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Ronnie Milsap
Album Lyrics: Night Things [RCA Victor] [1975]

Ronnie Milsap
"Night Things [RCA Victor] [1975]"

1. (After Sweet Memories) Play Born to Lose Again playlist
2. (Lying Here With) Linda on My Mind playlist
3. Borrowed Angel playlist
4. I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me) playlist
5. I'm No Good at Goodbyes playlist
6. Love Takes a Long Time to Die playlist

Album Lyrics: RCA Country Legends: Ronnie Milsap [Buddha] [2001]

Ronnie Milsap
"RCA Country Legends: Ronnie Milsap [Buddha] [2001]"

1. (All Together Now) Let's Fall Apart playlist
2. Day Dreams About Night Things playlist
3. Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurtin' Me) playlist
4. I Hate You playlist
5. Too Late to Worry, Too Blue to Cry playlist

Album Lyrics: Ultimate Ronnie Milsap [BMG Heritage] [2004]

Ronnie Milsap
"Ultimate Ronnie Milsap [BMG Heritage] [2004]"

1. (I'd Be) A Legend in My Time playlist
2. (I'm A) Stand By My Woman Man playlist
3. A Woman in Love playlist
4. Am I Losing You playlist
5. Any Day Now playlist
6. Daydreams About Night Things playlist
7. Don't You Know How Much I Love You playlist
8. He Got You playlist
9. In Love playlist
10. Let My Love Be Your Pillow playlist
11. Lost in the Fifties (In the Still of the Night) playlist
12. Make No Mistake, She's Mine playlist
13. Pure Love playlist
14. Smoky Mountain Rain playlist
15. Still Losing You playlist
16. Stranger in My House playlist

Album Lyrics: 20-20 Vision [RCA Victor] [1976]

Ronnie Milsap
"20-20 Vision [RCA Victor] [1976]"

1. 20-20 Vision playlist
2. I Got Home Just in Time to Say Goodbye playlist
3. Looking Out My Window Through the Pain playlist
4. Lovers, Friends and Strangers playlist
5. Lovesick Blues playlist
6. Not That I Care playlist

Album Lyrics: Christmas in Dixie (Ronnie Milsap & Alabama) [1997]

Ronnie Milsap
"Christmas in Dixie (Ronnie Milsap & Alabama) [1997]"

1. A Candle In The Window playlist
2. Christmas In Dixie feat. Alabama playlist
3. Joseph And Mary's Boy feat Alabama playlist
4. Santa Claus (I Still Believe In You) feat. Alabama playlist
5. Tennessee Christmas playlist

Album Lyrics: My Life [2006]

Ronnie Milsap
"My Life [2006]"

1. A Day In The Life Of America playlist
2. Local Girls playlist

Album Lyrics: Live [2002]

Ronnie Milsap
"Live [2002]"

1. All Is Fair in Love and War playlist
2. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby playlist
3. My Baby playlist

Album Lyrics: Pure Love/A Legend in My Time [Eagle] [1999]

Ronnie Milsap
"Pure Love/A Legend in My Time [Eagle] [1999]"

1. All My Roads (Lead Back to You) playlist
2. Amazing Love playlist
3. Behind Closed Doors playlist
4. Blue Ridge Mountains Turnin' Green playlist
5. Four Walls playlist
6. I'll Leave This World Loving You playlist
7. Love the Second Time Around playlist
8. My Love Is Deep, My Love Is Wide playlist
9. Streets of Gold playlist

Album Lyrics: Back to the Grindstone [RCA] [1991]

Ronnie Milsap
"Back to the Grindstone [RCA] [1991]"

1. Are You Lovin' Me (Like I'm Lovin' You) playlist
2. Back to the Grindstone playlist
3. I Ain't Gonna Cry No More playlist
4. When the Hurt Comes Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Pro Artist: Pam Tillis 1 [2004]

Ronnie Milsap
"Pro Artist: Pam Tillis 1 [2004]"

1. Back on My Mind Again playlist
2. Snap Your Fingers playlist
3. There's No Gettin' Over Me playlist

Album Lyrics: True Believer [Liberty] [1993]

Ronnie Milsap
"True Believer [Liberty] [1993]"

1. Better Off With the Blues playlist
2. Civil War playlist
3. Desire playlist
4. I'm Playing for You playlist
5. Somebody's Gonna Get That Girl playlist
6. These Foolish Things playlist
7. True Believer playlist

Album Lyrics: Believe It [Pair] [1984]

Ronnie Milsap
"Believe It [Pair] [1984]"

1. Branded Man playlist
2. Brothers, Strangers and Friends playlist
3. Comin' Down With Love playlist
4. Pass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through) playlist
5. That Girl Who Waits on Tables playlist
6. Where Love Goes When It Dies playlist
7. You're Drivin' Me Out of Your Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Sings His Best for Capitol Records [Capitol] [1996]

Ronnie Milsap
"Sings His Best for Capitol Records [Capitol] [1996]"

1. Button Off My Shirt playlist
2. You Snap Your Fingers (And I'm Back in Your Hands) playlist

Album Lyrics: The Legends of Country Music [Madacy Records] [1998]

Ronnie Milsap
"The Legends of Country Music [Madacy Records] [1998]"

1. Carolina Dreams playlist
2. Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone - Charley Pride playlist
3. Kiss An Angel Good Mornin' - Charley Pride playlist
4. Mountain of Love - Charley Pride playlist
5. When I Stop Leavin' (I'll Be Gone) - Charley Pride playlist

Album Lyrics: 40 #1 Hits [Virgin] [2000]

Ronnie Milsap
"40 #1 Hits [Virgin] [2000]"

1. Cowboys and Clowns playlist
2. How Do I Turn You On playlist
3. Inside playlist
4. Just in Case playlist
5. Nobody Likes Sad Songs playlist
6. She Keeps the Home Fires Burning playlist
7. Show Her playlist
8. Since I Don't Have You playlist
9. Stand By My Woman Man playlist
10. Stranger Things Have Happened playlist
11. What Goes on When the Sun Goes Down playlist
12. Where Do the Nights Go playlist
13. Why Don't You Spend The Night playlist

Album Lyrics: It Was Almost Like a Song [RCA Victor] [1977]

Ronnie Milsap
"It Was Almost Like a Song [RCA Victor] [1977]"

1. Crystal Fallin' Rain playlist
2. Here in Love playlist
3. It Don't Hurt to Dream playlist
4. No One Will Ever Know playlist
5. Selfish playlist

Album Lyrics: Lost in the Fifties Tonight [RCA Victor] [1986]

Ronnie Milsap
"Lost in the Fifties Tonight [RCA Victor] [1986]"

1. Don't Take It Tonight playlist
2. I Heard It Through the Grapevine playlist
3. Nashville Moon playlist

Album Lyrics: Keyed Up [RCA Victor] [1983]

Ronnie Milsap
"Keyed Up [RCA Victor] [1983]"

1. Don't Your Mem'ry Ever Sleep at Night playlist
2. Feelings Change playlist
3. I'm Just a Redneck at Heart playlist
4. Is It Over playlist
5. Like Children I Have Known playlist
6. Watch Out for the Other Guy playlist

Album Lyrics: Heart and Soul [RCA] [1987]

Ronnie Milsap
"Heart and Soul [RCA] [1987]"

1. Earthquake playlist
2. One Night playlist
3. Somebody Like You playlist

Album Lyrics: All American Country [2004]

Ronnie Milsap
"All American Country [2004]"

1. Everywhere I Turn (There's Your Memory) playlist
2. I Wouldn't Have Missed It for the World playlist
3. In No Time at All playlist
4. It Happens Everytime (I Think of You) playlist
5. It Was Almost Like a Song playlist
6. Let's Take the Long Way Around the World playlist

Album Lyrics: Inside [RCA Victor] [1982]

Ronnie Milsap
"Inside [RCA Victor] [1982]"

1. Hate the Lies Love the Liar playlist
2. I Love New Orleans Music playlist
3. It's Just a Room playlist
4. Who's Counting playlist
5. Wrong End of the Rainbow playlist
6. You Took Her Off My Hands (Now Take Her Off My Min playlist

Album Lyrics: Just for a Thrill [Image Entertainment] [2004]

Ronnie Milsap
"Just for a Thrill [Image Entertainment] [2004]"

1. Haunted Heart playlist
2. My Funny Valentine playlist
3. Teach Me Tonight playlist

Album Lyrics: Then Sings My Soul [2009]

Ronnie Milsap
"Then Sings My Soul [2009]"

1. Holy, Holy, Holy playlist
2. I'll Fly Away playlist
3. In The Garden playlist
4. Just A Closer Walk With Thee playlist
5. Peace In The Valley playlist
6. Rock Of Ages playlist
7. Softly And Tenderly playlist
8. Soon And Very Soon playlist
9. Swing Down Chariot playlist
10. The Old Rugged Cross playlist
11. What a Difference You've Made in My Life playlist
12. What A Friend We Have In Jesus playlist
13. World Of Wonder playlist

Album Lyrics: Stranger Things Have Happened [RCA] [1989]

Ronnie Milsap
"Stranger Things Have Happened [RCA] [1989]"

1. Houston Solution playlist
2. I Feel Like I'm Cheating on You playlist
3. I Never Expected to See You playlist
4. Starting Today playlist

Album Lyrics: Legendary [Pair] [1987]

Ronnie Milsap
"Legendary [Pair] [1987]"

1. I'd Be a Legend in My Time playlist
2. Long Distance Memory playlist
3. Remember to Remind Me (I'm Leaving) playlist
4. The Future Is Not What It Used to Be playlist
5. Who'll Turn Out the Lights (In Your World Tonight) playlist
6. You've Still Got a Place in My Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: One More Try for Love [RCA Victor] [1984]

Ronnie Milsap
"One More Try for Love [RCA Victor] [1984]"

1. I'll Take Care of You playlist
2. She Loves My Car playlist
3. Suburbia playlist

Album Lyrics: There's No Gettin' Over Me [RCA Victor] [1981]

Ronnie Milsap
"There's No Gettin' Over Me [RCA Victor] [1981]"

1. It's All I Can Do playlist
2. It's Written All Over Your Face playlist
3. Jesus Is Your Ticket to Heaven playlist
4. Too Big for Words playlist
5. Two Hearts Don't Always Make a Pair playlist

Album Lyrics: Christmas with Ronnie Milsap [RCA Victor] [1986]

Ronnie Milsap
"Christmas with Ronnie Milsap [RCA Victor] [1986]"

1. It's Christmas playlist

Album Lyrics: The Essential Ronnie Milsap [RCA] [1995]

Ronnie Milsap
"The Essential Ronnie Milsap [RCA] [1995]"

1. Lost in the Fifties Tonight playlist
2. Make No Mistake She's Mine playlist
3. Turn That Radio On playlist

Album Lyrics: Rose By Any Other Name [2006]

Ronnie Milsap
"Rose By Any Other Name [2006]"

1. Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 [RCA] [1992]

Ronnie Milsap
"Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 [RCA] [1992]"

1. Prisoner of the Highway playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Ronnie Milsap

Ronnie Milsap
"Other Songs - Ronnie Milsap"

1. Put A Quarter In The Juke Box playlist

Album Lyrics: Milsap Magic [RCA Victor] [1980]

Ronnie Milsap
"Milsap Magic [RCA Victor] [1980]"

1. Silent Night (After The Fight) playlist

Album Lyrics: Where My Heart Is [RCA Victor] [1973]

Ronnie Milsap
"Where My Heart Is [RCA Victor] [1973]"

1. The Girl Who Waits on Tables playlist
2. You're Stronger Than Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Ronniw Milsap - Collectoe's Series [RCA] [1988]

Ronnie Milsap
"Ronniw Milsap - Collectoe's Series [RCA] [1988]"

1. We're Here to Love playlist