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Fool's Garden
Album Lyrics: Lemon Tree [1995]

Lemon Tree

Fool's Garden
"Lemon Tree"

0. Lemon Tree playlist

Album Lyrics: Dish of the Day

Fool's Garden
"Dish of the Day"

1. Ordinary Man playlist
2. Meanwhile playlist
3. Lemon Tree playlist
4. Pieces playlist
5. Take Me playlist
6. Wild Days playlist
7. Seal playlist
8. Autumn playlist
9. Tocsin playlist
10. Finally playlist
11. One Fine Day playlist

Album Lyrics: Go & Ask Peggy for the Principal Thing

Fool's Garden
"Go & Ask Peggy for the Principal Thing"

1. The Principal Thing playlist
2. Emily playlist
3. Why Did She Go? playlist
4. Why Am I Sad Today playlist
5. Martha My Dear playlist
6. And You Say playlist
7. Probably playlist
8. Nothing playlist
9. When The Moon Kisses Town playlist
10. Rainy Day playlist
11. Northern Town playlist
12. Good Night playlist

Album Lyrics: For Sale

Fool's Garden
"For Sale"

1. Who Are You playlist
2. Allright playlist
3. Suzy playlist
4. Missing playlist
5. Save Me playlist
6. She's So Happy to Be playlist
7. It Can Happen playlist
8. Interlude playlist
9. In the Name playlist
10. Still playlist
11. Pure playlist
12. Monday Morning Girl playlist
13. Noone's Song playlist
14. Happy playlist