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Album Lyrics: Fast Forward [2001]

"Fast Forward [2001]"

1. (Some Lines About) A Lovesong playlist
2. 3 Needs 2 Get A Grip playlist
3. Billy Broke A Bottle (Again) playlist
4. Can't Stand Your Face playlist
5. Freak Of Society playlist
6. Home playlist
7. Ik Wil Niks! playlist
8. Last Call To Humanity playlist
9. Malen In M'n Kop playlist
10. Nothing's Wrong playlist
11. Rechtsstaat playlist
12. Since 1989 playlist
13. Tattoo playlist
14. Thank You (For Messing Me Up) playlist
15. We're All Fucked Up! playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Heideroosjes

"Other Songs - Heideroosjes"

1. A Hippie Sing Along playlist
2. Applause Cattle playlist
3. Bag Full Of Stories playlist
4. Being Dead (Seems So Damn Boring To Me) playlist
5. Ben Je Geil Of Wil Je Een Koekje playlist
6. Bonus Track playlist
7. Can Anybody Tell Me ? playlist
8. Da's Toch Dope Man playlist
9. Dignity playlist
10. Embrace & Destroy playlist
11. Everybody's Nuts (Except You!) playlist
12. Farmerdick playlist
13. Fifi playlist
14. Filthy Fucking Funguscunt playlist
15. G.R.A.N.D.D.A.D. playlist
16. Get Him Out Klaus (There's Sauce Coming Out) playlist
17. Good Times, Bad Times playlist
18. Grinding In My Head playlist
19. Holland Brand playlist
20. I'm Not Deaf, I'm Just Ignoring You playlist
21. Iedereen Is Gek playlist
22. If Tust Is Broken playlist
23. Just Drop Dead! playlist
24. Koning Pintenman playlist
25. Kutlied playlist
26. Lekker Belangrijk playlist
27. Lekker Wijf playlist
28. Liever Dan Lief playlist
29. Marmor Stein & Eisen Bricht playlist
30. Meneer De President playlist
31. N.I.M.B.Y. (Not In My Backyard) playlist
32. P.C.P.O.S playlist
33. Radical Fortune playlist
34. Reachable Barbarian playlist
35. Sausages And Cheese playlist
36. Sjonnie En Anita playlist
37. State Of Rights playlist
38. The Neandertaler playlist
39. The Porter (Happy Cause He Can Bark) playlist
40. The Shooter playlist
41. Then All Hell Breaks Loose! playlist
42. They're Melting The Easter Bunny! playlist
43. Turn Around And Run playlist
44. Unique! playlist
45. Wannabe playlist
46. Watch Me Play playlist
47. We're All Fucked Up playlist
48. Why Am I? playlist

Album Lyrics: Kung Fu [1997]

"Kung Fu [1997]"

1. Act Right Now playlist
2. Bereik-Bar-Baar playlist
3. Do You Wanna Die? playlist
4. Dood Zijn playlist
5. Everybody Loves Me, Everybody Hates Me playlist
6. Fistfuckparty At 701 playlist
7. I Don't Care That You Wear Nike Air playlist
8. Ideals Lost playlist
9. Our Own Vietnam playlist
10. Radicaal Kapitaal playlist
11. Rockstar Heaven playlist
12. Stagediving Is An Art playlist
13. Uniek! playlist
14. Wurst & Kase playlist

Album Lyrics: Noisy Fairytales [1992]

"Noisy Fairytales [1992]"

1. B 4 U Wake...Die! playlist
2. Fuck The New Kids On The Block playlist
3. Hol Em Raus Klaus (Da Kommt Ja Saus Aus) playlist
4. Into The War playlist
5. Memories Of Pain playlist
6. Not So Long Song # playlist
7. Punica playlist
8. Seize The Day playlist
9. United Scum playlist
10. Ze Smelten De Paashaas! playlist

Album Lyrics: Fifi [1996]

"Fifi [1996]"

1. Beach Of Fake playlist
2. Break The Public Peace playlist
3. Collect-Call To God playlist
4. De Neandertaler playlist
5. I Can't Change The World playlist
6. Kill The Human Race playlist
7. Klapvee ! playlist
8. Mommy Help! playlist
9. Nothing For Free playlist
10. O.P.A. playlist
11. Ode To The Ramones playlist
12. Western White Kid playlist
13. Who's There For Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Schizo [1999]

"Schizo [1999]"

1. Boore Lul playlist
2. Fistful Of Ideals playlist
3. Inside My Head (You're All Dead) playlist
4. Jerry Rules In The Land Of The Free playlist
5. Regular Day In Bosnia playlist
6. Schizo playlist
7. Time Is Ticking Away playlist
8. Val Maar Dood! playlist
9. What You Own Means Nothing playlist

Album Lyrics: Choice For A Lost Generation?! [1994]

"Choice For A Lost Generation?! [1994]"

1. Can't Find My Brains playlist
2. Da Doo Ron Ron # playlist
3. Don't Know Where To Go playlist
4. Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden playlist
5. I Am, You Are playlist
6. Listen To The Pope playlist
7. Mom And Dad Created A Monster playlist
8. My Name Is Jesus playlist
9. Not Mad (Fucking Angry!) playlist
10. Suicide playlist
11. Tering Tyfus Takketrut playlist
12. The Granny Got 'm Drunk playlist
13. Winter Wonderland playlist

Album Lyrics: SINema [2004]

"SINema [2004]"

1. Come Clean playlist
2. Damclub Hooligan playlist
3. Dan Breekt De Hel Los! playlist
4. De Portier (Blij Dat Ie Blaffen Kan) playlist
5. Delete Me playlist
6. Ebersberg playlist
7. Euronoise playlist
8. Mamelodi Melodies playlist
9. One On One playlist
10. One Way Ticket playlist
11. Psychic playlist
12. Scapegoat Revolution playlist
13. Sinema playlist
14. The World playlist
15. We All Share The Same Sun playlist
16. Why Does Everybody Steal My Hits? playlist