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Foxy Brown
Album Lyrics: Ill Na Na

Foxy Brown
"Ill Na Na"

1. Intro...Chicken Coup playlist
2. (Holy Matrimony) Letter To The Firm playlist
3. Get Me Home playlist
4. The Promise playlist
5. Interlude...The Set Up playlist
6. The Chase playlist
7. No One's playlist
8. Fox Boogie playlist
9. I'll Be playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown
"Other Songs - Foxy Brown"

1. 'Bout My Paper playlist
2. 4-5-6 playlist
3. 730 playlist
4. Baby Mother playlist
5. Baller Bitch playlist
6. Big Bad Mama playlist
7. Bk Anthem playlist
8. Blow My Whistle playlist
9. Bomb Ass playlist
10. Bonnie & Clyde Part II playlist
11. Broken Silence playlist
12. Broken Silence (Intro) playlist
13. Bwa playlist
14. Can You Feel Me Baby playlist
15. Candy playlist
16. Candy Ft. Kelis playlist
17. Chyna Whyte playlist
18. Dog & A Fox playlist
19. Fallin' playlist
20. Firm Biz playlist
21. Firm Fiasco playlist
22. Foxys Bell playlist
23. Fuck Somebody Else playlist
24. Gangsta Boogie playlist
25. Hardcore playlist
26. Hood Scriptures playlist
27. Hot Spot playlist
28. I Can't playlist
29. I Don't Care playlist
30. I Gotta Know playlist
31. I Just Need A Man playlist
32. I Need A Man [Mtv Duets Version W/Brad] playlist
33. If I playlist
34. Il Na Na playlist
35. It's Hard Being Wifee playlist
36. Job playlist
37. La Familia playlist
38. Magnetic playlist
39. My Life playlist
40. Na Na Be Like playlist
41. Nothin' (Remix) playlist
42. Oh Yeah playlist
43. Ride (Down South) playlist
44. Run Dem playlist
45. Run Yo Shit playlist
46. Saddest Day playlist
47. So Hot (Remix) playlist
48. Stylin' (Remix) playlist
49. Tables Will Turn playlist
50. The Letter playlist
51. Touch Me, Tease Me playlist
52. Tramp playlist