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Ted Nugent
Album Lyrics: Penetrator [1984]

Ted Nugent
"Penetrator [1984]"

Album Lyrics: Cat Scratch Fever [1977]

Ted Nugent
"Cat Scratch Fever [1977]"

Album Lyrics: Love Grenade [2008]

Ted Nugent
"Love Grenade [2008]"

1. Girl Scout Cookies playlist
2. Journey To The Center Of The Mind playlist
3. Stand playlist

Album Lyrics: State Of Shock [1979]

Ted Nugent
"State Of Shock [1979]"

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent
"Other Songs - Ted Nugent"

1. I Just Wanna Go Hunting playlist
3. Mississippi Queen playlist
4. Mystified playlist
5. Sunrize (Narrated Version) playlist

Album Lyrics: Noble Savage [2001]

Ted Nugent
"Noble Savage [2001]"

7. Knockin' At Your Door playlist
8. Little Miss Dangerous playlist

Album Lyrics: Craveman [2002]

Ted Nugent
"Craveman [2002]"

3. Crave playlist

Album Lyrics: Motor City Mayhem: 6,000th Concert [2009]

Ted Nugent
"Motor City Mayhem: 6,000th Concert [2009]"

1. Baby Please Don't Go playlist
2. Cat Scratch Fever playlist
3. Dog Eat Dog playlist
4. Fred Bear playlist
5. Free For All playlist
6. Great White Buffalo playlist
7. Hey Baby playlist
8. Love Grenade playlist
10. Need You Bad playlist
11. Stormtroopin' playlist
12. Stranglehold playlist
13. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang playlist
14. Wango Tango playlist

Album Lyrics: Take No Prisoners [2004]

Ted Nugent
"Take No Prisoners [2004]"

3. Just What The Doctor Ordered playlist

Album Lyrics: If You Can't Lick 'Em... Lick 'Em [1988]

Ted Nugent
"If You Can't Lick 'Em... Lick 'Em [1988]"

2. Can't Live With 'Em playlist

Album Lyrics: Scream Dream [1980]

Ted Nugent
"Scream Dream [1980]"

1. Come And Get It playlist
7. Terminus Eldorado playlist

Album Lyrics: Weekend Warriors [1978]

Ted Nugent
"Weekend Warriors [1978]"

6. Smokescreen playlist

Album Lyrics: Gonzo! [1978]

Ted Nugent
"Gonzo! [1978]"

1. Gonzo playlist

Album Lyrics: Spirit Of The Wild [1995]

Ted Nugent
"Spirit Of The Wild [1995]"

5. Kiss My Ass playlist
7. Primitive Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Decades Of Destruction [1979]

Ted Nugent
"Decades Of Destruction [1979]"

Album Lyrics: Out Of Control [1979]

Ted Nugent
"Out Of Control [1979]"

Album Lyrics: Intensities In 10 Cities [1991]

Ted Nugent
"Intensities In 10 Cities [1991]"

1. Jailbait playlist

Album Lyrics: Free For All [1976]

Ted Nugent
"Free For All [1976]"

2. Loved You So I Told You A Lie playlist
3. Street Rat playlist
4. Together playlist
5. Writing On The Wall playlist

Album Lyrics: Little Miss Dangerous [1986]

Ted Nugent
"Little Miss Dangerous [1986]"

Album Lyrics: Ted Nugent [1975]

Ted Nugent
"Ted Nugent [1975]"

Album Lyrics: Full Bluntal Nugity Live [2001]

Ted Nugent
"Full Bluntal Nugity Live [2001]"

1. Paralyzed playlist
2. Yank Me, Crank Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Sweden Rocks: Live 2006 [2008]

Ted Nugent
"Sweden Rocks: Live 2006 [2008]"