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Bad Company
Album Lyrics: Holy Water [1990]

Bad Company
"Holy Water [1990]"

1. 100 Miles playlist
2. Boys Cry Tough playlist
3. Dead Of The Night playlist
4. Fearless playlist
5. I Can't Live Without You playlist
6. I Don't Care playlist
7. Lay Your Love On Me playlist
8. Never Too Late playlist
9. Stranger Stranger playlist
10. Walk Through Fire playlist
11. With You In A Heartbeat playlist

Album Lyrics: Company Of Strangers [1995]

Bad Company
"Company Of Strangers [1995]"

1. Abandoned And Alone playlist
2. Clearwater Highway playlist
3. Company Of Strangers playlist
4. Dance With The Devil playlist
5. Down And Dirty playlist
6. Gimme Gimme playlist
7. Judas My Brother playlist
8. Little Martha playlist
9. Loving You Out Loud playlist
10. Pretty Woman playlist
11. Where I Belong playlist
12. You're The Only Reason playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Bad Company

Bad Company
"Other Songs - Bad Company"

1. Ain't It Good playlist
2. Children Of The Night playlist
3. Cross Country Boy playlist
4. Do Right By Your Woman playlist
5. Down, Down, Down playlist
6. Easy On My Soul playlist
7. Excited playlist
8. Fade Away playlist
9. Hammer Of Love playlist
10. Hey, Hey playlist
11. I Still Believe In You playlist
12. Little Miss Fortune playlist
13. Love Me Somebody playlist
14. Runnin' With The Pack playlist
15. Smokin' 45 (Original Unused Track) playlist
16. Superstar Woman playlist
17. Sweet Lil' Sister playlist
18. The Way That It Goes playlist
19. Tracking Down A Runaway playlist
20. What About You playlist
21. Whiskey Bottle (Single Mix) playlist

Album Lyrics: In Concert [2008]

Bad Company
"In Concert [2008]"

1. All Right Now playlist
2. Burnin' Sky playlist
3. Joe Fabulous playlist

Album Lyrics: Straight Shooter [1975]

Bad Company
"Straight Shooter [1975]"

1. Anna playlist
2. Call On Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Live At Wembley [2011]

Bad Company
"Live At Wembley [2011]"

1. Bad Company playlist
2. Can't Get Enough playlist
3. Deal With The Preacher playlist
4. Electric Land playlist
5. Feel Like Makin' Love playlist
6. Gone, Gone, Gone playlist
7. Honey Child playlist
8. Movin' On playlist
9. Ready For Love playlist
10. Rock And Roll Fantasy playlist
11. Seagull playlist
12. Shooting Star playlist
13. Simple Man playlist
14. Young Blood playlist

Album Lyrics: Dangerous Age [1988]

Bad Company
"Dangerous Age [1988]"

1. Bad Man playlist
2. Dangerous Age playlist
3. Dirty Boy playlist
4. Love Attack playlist
5. One Night playlist
6. Rock Of America playlist
7. Shake It Up playlist
8. Something About You playlist

Album Lyrics: Rough Diamonds [1982]

Bad Company
"Rough Diamonds [1982]"

1. Ballad Of The Band playlist
2. Kickdown playlist
3. Nuthin' On The Tv playlist
4. Old Mexico playlist
5. Painted Face playlist
6. Racetrack playlist

Album Lyrics: Here Comes Trouble [1992]

Bad Company
"Here Comes Trouble [1992]"

1. Both Feet In The Water playlist
2. Brokenhearted playlist
3. Little Angel playlist
4. My Only One playlist
5. Stranger Than Fiction playlist
6. This Could Be The One playlist
7. What About You playlist

Album Lyrics: Fame And Fortune [1986]

Bad Company
"Fame And Fortune [1986]"

1. Burning Up playlist
2. Fame And Fortune playlist
3. Hold On My Heart playlist
4. If I'm Sleeping playlist
5. Long Walk playlist
6. Tell It Like It Is playlist
7. That Girl playlist
8. This Love playlist
9. Valerie playlist
10. When We Made Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Desolation Angels [1979]

Bad Company
"Desolation Angels [1979]"

1. Crazy Circles playlist
2. Early In The Morning playlist
3. Lonely For Your Love playlist
4. She Brings Me Love playlist
5. Take The Time playlist

Album Lyrics: Bad Company [1974]

Bad Company
"Bad Company [1974]"

1. Don't Let Me Down playlist
2. The Way I Choose playlist

Album Lyrics: Original Bad Company Anthology [1999]

Bad Company
"Original Bad Company Anthology [1999]"

1. Downhill Ryder playlist
2. Evil Wind playlist
3. Good Lovin' Gone Bad playlist
4. Oh, Atlanta playlist
5. Rhythm Machine playlist
6. Untie The Knot playlist

Album Lyrics: Stories Told And Untold [1996]

Bad Company
"Stories Told And Untold [1996]"

1. Downpour In Cairo playlist
2. Is That All There Is To Love playlist
3. Love So Strong playlist
4. One On One playlist
5. Waiting On Love playlist
6. Weep No More playlist
7. You're Never Alone playlist

Album Lyrics: Burnin' Sky [2008]

Bad Company
"Burnin' Sky [2008]"

1. Everything I Need playlist
2. Heartbeat playlist
3. Knapsack playlist
4. Leaving You playlist
5. Like Water playlist
6. Man Needs Woman playlist
7. Master Of Ceremony playlist
8. Morning Sun playlist
9. Passing Time playlist
10. Peace Of Mind playlist
11. Too Bad playlist

Album Lyrics: What You Hear Is What You Get (Live) [1993]

Bad Company
"What You Hear Is What You Get (Live) [1993]"

1. Here Comes Trouble playlist
2. Holy Water playlist
3. How About That playlist
4. If You Needed Somebody playlist
5. No Smoke Without A Fire playlist
6. Take This Town playlist

Album Lyrics: Live Albuquerque Nm Usa 1976 [2006]

Bad Company
"Live Albuquerque Nm Usa 1976 [2006]"

1. Live For The Music playlist
2. Wild Fire Woman playlist

Album Lyrics: Extended Versions [2011]

Bad Company
"Extended Versions [2011]"

1. Rock Steady playlist

Album Lyrics: In Concert: Merchants Of Cool [2002]

Bad Company
"In Concert: Merchants Of Cool [2002]"

1. Silver, Blue, and Gold playlist