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Graham Parker
Album Lyrics: The Real Macaw [1983]

Graham Parker
"The Real Macaw [1983]"

1. (too Late) The Smart Bomb playlist
2. A Miracle A Minute playlist
3. Beyond A Joke playlist
4. Last Couple On The Dance Floor playlist

Album Lyrics: Struck by Lightning [1991]

Graham Parker
"Struck by Lightning [1991]"

1. A Brand New Book playlist
2. And It Shook Me playlist
3. Guardian Angels playlist
4. She Wants So Many Things playlist
5. That's Where She Ends Up playlist
6. The Kid With The Butterfly Net playlist
7. The Sun Is Gonna Shine Again playlist
8. Weeping Statues playlist
9. When I Was King playlist

Album Lyrics: The Bootleg Box [2011]

Graham Parker
"The Bootleg Box [2011]"

1. Anniversary playlist
2. Canned Laughter playlist
3. Clear Head playlist
4. Devil's Sidewalk playlist
5. Discovering Japan playlist
6. Empty Lives playlist
7. Here It Comes Again playlist
8. Long Stem Rose playlist
9. Love Is A Burning Question playlist
10. Oasis playlist
11. Platinum Blonde playlist
12. Release Me playlist
13. Saturday Nite Is Dead playlist
14. Stick To Me playlist
15. White Honey playlist
16. Worthy Of Your Love playlist
17. Yesterday's Cloud playlist

Album Lyrics: Another Grey Area [1982]

Graham Parker
"Another Grey Area [1982]"

1. Another Grey Area playlist
2. Big Fat Zero playlist
3. It's All Worth Nothing Alone playlist
4. Thankless Task playlist

Album Lyrics: Box Of Bootlegs 2 [2011]

Graham Parker
"Box Of Bootlegs 2 [2011]"

1. Back Door Love playlist
2. Back In Time playlist
3. Back To Schooldays playlist
4. Baggage playlist
5. Don't Ask Me Questions playlist
6. New York Shuffle playlist
7. Sharpening Axes playlist
8. Soul Shoes playlist
9. Thunder And Rain playlist
10. Watch The Moon Come Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Live From New York, Ny [2005]

Graham Parker
"Live From New York, Ny [2005]"

1. Big Man On Paper playlist
2. Over The Border playlist

Album Lyrics: Steady Nerves [1985]

Graham Parker
"Steady Nerves [1985]"

1. Black Lincoln Continental playlist
2. Break Them Down playlist
3. Everyone's Hand Is On The Switch playlist
4. Mighty Rivers playlist
5. When You Do That To Me playlist

Album Lyrics: The Mona Lisa's Sister [1988]

Graham Parker
"The Mona Lisa's Sister [1988]"

1. Blue Highways playlist
2. Cupid playlist
3. I'm Just Your Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Graham Parker

Graham Parker
"Other Songs - Graham Parker"

1. Character Assassination playlist
2. Children & Dogs playlist
3. Crawlin From The Wreckage playlist
4. Daddy's A Postman playlist
5. Dark Side Of The Bright Lights playlist
6. Everything Goes playlist
7. Get Over It & Move On playlist
8. Girl On The Pier Graham Parker playlist
9. Green Monkeys playlist
10. I Want You Back playlist
11. I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (E Randle) playlist
12. Joe Meek's Blues playlist
13. Just Like Hermann Hesse playlist
14. Little Miss Understanding playlist
15. Loverman playlist
16. Mr Tender playlist
17. Museum Piece playlist
18. Ok Heironymous playlist
19. Slash & Burn playlist
20. Sugar Gives You Energy playlist
21. The Heat In Harlem playlist
22. They Got It Wrong playlist
23. Too Much Time To Think playlist
24. Wake Up playlist
25. You Got The World playlist

Album Lyrics: Deepcut To Nowhere [2001]

Graham Parker
"Deepcut To Nowhere [2001]"

1. Cheap Chipped Black Nails playlist
2. Dark Days playlist
3. Depend On Me playlist
4. I'll Never Play Jacksonville Again playlist

Album Lyrics: Yer Cowboy Boot [2013]

Graham Parker
"Yer Cowboy Boot [2013]"

1. Cruel Lips playlist
2. Crying For Attention playlist
3. Fool's Gold playlist
4. I Don't Know playlist
5. Love Gets You Twisted playlist
6. Success playlist
7. Three Martini Lunch playlist
8. You've Got To Be Kidding playlist

Album Lyrics: 12 Haunted Episodes [2006]

Graham Parker
"12 Haunted Episodes [2006]"

1. Disney's America playlist
2. First Day Of Spring playlist
3. Haunted Episodes playlist
4. Honest Work playlist
5. Next Phase playlist
6. Partner For Life playlist
7. Pollinate playlist

Album Lyrics: Blue Highway [2003]

Graham Parker
"Blue Highway [2003]"

1. Don't Let it Break You Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Live Alone At The Freight And Salvage [2005]

Graham Parker
"Live Alone At The Freight And Salvage [2005]"

1. Endless Night playlist
2. If It Ever Stops Rainin' playlist
3. Life Gets Better playlist
4. Passion is No Ordinary Word playlist
5. Problem Child playlist
6. Under The Mask Of Happiness playlist

Album Lyrics: King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Graham Parker [2002]

Graham Parker
"King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Graham Parker [2002]"

1. Fear Not playlist
2. Glass Jaw playlist
3. Passive Resistance playlist
4. Sounds Like Chains playlist
5. You Can't Take Love For Granted playlist

Album Lyrics: That's When You Know [2001]

Graham Parker
"That's When You Know [2001]"

1. Gypsy Blood playlist
2. Not If It Pleases Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Heat Treatment [1977]

Graham Parker
"Heat Treatment [1977]"

1. Help Me Shake It playlist
2. Pourin' It All Out playlist
3. Something You're Going Through playlist
4. Turned Up Too Late playlist

Album Lyrics: 80s Reverb Rules Ok [2011]

Graham Parker
"80s Reverb Rules Ok [2011]"

1. Howlin' Wind playlist
2. No Holding Back playlist
3. Nobody Hurts You playlist
4. The Weekend's Too Short playlist

Album Lyrics: Acid Bubblegum [1996]

Graham Parker
"Acid Bubblegum [1996]"

1. Impenetrable playlist
2. Milk Train playlist
3. Obsessed With Aretha playlist
4. She Never Let Me Down playlist
5. Turn It Into Hate playlist

Album Lyrics: Howlin' Wind [1976]

Graham Parker
"Howlin' Wind [1976]"

1. Lady Doctor playlist
2. Nothin's Gonna Pull Us Apart playlist
3. Silly Thing playlist

Album Lyrics: Extended Versions [2004]

Graham Parker
"Extended Versions [2004]"

1. Local Girls playlist

Album Lyrics: Live Alone! Discovering Japan [2005]

Graham Parker
"Live Alone! Discovering Japan [2005]"

1. Lunatic Fringe playlist
2. Mercury Poisoning playlist
3. Too Many Knots To Untangle playlist

Album Lyrics: The Up Escalator [1980]

Graham Parker
"The Up Escalator [1980]"

1. Manoeuvres playlist
2. Paralysed playlist
3. The Beating Of Another Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: Bbc Live In Concert [2000]

Graham Parker
"Bbc Live In Concert [2000]"

1. No More Excuses playlist
2. They Murdered The Clown playlist

Album Lyrics: Ultimate Collection [2001]

Graham Parker
"Ultimate Collection [2001]"

1. Stupefaction playlist
2. Temporary Beauty playlist

Album Lyrics: Stick To Me [2001]

Graham Parker
"Stick To Me [2001]"

1. The Raid playlist

Album Lyrics: Squeezing out Sparks [1979]

Graham Parker
"Squeezing out Sparks [1979]"

1. Waiting For The Ufos playlist