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Emilie Autumn
Album Lyrics: Opheliac Limited Deluxe Edition Double Disc [2006]

Emilie Autumn
"Opheliac Limited Deluxe Edition Double Disc [2006]"

1. 306 playlist
2. At What Point Does a Shakespeare Say playlist
3. Ghost playlist
4. God Help Me playlist
5. How to Break a Heart playlist
6. I Know Where You Sleep playlist
7. I Want My Innocence Back playlist
8. Let The Record Show playlist
9. Liar playlist
10. Marry Me playlist
11. Misery Loves Company playlist
12. Opheliac playlist
13. Shalott playlist
14. Thank God I'm Pretty playlist
15. The Art Of Suicide playlist

Album Lyrics: 4 o'Clock [2007]

Emilie Autumn
"4 o'Clock [2007]"

1. 4 o'Clock playlist
2. Gothic Lolita playlist
3. My Fairweather Friend playlist
4. Swallow playlist

Album Lyrics: Laced/Unlaced [2007]

Emilie Autumn
"Laced/Unlaced [2007]"

1. A Cure? playlist
2. A Strange Device playlist
3. Bach-Allegro playlist
4. Bach-Largo playlist
5. Cold playlist
6. Corelli-La Folia playlist
7. Emilie Autumn-On A Day... playlist
8. Emilie Autumn-Revelry playlist
9. Emilie Autumn-Willow playlist
10. Face The Wall playlist
11. Leclair-Adagio playlist
12. Leclair-Tambourin playlist
13. Leech Jar playlist
14. Manic Depression playlist
15. Ortiz-Recercada playlist
16. Syringe playlist
17. Unlaced playlist

Album Lyrics: Your Sugar Sits Untouched: Poetry Book and CD [2005]

Emilie Autumn
"Your Sugar Sits Untouched: Poetry Book and CD [2005]"

1. A Letter From A Friend playlist
2. A Plea To The Dying playlist
3. Alas (The Knight) playlist
4. Blackbird Sonnets playlist
5. Close playlist
6. Constant playlist
7. Didn't playlist
8. Empty playlist
9. Funny How Things Change playlist
10. Goodbye playlist
11. Homesick Sonnets playlist
12. I Cried For You playlist
13. I Didn't Mean You playlist
14. In Praise Of Cyrano playlist
15. Jump The Track playlist
16. Little Boy playlist
17. Manipulation playlist
18. Nearer Than You playlist
19. Never Tasted Tears playlist
20. On Artistic Integrity playlist
21. Rant I playlist
22. Rant II playlist
23. Smirking Girl playlist
24. So Many Fools playlist
25. Space playlist
26. The Ballad Of Mushroom Down playlist
27. The Day You Love playlist
28. The Muse playlist
29. The Music I Heard Once playlist
30. The One playlist
31. Try My Best playlist
32. Two Masks playlist
33. Visions playlist
34. What Right Have I playlist
35. Woman playlist

Album Lyrics: A Bit o' This & That [2007]

Emilie Autumn
"A Bit o' This & That [2007]"

1. All My Loving playlist
2. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life playlist
3. Ancient Grounds playlist
4. By The Sword playlist
5. Find Me A Man playlist
6. Hollow Like My Soul playlist
7. I Don't Care Much playlist
8. I Know It's Over (Live) playlist
9. Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches playlist
10. O Mistress Mine playlist
11. Sonata In D Minor For Violin & Continuo playlist
12. The Star Spangled Banner playlist
13. With Every Passing Day playlist

Album Lyrics: Liar/Dead is the New Alive [2006]

Emilie Autumn
"Liar/Dead is the New Alive [2006]"

1. Best Safety Lies In Fear playlist
2. Dead Is The New Alive (Manipulator Mix By Dope Stars Inc.) playlist
3. Dead Is The New Alive (Velvet Acid Christ Club Mix) playlist
4. In The Lake playlist
5. Let It Die playlist
6. Liar (Machine Mix By Dope Stars Inc.) playlist
7. Liar (Manic Depressive Mix By Asp) playlist
8. Liar (Medical Mix By Angelspit) playlist
10. Mad Girl playlist
11. Thank God I'm Pretty (Cover By Spiritual Front) playlist
12. Unlaced (Preview Track) playlist

Album Lyrics: Enchant Deluxe Edition [2007]

Emilie Autumn
"Enchant Deluxe Edition [2007]"

1. Castle Down playlist
2. Chambermaid playlist
3. Epilogue: What If playlist
4. Ever playlist
5. Heard It All playlist
6. How Strange playlist
7. If You Feel Better playlist
8. Juliet playlist
9. Prologue: Across The Sky playlist
10. Rapunzel playlist
11. Remember playlist
12. Rose Red playlist
13. Save You playlist
14. Second Hand Faith playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn
"Other Songs - Emilie Autumn"

1. Crazy He Calls Me playlist
2. Dr Stockhill (Speech) playlist
3. Faces Like Mine playlist
4. Gentlemen Aren't Nice playlist
5. Gloomy Sunday Deluxe playlist
6. Is It My Body playlist
7. Medicate With Tea playlist
8. Photographic Memory playlist
9. Tea Will Rock You playlist

Album Lyrics: Saw IV (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2007]

Emilie Autumn
"Saw IV (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2007]"

1. Dead Is The New Alive playlist

Album Lyrics: Fight Like A Girl [2012]

Emilie Autumn
"Fight Like A Girl [2012]"

1. Fight Like A Girl playlist
2. Four O'clock Reprise playlist
3. Gaslight playlist
4. Gaslight Reprise playlist
5. Girls! Girls! Girls playlist
6. Goodnight, Sweet Ladies playlist
7. Hell Is Empty playlist
8. I Don't Understand playlist
9. If I Burn playlist
10. One Foot In Front Of The Other playlist
11. Scavenger playlist
12. Start Another Story playlist
13. Take The Pill playlist
14. The Key playlist
15. Time For Tea playlist
16. We Want Them Young playlist
17. What Will I Remember? playlist

Album Lyrics: By The Sword [2001]

Emilie Autumn
"By The Sword [2001]"

1. Willow playlist