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Dr. Hook
Album Lyrics: A Little bit More [1976]

Dr. Hook
"A Little bit More [1976]"

1. I need the high playlist
2. Bad Eye Bill playlist
3. The jungle to the Zoo playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Dr. Hook

Dr. Hook
"Other Songs - Dr. Hook"

1. (One more year of) Daddy's little girl playlist
2. Alice playlist
3. Angela's eyes playlist
4. Animal instinct playlist
5. Beware of lovers playlist
6. Body talkin' playlist
7. Bread upon the water playlist
8. Crazy Rosie playlist
9. Drinking wine alone playlist
10. Feels good playlist
11. Got that feeling playlist
12. Happy ever after playlist
13. Here come the blues again playlist
14. I couldn't believe playlist
15. I need the high playlist
16. I need to fall in love again playlist
17. I never got to know her playlist
18. I'll kill you playlist
19. I'll put angels around you playlist
20. I've been him playlist
21. If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body playlist
22. Let me drink from your well playlist
23. Lonely Man playlist
24. Love ain't the question playlist
25. Love you now playlist
26. Lucky night playlist
27. Maybe I could use that in a song playlist
28. Michaelangelo playlist
29. Missing You Takes Up Most Of My Time playlist
30. Natalie playlist
31. O Mary playlist
32. One More Year Of Daddies Little Girl playlist
33. Pleasure and pain playlist
34. Red-winged Blackbird playlist
35. Rings playlist
36. Rings of grass playlist
37. Sex drive playlist
38. Sexy energy playlist
39. Stagolee playlist
40. Strings playlist
41. Stuck on the wrong side of love playlist
42. That plane playlist
43. The Ballad Of... playlist
44. The last of a dying breed playlist
45. The one I'm holding playlist
46. The shadow knows playlist
47. The ugliest man in town playlist
48. The wild colonial boy playlist
49. There's a light playlist
50. Walking My Cat Named Dog playlist
51. Walls and Doors playlist
52. When you're eighteen playlist
53. You can't take it with you playlist
54. You've heard it all before playlist
55. Yours and mine playlist

Album Lyrics: Rising [1980]

Dr. Hook
"Rising [1980]"

1. 99 and Me playlist
2. Before the tears playlist
3. Blown away playlist
4. Boy Talk playlist
5. Do you right tonight playlist
6. Doin' it playlist
7. Girls Can Get It playlist
8. Hold me like you never had me playlist
9. S.O.S. for love playlist
10. That didn't hurt too bad playlist

Album Lyrics: Best Of [2009]

Dr. Hook
"Best Of [2009]"

1. A couple more years playlist
2. A Little Bit More playlist
3. All the time in the world playlist
4. If not you playlist
5. Jungle to the zoo playlist
6. More Like The Movies playlist
7. Oh! Jesse playlist
8. Only Sixteen playlist
9. Sexy Eyes playlist
10. Sharing The Night Together playlist
11. When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman playlist
12. Years From Now playlist
13. You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance playlist

Album Lyrics: Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show Revisited [1976]

Dr. Hook
"Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show Revisited [1976]"

1. Acapulco Goldie playlist
2. Carry Me Carrie playlist
3. Cover Of The Rolling Stone playlist
4. Freakers Ball playlist
5. Get my rocks off playlist
6. Makin' it natural playlist
7. Penicillin Penny playlist
8. Queen Of The Silver Dollar playlist
9. Roland The Roadie And Gertrude The Groupie playlist
10. Sylvia's Mother playlist

Album Lyrics: Players in the Dark [1982]

Dr. Hook
"Players in the Dark [1982]"

1. Baby makes her blue jeans talk playlist
2. Chained to your memory playlist
3. Devil's daughter playlist
4. Fire in the night playlist
5. Hearts like yours and mine playlist
6. I can't say no to her playlist
7. Lady Sundown playlist
8. Loveline playlist
9. Pity the fool playlist
10. The turn on playlist

Album Lyrics: Ballad of Lucy and Jordan [1975]

Dr. Hook
"Ballad of Lucy and Jordan [1975]"

1. Ballad Of Lucy Jordan playlist
2. Four years older than me playlist
3. If I'd only come and gone playlist
4. Last mornin' playlist
5. Life Ain't Easy playlist
6. Monterey Jack playlist
7. The Wonderful Soup Stone playlist

Album Lyrics: 20 Great Love Songs [1998]

Dr. Hook
"20 Great Love Songs [1998]"

1. Better love next time baby playlist
2. Everybody's Making It Big But Me playlist
3. I don't wanna be alone playlist
4. Makin' love and music playlist

Album Lyrics: Bankrupt [1975]

Dr. Hook
"Bankrupt [1975]"

1. Bubblin' up playlist
2. Cooky and Lila playlist
3. Do Downs playlist
4. Everybody loves me playlist
5. I Got Stoned And I Missed It playlist
6. Levitate playlist
7. The Millionaire playlist

Album Lyrics: Original Gold [2004]

Dr. Hook
"Original Gold [2004]"

1. Clyde playlist
2. Help Me Mama playlist
3. I don't feel much like smilin' playlist
4. In over my head playlist
5. Let me be your lover playlist
6. Love monster playlist
7. Mountain Mary playlist
8. On the Way to the Bottom playlist
9. Storms never last playlist
10. Sweetest Of All playlist
11. The Radio playlist
12. Up on the mountain playlist
13. What about you playlist
14. Wups playlist

Album Lyrics: Belly Up! [1973]

Dr. Hook
"Belly Up! [1973]"

1. Come On In playlist
2. Put a little bit on me playlist
3. When Lilly was queen playlist
4. You ain't got the right playlist

Album Lyrics: Pleasure and pain [1978]

Dr. Hook
"Pleasure and pain [1978]"

1. Dooley Jones playlist
2. I gave her comfort playlist
3. Knowing she's there playlist

Album Lyrics: Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show [1971]

Dr. Hook
"Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show [1971]"

1. Hey Lady Godiva playlist
2. I Call That True Love playlist
3. Judy playlist
4. Kiss it away playlist
5. Mama I'll sing one song for you playlist
6. Marie Lavaux playlist
7. Sing me a rainbow playlist
8. When she cries playlist

Album Lyrics: Sloppy Seconds [1972]

Dr. Hook
"Sloppy Seconds [1972]"

1. I Can't Touch The Sun For You playlist
2. Lookin' for pussy playlist
3. Stayin' song playlist
4. The things I didn't say playlist
5. Turn on the world playlist

Album Lyrics: Makin' Love & Music [1977]

Dr. Hook
"Makin' Love & Music [1977]"

1. I wanna make the women tremble playlist
2. I'm a lamb playlist
3. Lay Too Low Too Long playlist
4. Let the loose end drag playlist
5. Sleeping late playlist
6. Walk right in playlist
7. What a way to go playlist
8. Who Dat playlist

Album Lyrics: Sometimes You win [1979]

Dr. Hook
"Sometimes You win [1979]"

1. What do you want playlist

Album Lyrics: Couple More Years [2002]

Dr. Hook
"Couple More Years [2002]"

1. Years from now on playlist