamonds playlist
10. Don't Marry Her (Clean Version) playlist
11. Fleet St. B.C. playlist
12. Frank And Delores playlist
13. Free For All playlist
14. From Now On playlist
15. God Bless The Child playlist
16. His Time Ran Out playlist
17. I Sold My Heart To The Junkman playlist
18. I Started A Joke playlist
19. In Other Words I Hate You playlist
20. Information playlist
21. Les Yeux Ouverts playlist
22. Loving Arms playlist
23. Missing Her Now playlist
24. Mr. Obsession playlist
25. One Man's Rubbish playlist
26. Pollard playlist
27. Right Man For The Job playlist
28. Size playlist
29. Speak To Me playlist
30. Suck Harder playlist
31. Tears playlist
33. The Cat Loves The Mouse playlist
34. The Opening Of A New Book playlist
35. The Rose Of My Cologne playlist
36. They Used To Wear Black playlist
37. Throw His Song Away playlist
38. Trevor You're Bizarre playlist
39. Virgin playlist
40. White Teeth playlist
41. Who's Gonna Tell playlist
42. Without Her playlist
43. You And Your Big Ideas playlist
44. You Just Can't Smile It Away playlist
45. You're Only Jealous playlist

Album Lyrics: Blue Is The Colour [1996]

Beautiful South
"Blue Is The Colour [1996]"

1. Artificial Flowers playlist
2. Foundations playlist
3. Have Fun playlist
4. Little Blue playlist
5. The Sound Of North America playlist

Album Lyrics: Superbi [2006]

Beautiful South
"Superbi [2006]"

1. Bed Of Nails playlist
2. Manchester playlist
3. Meanwhile playlist
4. Never Lost A Chicken To A Fox playlist
5. Space playlist
6. There Is Song playlist
7. When Romance Is Dead playlist

Album Lyrics: Carry On Up The Charts [1994]

Beautiful South
"Carry On Up The Charts [1994]"

1. Bell-Bottomed Tear playlist

Album Lyrics: Quench [1998]

Beautiful South
"Quench [1998]"

1. Big Coin playlist
2. I May Be Ugly playlist
3. Look What I Found In My Beer playlist
4. Pockets playlist
5. The Lure Of The Sea playlist
6. The Slide playlist
7. Your Father And I playlist

Album Lyrics: Golddiggas Headnodders And Pholk Songs [2004]

Beautiful South
"Golddiggas Headnodders And Pholk Songs [2004]"

1. Blitzkreig Bop playlist
2. Ciao! playlist
3. Don't Fear The Reaper playlist
4. Don't Stop Moving playlist
5. I'm Stone In Love With You playlist
6. Livin' Thing playlist
7. Rebel Prince playlist
8. This Old Skin playlist
9. This Will Be Our Year playlist
10. Till I Can't Take It Anymore playlist
11. Valentine playlist
12. You're The One That I Want playlist

Album Lyrics: 0898 [1992]

Beautiful South
"0898 [1992]"

1. Domino Man playlist
2. Here It Is Again playlist
3. I'm Your No.1 Fan playlist
4. Something That You Said playlist
5. The Rocking Chair playlist
6. We'll Deal With You Later playlist
7. When I'm 84 playlist
8. You Play Glockenspiel, I'll Play Drums playlist

Album Lyrics: Solid Bronze - Great Hits [2001]

Beautiful South
"Solid Bronze - Great Hits [2001]"

1. Don't Marry Her (Uncensored) playlist
2. Dream A Little Dream playlist
3. How Long's A Tear Take To Dry? playlist
4. Pretenders To The Throne playlist
5. The River playlist

Album Lyrics: Miaow [1994]

Beautiful South
"Miaow [1994]"

1. Especially For You playlist
2. Hidden Jukebox playlist
3. Hold Me Close (Underground) playlist
4. Hold On To What? playlist
5. Hooligans Don't Fall In Love playlist
6. Mini-correct playlist
7. Poppy playlist
8. Tattoo playlist
9. Worthless Lie playlist

Album Lyrics: Welcome To The Beautiful South [1989]

Beautiful South
"Welcome To The Beautiful South [1989]"

1. Girlfriend playlist
2. Have You Ever Been Away? playlist
3. I Love You (But You're Boring) playlist
4. Love Is playlist
5. Oh Blackpool playlist
6. Straight In At 37 playlist
7. Woman In The Wall playlist

Album Lyrics: Choke [1990]

Beautiful South
"Choke [1990]"

1. I Hate You (But You're Interesting) playlist
2. I Think The Answer's Yes playlist
3. I've Come For My Award playlist
4. Lips playlist
5. Mother's Pride playlist
6. Should've Kept My Eyes Shut playlist
7. The Rising Of Grafton Street playlist
8. Tonight I Fancy Myself playlist
9. What You See Is What You Get playlist