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Linda Lewis
Album Lyrics: A Tear And A Smile [Expanded Edition] [2012]

Linda Lewis
"A Tear And A Smile [Expanded Edition] [2012]"

1. (close The Door) Take Your Heart playlist
2. Class/Style (I've Got It) playlist
3. Come On Back [Bonus Track] playlist
4. Destination Love playlist
5. Don't Let It Go playlist
6. I Am What I Am playlist
7. I Can Take It [Bonus Track] playlist
8. I Can't Get Enough playlist
9. Sweet Heartache playlist
10. Take Me For A Little While playlist
11. Why Can't I Be The Other Woman playlist
12. You Don't Know What You're Missing playlist
13. You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet [12minute Megamix] playlist
14. You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet [12 Megamix] playlist

Album Lyrics: Not A Little Girl Anymore [Expanded Edition] [2011]

Linda Lewis
"Not A Little Girl Anymore [Expanded Edition] [2011]"

1. (i'm) Not A Little Girl Anymore playlist
2. (remember The Days Of) The Old Schoolyard playlist
3. All Comes Back To Love playlist
4. Baby I'm Yours playlist
5. Cordon Blues playlist
6. I Do My Best To Impress playlist
7. It's In His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song) playlist
8. Love Where Are You Now (That I Need You) playlist
9. Love, Love, Love playlist
10. May You Never playlist
11. My Grandaddy Could Reggae playlist
12. So Many Mysteries To Find playlist
13. The Other Side playlist
14. This Time I'll Be Sweeter playlist
15. Winter Wonderland playlist

Album Lyrics: Kiss Of Life [1999]

Linda Lewis
"Kiss Of Life [1999]"

1. Nobody But You playlist

Album Lyrics: Legend [2005]

Linda Lewis
"Legend [2005]"

1. 109 Jamaica Highway playlist
2. I Do My Best To Impress playlist
3. I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You playlist
4. It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time playlist
5. My Aphrodisiac Is You playlist
6. Sleeping Like A Baby playlist
7. The Best Days Of My Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Whatever [1997]

Linda Lewis
"Whatever [1997]"

Album Lyrics: Lark - Expanded Edition [2012]

Linda Lewis
"Lark - Expanded Edition [2012]"

1. Feeling Feeling playlist
2. Gladly Give My Hand playlist
3. It's The Frame playlist
4. Lark playlist
5. More Than A Fool playlist
6. Reach For The Truth playlist
7. Rock A Doodle Do playlist
8. Spring Song playlist
9. Waterbaby playlist
10. What Are You Asking Me For playlist

Album Lyrics: Woman Overboard [Expansion Edition] [2011]

Linda Lewis
"Woman Overboard [Expansion Edition] [2011]"

1. Bonfire playlist
2. Can't We Just Sit Down And Talk It Over playlist
3. Come Back And Finish What You Started playlist
4. Dreamer Of Dreams playlist
5. Light Years Away playlist
6. My Friend The Sun playlist
7. Never Been Done Before playlist
8. Shining playlist
9. The Moon And I playlist
10. You Came playlist

Album Lyrics: Second Nature [1995]

Linda Lewis
"Second Nature [1995]"

1. More Than Enough playlist

Album Lyrics: Live In Old Smokey [2006]

Linda Lewis
"Live In Old Smokey [2006]"

1. For Lovesake playlist
2. I Don't Do Don't playlist

Album Lyrics: Class/style (I've Got It) - EP [2010]

Linda Lewis
"Class/style (I've Got It) - EP [2010]"

Album Lyrics: Class/Style (I've Got It) [Dutch Remixes] [2010]

Linda Lewis
"Class/Style (I've Got It) [Dutch Remixes] [2010]"

Album Lyrics: Class/style - EP (88 Remixes & Originals) [2011]

Linda Lewis
"Class/style - EP (88 Remixes & Originals) [2011]"

Album Lyrics: Say No More [1971]

Linda Lewis
"Say No More [1971]"

1. Come Along People playlist
2. Follow The Piper playlist
3. For Mama playlist
4. Hymn playlist
5. Magic In The Music playlist
6. The Same Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Reach For The Truth - The Best of the Reprise Years 1971-1974 [2002]

Linda Lewis
"Reach For The Truth - The Best of the Reprise Years 1971-1974 [2002]"

1. Donkey's Years playlist
2. Funky Kitchen playlist
3. I Dunno playlist
4. We Can Win playlist

Album Lyrics: Fathoms Deep - Expanded Edition [2012]

Linda Lewis
"Fathoms Deep - Expanded Edition [2012]"

1. Fathoms Deep playlist
2. Goodbye Joanna playlist
3. Guffer playlist
4. I'm In Love Again playlist
5. If I Could playlist
6. Moles playlist
7. Red Light Ladies playlist
8. Safe And Sound playlist
9. Sideway Shuffle playlist
10. Wise Eyes playlist

Album Lyrics: Born Performer [1996]

Linda Lewis
"Born Performer [1996]"

1. Love Inside playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Linda Lewis

Linda Lewis
"Other Songs - Linda Lewis"

1. Why Can't I Be The Other Woman playlist
2. Your Love Shines (Feat. Linda Lewis) playlist