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Album Lyrics: Legends [2005]

"Legends [2005]"

1. A Day At The Mother-In-Law's playlist
2. Changing All The Time playlist
3. Daydreamin' playlist
4. Do to me playlist
5. Don't turn out your light playlist
6. Headspin playlist
7. It's natural playlist
8. Light up my life playlist
9. Little Lucy playlist
10. Little Town Flirt playlist
11. Oh well, oh well playlist
12. Pass it around playlist
13. Run To Me playlist
14. San Francisco Bay playlist
15. Too many pennies in hell playlist
16. We're flyin' high playlist
17. When my back was against the wall playlist
18. Will you love me playlist
19. Your Love Is So Good For Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Our Danish Collection [2008]

"Our Danish Collection [2008]"

1. A Winters Tale playlist
2. Chasing shadows playlist
3. In The Middle Of A Lonely Dream playlist
4. Last train playlist
5. Rose-A-Lee playlist
6. When the lightning strikes playlist

Album Lyrics: The Other Side of the Road [1979]

"The Other Side of the Road [1979]"

1. All Alone playlist
2. I can't stop loving you playlist
3. London is burning playlist
4. Samantha Elizabeth playlist
5. The Other Side Of The Road playlist
6. You don't care playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Smokie

"Other Songs - Smokie"

1. All My Life playlist
2. Angelina playlist
3. Babe, it's up to you playlist
4. Don't stop this love playlist
5. Fistful of dollars playlist
6. Heat of the night playlist
7. Hurting playlist
8. Josephine playlist
9. Love Take Me Away (Sleeping Beauty) playlist
10. Moving mountains playlist
11. Northern Soul playlist
12. One night in Vienna playlist
13. Remember the days playlist
14. Rock'n'Roll Rodeo playlist
15. Scream you guitar playlist
16. Sometimes you cry playlist
17. Stop Rewind playlist
18. The Rain Came Down playlist
19. Who The Fuck Is Alice? playlist

Album Lyrics: Living Next Door To Alice (Aussie Ed) [2010]

"Living Next Door To Alice (Aussie Ed) [2010]"

1. Arms of Mary playlist
2. Baby it's you playlist
3. Be My Baby playlist
4. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams playlist
5. For A Few Dollars More playlist
6. Have You Ever Seen The Rain playlist
7. I can be a heartbreaker too playlist
8. I feel love playlist
9. I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight playlist
10. I'll Meet You At Midnight playlist
11. If You Think You Know How To Love Me playlist
12. It never rains in Southern California playlist
13. It's your life playlist
14. Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone playlist
15. Mexican girl playlist
16. Oh Carol playlist
17. Take Good Care Of My Baby playlist
18. Till hell freezes over playlist
19. where sorry's not enough playlist
20. Will you still love me tomorrow playlist

Album Lyrics: Light a Candle: The Christmas Album [2003]

"Light a Candle: The Christmas Album [2003]"

1. Away in a manger playlist
2. Christmas isn't just for children playlist
3. Have yourself a merry little Christmas playlist
4. It won't be Christmas playlist
5. Light a candle playlist
6. When a child is born playlist

Album Lyrics: Steel Box Collection: Greatest Hits [2009]

"Steel Box Collection: Greatest Hits [2009]"

1. Back To Bradford playlist
2. I can't stay here tonight playlist
3. In the heat of the night playlist
4. Needles And Pins playlist
5. Talking Her 'Round playlist
6. Wild Wild Angels playlist

Album Lyrics: Hitmix [2002]

"Hitmix [2002]"

1. Bang bang playlist
2. Don't Play That Game With Me playlist
3. You're So Different Tonight playlist

Album Lyrics: Love Songs [2004]

"Love Songs [2004]"

1. Belinda playlist
2. Can you feel my heartbeat playlist
3. Yesterday's Dreams playlist

Album Lyrics: Burning Ambition [1993]

"Burning Ambition [1993]"

1. Can't this be love playlist
2. Listen to your radio playlist
3. Love sometimes takes time playlist
4. Naked Love (Disco Version) playlist
5. One more dance playlist

Album Lyrics: Strangers in Paradise [1982]

"Strangers in Paradise [1982]"

1. Come On Home playlist
2. Falling For You playlist
3. Mirror, mirror playlist
4. Now it's too late playlist
5. Strangers in paradise playlist
6. Two Strangers Falling playlist
7. You'll be lonely tonight playlist

Album Lyrics: The World And Elsewhere [1995]

"The World And Elsewhere [1995]"

1. Coming Home Tonight playlist
2. Love Can Change Your Heart playlist
3. Love like a rocket playlist
4. Steppin' on seashells playlist
5. Tell me why playlist
6. Till you follow me playlist

Album Lyrics: Party Album [2004]

"Party Album [2004]"

1. Derry girl playlist
2. Relying on you playlist
3. Respect playlist
4. Surfin' playlist

Album Lyrics: Play Their Rockin'n' Roll to You [2000]

"Play Their Rockin'n' Roll to You [2000]"

1. Don't Play Your Rock N' Roll To Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Solid Ground [1981]

"Solid Ground [1981]"

1. Everything A Man Could Need playlist
2. I'm in love with you playlist
3. Melody goes on playlist

Album Lyrics: Uncovered Too [2002]

"Uncovered Too [2002]"

1. Everytime You Go Away playlist
2. Garden Party playlist
3. Hungry Eyes playlist
4. Hungry Heart playlist
5. I won't back down playlist
6. Lodi playlist
7. Miss You Nights playlist
8. No matter what playlist
9. Only you playlist
10. What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted playlist
11. You're so vain playlist

Album Lyrics: Original Album Classics [2004]

"Original Album Classics [2004]"

1. Give it to me playlist
2. Going home playlist
3. It makes me money playlist
4. Julia playlist
5. Liverpool Docks playlist
6. Make Ya Boogie playlist
7. My woman playlist
8. No more letters playlist
9. Petesey's song playlist
10. Poor Lady (Midnight Baby) playlist
11. Power of love playlist
12. Shy Guy playlist
13. Stranger playlist
14. Take me in playlist
15. The Coldest Night playlist
16. The dancer playlist
17. The Girl Can't Help It playlist
18. Umbrella day playlist
19. What can I do playlist

Album Lyrics: Selected Singles 75 - 78 [2003]

"Selected Singles 75 - 78 [2003]"

1. Going tomorrow playlist
2. Living next door to Alice (Live) playlist
3. Needles And Pins (Live) playlist

Album Lyrics: 40 Pop & Rock Hits From Others [2000]

"40 Pop & Rock Hits From Others [2000]"

1. I'd die for you playlist
2. Young Hearts playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [2000]

"Greatest Hits [2000]"

1. Livin' Next Door To Alice playlist
2. Something's ben making me blue playlist

Album Lyrics: Uncovered [2001]

"Uncovered [2001]"

1. Love Hurts playlist

Album Lyrics: Celebration [1994]

"Celebration [1994]"

1. Naked Love (Baby Love Me...) playlist
2. Never turn your back on your friends playlist

Album Lyrics: 25th Anniversary Album [2000]

"25th Anniversary Album [2000]"

1. Reflections Of My Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Collections [2008]

"Collections [2008]"

1. Stumblin' In playlist

Album Lyrics: 18 Karat Gold [2003]

"18 Karat Gold [2003]"

1. Tambourine Man playlist
2. Think About The Night playlist

Album Lyrics: Best Of Rock Songs And Ballads [2002]

"Best Of Rock Songs And Ballads [2002]"

1. You took me by surprise playlist