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Nate Dogg
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Nate Dogg

Nate Dogg
"Other Songs - Nate Dogg"

1. All Bout U playlist
2. Ballin' Out Of Control playlist
3. Be Thankful playlist
4. Bitches Aint Shit playlist
5. Child Of The Night playlist
6. Dump playlist
7. Gansta Nation playlist
8. Good Life playlist
9. Groupie playlist
10. Head Of State playlist
11. High Come Down playlist
12. How Long Will They Mourn Me? playlist
13. I'm Gonna Make My Money playlist
14. If This Were My World playlist
15. Keep It Coming playlist
16. Kiss Is Spittin playlist
17. Kush playlist
18. Merry Jane playlist
19. Multiply playlist
20. My Name playlist
21. Nah, Nah... playlist
22. One More Day playlist
23. Paper Trippin' playlist
24. Po Po playlist
25. Sammy Da Bull playlist
26. Sinister Mob playlist
27. Skandalouz playlist
28. Space Boogie playlist
29. Special playlist
30. Teardrops And Closed Caskets playlist
31. Warrior, Pt2 playlist
32. What We Gonna Do - Nate Dogg playlist
33. Whatever playlist
34. Where Are You Going? playlist
35. Why playlist
36. Xxplosive playlist
37. Yo' Sassy Ways playlist

Album Lyrics: Nate Dogg [2004]

Nate Dogg
"Nate Dogg [2004]"

1. All Night Long playlist
2. Bad Girls playlist
3. Get Up playlist
4. Hide It playlist
5. I Got Game playlist
6. I Need A Bitch playlist
7. Interlude 1 playlist
8. Interlude 2 playlist
9. Right Back Where You Are playlist
10. Round And Round playlist
11. Somebody Like Me playlist
12. There She Goes playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [2004]

Nate Dogg
"Greatest Hits [2004]"

1. Almost In Love playlist
2. First We Pray playlist
3. Friends playlist
4. G Funk playlist
5. Hardest Man In Town playlist
6. Just Another Day playlist
7. Me And My Homies playlist
8. My World playlist
9. Never Too Late playlist
10. Nobody Does It Better playlist
11. Puppy Love playlist
12. These Days playlist

Album Lyrics: Music & Me [2001]

Nate Dogg
"Music & Me [2001]"

1. Another Short Story playlist
2. Backdoor playlist
3. Can't Nobody playlist
4. Concrete Streets playlist
5. Ditty Dum Ditty Doo playlist
6. I Got Love playlist
7. I Got Love (Remix) playlist
8. I Pledge Allegiance playlist
9. Keep It G.A.N.G.S.T.A. playlist
10. Music And Me playlist
11. Real Pimp playlist
12. Your Wife playlist
13. Your Woman Has Just Been Sighted (Ring the Alarm) playlist

Album Lyrics: G-Funk Classics Vol.1: Ghetto Preacher [1999]

Nate Dogg
"G-Funk Classics Vol.1: Ghetto Preacher [1999]"

1. Bag O' Weed playlist
2. Crazy, Dangerous playlist
3. Dirty Hoe's Draws playlist
4. Intro To G-Funk (Comm. 1) playlist
5. Last Prayer (Comm. 2) playlist

Album Lyrics: Essentials [2002]

Nate Dogg
"Essentials [2002]"

1. Because I Got A Girl playlist
2. I Don't Wanna Hurt No More playlist
3. My Money playlist
4. No Matter Where I Go playlist
5. Scared Of Love playlist
6. She's Strange playlist
7. Who's Playin Games? playlist

Album Lyrics: G-Funk Classics Vol.2: Prodigal Son [2000]

Nate Dogg
"G-Funk Classics Vol.2: Prodigal Son [2000]"

1. It's Goin' Down Tonight playlist
2. Sexy Girl playlist
3. Stone Cold playlist

Album Lyrics: Legend of Hip Hop Vol. 1 (aka Getcha Girl Dogg) [2007]

Nate Dogg
"Legend of Hip Hop Vol. 1 (aka Getcha Girl Dogg) [2007]"

1. Never Leave Me Alone playlist

Album Lyrics: Curtain Call: The Hits [2005]

Nate Dogg
"Curtain Call: The Hits [2005]"

1. Shake That playlist