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Paul Weller
Album Lyrics: 22 Dreams [2008]

Paul Weller
"22 Dreams [2008]"

1. 111 playlist
2. 22 Dreams playlist
3. A Dream Reprise playlist
4. All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You) playlist
5. Black River playlist
6. Cold Moments playlist
7. Echoes Round The Sun playlist
8. Empty Ring playlist
9. God playlist
10. Have You Made Up Your Mind playlist
11. Invisible playlist
12. Light Nights playlist
13. Lullaby Fur Kinder playlist
14. Night Lights playlist
15. One Bright Star playlist
16. Push It Along playlist
17. Sea Spray playlist
18. Song for Alice playlist
19. The Dark Pages of September Lead To The New Leaves playlist
20. Where'er Ye Go playlist
21. Why Walk When You Can Run playlist

Album Lyrics: Wild Wood [1993]

Paul Weller
"Wild Wood [1993]"

1. 5th Season playlist
2. All The Pictures On The Wall playlist
3. Country playlist
4. Has My Fire Really Gone Out? playlist
5. Holy Man (Reprise) playlist
6. Moon On Your Pyjamas playlist
7. Has My Fire Really Gone Out playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Paul Weller

Paul Weller
"Other Songs - Paul Weller"

1. 7 & 3 Is The Striker's Name playlist
2. A Year Late playlist
3. Black Sheep Boy playlist
4. Call Me No.5 playlist
5. Dust & Rocks playlist
6. Fast Car/ Slow Traffic playlist
7. Feeling Alright playlist
8. Grasp & Still Connect playlist
9. Have You Ever Had It Blue playlist
10. I Know A Place playlist
11. It's A New Day, Baby playlist
12. Pure And Simple playlist
13. Push Button, Automatic playlist
14. Starlite playlist
15. Talisman playlist
16. The Bitterest Pill playlist
17. Wild Blue Yonder playlist
18. Will It Go Round In Circles playlist
19. Speak Like A Child [Live] playlist
20. The Changingman [Live] playlist
21. 'a' Bomb In Wardour Street playlist
22. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City playlist
23. Birthday playlist
24. Butterfly Collector playlist
25. David Watts playlist
26. Devil's Pie playlist
27. Hit The Road Jack playlist
28. How She Threw It All Away playlist
29. Pieces Of Dream playlist
30. Precious playlist
31. Work To Do [Live] playlist
32. A Solid Bond In Your Heart playlist
33. Come To Milton Keynes playlist
34. Corrina, Corrina playlist
35. Down The Tube Station At Midnight playlist
36. Funeral Pyre playlist
37. Life At A Top Peoples Health Farm playlist
38. Modern World playlist
39. Needles & Pins playlist
40. Pity Poor Alfie [Live] playlist
41. Pretty Little Baby playlist
42. Promised Land playlist
43. Roll Along Summer playlist
44. Shout To The Top! playlist
45. Slippin' And Slidin' playlist
46. The Big Boss Groove playlist
47. Walls Come Tumbling Down playlist
48. What's Going On playlist
49. When You're Young playlist
50. Whole Point Of No Return playlist

Album Lyrics: Illumination [2002]

Paul Weller
"Illumination [2002]"

1. A Bullet For Everyone playlist
2. All Good Books playlist
3. Illumination playlist
4. It's Written In The Stars playlist
5. Leafy Mysteries playlist
6. Now The Night Is Here playlist
7. One X One playlist
8. Spring (At Last) playlist
9. Standing Out In The Universe playlist
10. Who Brings Joy playlist

Album Lyrics: Heliocentric [2000]

Paul Weller
"Heliocentric [2000]"

1. A Whale's Tale playlist
2. Frightened playlist
3. He's The Keeper playlist
4. Picking Up Sticks playlist
5. With Time & Temperance playlist

Album Lyrics: Days Of Speed [2002]

Paul Weller
"Days Of Speed [2002]"

1. Above The Clouds playlist
2. Amongst Butterflies playlist
3. Back In The Fire playlist
4. Brand New Start playlist
5. Down In The Seine playlist
6. English Rose playlist
7. Love-Less playlist
8. Science playlist
9. The Loved playlist
10. There's No Drinking After You're Dead playlist

Album Lyrics: Wake Up The Nation [2010]

Paul Weller
"Wake Up The Nation [2010]"

1. Aim High playlist
2. Andromeda playlist
3. Find The Torch, Burn The Plans playlist
4. No Tears To Cry playlist
5. She Speaks playlist
6. Trees playlist
7. Wake Up The Nation playlist
8. Moonshine playlist

Album Lyrics: As Is Now [2005]

Paul Weller
"As Is Now [2005]"

1. All On A Misty Morning playlist
2. Bring Back The Funk (pts 1&2) playlist
3. Come On/Lets Go playlist
4. Fly Little Bird playlist
5. Here's The Good News playlist
6. Pan playlist
7. The Pebble And The Boy playlist
8. The Start of Forever playlist
9. I Wanna Make It Alright playlist

Album Lyrics: Fly On The Wall: B-Sides & Rarities 1991-2000 [2003]

Paul Weller
"Fly On The Wall: B-Sides & Rarities 1991-2000 [2003]"

1. All Year Round playlist
2. As You Lean Into The Light playlist
3. Ends Of The Earth playlist
4. This Is No Time playlist
5. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City playlist
6. Don't Let Me Down playlist
7. Instant Karma playlist
8. Waiting On An Angel playlist

Album Lyrics: Sonik Kicks [2012]

Paul Weller
"Sonik Kicks [2012]"

1. Around The Lake playlist
2. Be Happy Children playlist
3. Dragonfly playlist
4. Green playlist
5. Kling I Klang playlist
6. That Dangerous Age playlist
7. The Attic playlist
8. When Your Garden's Overgrown playlist

Album Lyrics: Paul Weller [1992]

Paul Weller
"Paul Weller [1992]"

1. Bitterness Rising playlist
2. Bull-Rush playlist
3. I Didn't Mean To Hurt You playlist
4. Remember How We Started playlist
5. Round And Round playlist
6. The Strange Museum playlist

Album Lyrics: Studio 150 [2004]

Paul Weller
"Studio 150 [2004]"

1. Black Is The Colour playlist
2. Close To You playlist
3. Don't Make Promises playlist
4. Early Morning Rain playlist
5. If I Could Only Be Sure playlist
6. One Way Road playlist
7. The Bottle playlist
8. Thinking Of You playlist
9. Hercules playlist

Album Lyrics: Catch-Flame [2008]

Paul Weller
"Catch-Flame [2008]"

1. Blink And You'll Miss It playlist
2. Foot Of The Mountain playlist
3. From The Floorboards Up playlist
4. Going Places playlist
5. Paper Smile playlist
6. Savages playlist
7. That's Entertainment playlist
8. Wishing On A Star playlist

Album Lyrics: At The Bbc [2010]

Paul Weller
"At The Bbc [2010]"

1. Broken Stones playlist
2. Brushed playlist
3. Can You Heal Us (Holy Man) playlist
4. Clues playlist
5. Driving Nowhere playlist
6. Everything Has A Price To Pay playlist
7. Friday Street playlist
8. Headstart For Happiness playlist
9. Hung Up playlist
10. I Walk On Gilded Splinters playlist
11. Into Tomorrow playlist
12. Kosmos playlist
13. Out Of The Sinking playlist
14. Peacock Suit playlist
15. Shadow Of The Sun playlist
16. Sunflower playlist
17. Wild Wood playlist
18. You Do Something To Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Modern Classics [1998]

Paul Weller
"Modern Classics [1998]"

1. Changing Man playlist
2. Mermaids playlist
3. The Weaver playlist
4. Uh Huh Oh Yeh playlist

Album Lyrics: Heavy Soul [1997]

Paul Weller
"Heavy Soul [1997]"

1. Golden Sands playlist
2. Heavy Soul playlist
3. I Should Have Been There To Inspire You playlist
4. Up In Suzes' Room playlist

Album Lyrics: Stanley Road [1995]

Paul Weller
"Stanley Road [1995]"

1. Pink On White Walls playlist
2. Porcelain Gods playlist
3. Stanley Road playlist
4. Time Passes... playlist
5. Whirlpool's End playlist
6. Wings Of Speed playlist
7. Woodcutter's Son playlist

Album Lyrics: Sweet Pea My Sweet Pea [2000]

Paul Weller
"Sweet Pea My Sweet Pea [2000]"

1. Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea playlist

Album Lyrics: Hit Parade Single Disc [2007]

Paul Weller
"Hit Parade Single Disc [2007]"

1. Town Called Malice playlist
2. You're The Best Thing playlist
3. Beat Surrender playlist
4. Going Underground playlist

Album Lyrics: Under The Influence [2010]

Paul Weller
"Under The Influence [2010]"

1. Devil's Pie playlist
2. Hit The Road Jack playlist
3. Small Axe playlist