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Steven Curtis Chapman
Album Lyrics: All About Love [2002]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"All About Love [2002]"

1. 11-6-64 playlist
2. All About Love playlist
3. Echoes of Eden playlist
4. Holding a Mystery playlist
5. How Do I Love Her playlist
6. I'll Take Care of You playlist
7. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) playlist
8. Miracle of You playlist
9. Moment Made for Worshipping playlist
10. We Belong Together (Tarzan and Jane) playlist
11. We Will Dance playlist
12. When Love Takes You In playlist
13. With Every Little Kiss playlist
14. You've Got Me playlist
15. Your Side of the World playlist

Album Lyrics: All I Really Want For Christmas [2005]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"All I Really Want For Christmas [2005]"

1. All I Really Want playlist
2. Christmas Is All in the Heart playlist
3. Wait playlist

Album Lyrics: Number 1's Volume 1 [2012]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"Number 1's Volume 1 [2012]"

1. All Things New playlist
2. Be Still and Know playlist
3. Cinderella playlist
4. God Is God playlist
5. Magnificent Obsession playlist
6. More to This Life playlist

Album Lyrics: The Music of Christmas [1995]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"The Music of Christmas [1995]"

1. Angels We Have Heard on High playlist
2. Going Home for Christmas playlist
3. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/The Music Of Christma playlist
4. O Come All Ye Faithful playlist
5. O Come, O Come Emmanuel playlist
6. Our God Is With Us playlist
7. Precious Promise playlist
8. Silent Night/Away in a Manger/O Holy Night playlist
9. This Baby playlist

Album Lyrics: Now & Then [2006]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"Now & Then [2006]"

1. Angels Wish playlist
2. Believe Me Now playlist
3. Big Story playlist
4. Hiding Place playlist
5. His Eyes playlist
6. His Strength Is Perfect playlist
7. I Am Found in You playlist
8. I Believe in You playlist
9. I Will Be Here playlist
10. Last Day on Earth playlist
11. Much of You playlist
12. No Better Place playlist
13. Not Home Yet playlist
14. Only Getting Started playlist
15. Please Only You playlist
16. That's Paradise playlist
17. Treasure of Jesus playlist
18. What Now playlist

Album Lyrics: For the Sake of the Call [1990]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"For the Sake of the Call [1990]"

1. Blind Lead the Blind playlist
2. Higher Ways playlist
3. Lost in the Shadows playlist
4. Show Yourselves to Be playlist
5. What Kind of Joy playlist
6. When You Are a Soldier playlist
7. You Know Better playlist

Album Lyrics: Declaration [2001]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"Declaration [2001]"

1. Bring It On playlist
2. Carry You To Jesus playlist
3. Declaration Of Dependance playlist
4. God Follower playlist
5. Jesus Is Life playlist
6. No Greater Love playlist
7. Savior playlist
8. See The Glory playlist
9. This Day playlist

Album Lyrics: This Moment - Cinderella Edition [2008]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"This Moment - Cinderella Edition [2008]"

1. Broken playlist
2. Miracle Of The Moment playlist

Album Lyrics: Heaven in the Real World [1994]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"Heaven in the Real World [1994]"

1. Burn the Ships playlist
2. Dancing With the Dinosaur playlist
3. Facts Are Facts playlist
4. Heartbeat of Heaven playlist
5. Love and Learn playlist
6. Miracle of Mercy playlist
7. Remember Your Chains playlist
8. Still Listening playlist
9. The Mountain playlist
10. Treasure of You playlist

Album Lyrics: The Live Adventure [1993]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"The Live Adventure [1993]"

1. Busy Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Signs of Life [1996]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"Signs of Life [1996]"

1. Celebrate You playlist
2. Children of the Burning Heart playlist
3. Hold On to Jesus playlist
4. Land of Opportunity playlist
5. Let Us Pray playlist
6. Lord of the Dance playlist
7. Only Natural playlist
8. Rubber Meets the Road playlist
9. Signs of Life playlist
10. What I Would Say playlist
11. Free playlist
12. The Walk playlist

Album Lyrics: All Things New [2004]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"All Things New [2004]"

1. Coming Attraction playlist

Album Lyrics: Real Life Conversations [1988]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"Real Life Conversations [1988]"

1. Consider It Done playlist
2. Faithful Too playlist
3. For Who He Really Is playlist
4. The Human Race playlist
5. Truth or Consequences playlist
6. Tuesday's Child playlist

Album Lyrics: Musical Blessings [2006]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"Musical Blessings [2006]"

1. Dive playlist
2. King of the Jungle playlist

Album Lyrics: First Hand [1987]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"First Hand [1987]"

1. Do They Know playlist
2. Dying to Live playlist
3. First Hand playlist
4. Run Away playlist
5. Said and Done playlist
6. Tell Me playlist
7. Weak Days playlist
8. Who Cares playlist

Album Lyrics: The Great Adventure [1992]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"The Great Adventure [1992]"

1. Don't Let the Fire Die playlist
2. Got to Be True playlist
3. Heart's Cry playlist
4. Maria playlist
5. Still Called Today playlist
6. Walk With the Wise playlist
7. Where We Belong playlist

Album Lyrics: Beauty Will Rise [2009]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"Beauty Will Rise [2009]"

1. Faithful playlist
2. Heaven Is The Face playlist

Album Lyrics: Speechless [1999]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"Speechless [1999]"

1. Fingerprints of God playlist
2. Great Expectations playlist
3. I Do Believe playlist
4. Next 5 Minutes playlist
5. The Change playlist
6. The Invitation playlist
7. What I Really Want to Say playlist
8. Whatever playlist
9. With Hope playlist

Album Lyrics: Re-creation [2011]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"Re-creation [2011]"

1. For the Sake of the Call playlist
2. Heaven in the Real World playlist
3. Live Out Loud playlist
4. Speechless playlist
5. The Great Adventure playlist

Album Lyrics: Best Of: 10 Best Of Series [1996]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"Best Of: 10 Best Of Series [1996]"

1. Free playlist
2. Go There With You playlist
3. My Redeemer Is Faithful and True playlist
4. My Turn Now playlist
5. The Walk playlist

Album Lyrics: No Compromise: Remembering the Music of Keith Green [1992]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"No Compromise: Remembering the Music of Keith Green [1992]"

1. He'll Take Care of the Rest playlist

Album Lyrics: The Prince of Egypt (Nashville) [original soundtrack] [1998]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"The Prince of Egypt (Nashville) [original soundtrack] [1998]"

1. Heartbeat of Hope playlist

Album Lyrics: The Apostle [original soundtrack] [1998]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"The Apostle [original soundtrack] [1998]"

1. I Will Not Go Quietly playlist

Album Lyrics: More to This Life [1989]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"More to This Life [1989]"

1. In This Little Room playlist
2. Living for the Moment playlist
3. Love You With My Life playlist
4. More Than Words playlist
5. Out in the Highways playlist
6. Treasure Island playlist
7. Waiting for Lightning playlist
8. Way Beyond the Blue playlist
9. Who Makes the Rules playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman
"Other Songs - Steven Curtis Chapman"

1. My Last Day on Earth playlist
2. Parent's Prayer playlist
3. Remembering You playlist
4. Save Me playlist
5. The Blessings playlist
6. Holy, Holy, Holy playlist
7. In The Bleak Midwinter playlist
8. It Came Upon The Midnight Clear playlist
9. O Little Town Of Bethlehem playlist
10. Silver Bells playlist

Album Lyrics: Jesus: The Epic Mini-Series [original television soundtrack] [2000]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"Jesus: The Epic Mini-Series [original television soundtrack] [2000]"

1. Nobody Ever (Only You) playlist

Album Lyrics: We Were Soldiers [original soundtrack] [2002]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"We Were Soldiers [original soundtrack] [2002]"

1. Soldier playlist

Album Lyrics: My Utmost for His Highest [1995]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"My Utmost for His Highest [1995]"

1. Sometimes He Comes in the Clouds playlist

Album Lyrics: # 1's Vol. 2 [2012]

Steven Curtis Chapman
"# 1's Vol. 2 [2012]"

1. All About Love playlist
2. For the Sake of the Call playlist
3. Great Expectations playlist
4. Heaven in the Real World playlist
5. His Eyes playlist
6. Let Us Pray playlist
7. Live Out Loud playlist
8. Much of You playlist
9. No Better Place playlist
10. Not Home Yet playlist
11. Signs of Life playlist
12. Where We Belong playlist