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Soul Asylum
Album Lyrics: Grave Dancer's Union [1992]

Soul Asylum
"Grave Dancer's Union [1992]"

1. 99percent playlist
2. Get On Out playlist
3. Growing Into You playlist
4. Keep It Up playlist
5. New World playlist
6. The Sun Maid playlist

Album Lyrics: Made to Be Broken [1989]

Soul Asylum
"Made to Be Broken [1989]"

1. Ain't That Tough playlist
2. Growing Pain playlist
3. Made to Be Broken playlist
4. New Feelings playlist
5. Whoa playlist

Album Lyrics: And the Horses They Rode In On

Soul Asylum
"And the Horses They Rode In On"

1. All the Kings Friends playlist
2. Gullibles Travels playlist

Album Lyrics: Closer To The Stars: Best Of The Twin Tone Years [2007]

Soul Asylum
"Closer To The Stars: Best Of The Twin Tone Years [2007]"

1. Another World, Another Day playlist
2. Can't Go Back playlist
3. Closer To The Stars playlist
4. Freaks playlist
5. Long Way Home playlist
6. Miracle Mile playlist
7. Never Really Been playlist
8. Ship of Fools playlist
9. Stranger playlist
10. Tied to the Tracks playlist

Album Lyrics: Super Hits [2008]

Soul Asylum
"Super Hits [2008]"

1. April Fool playlist
2. Homesick playlist
3. I Did My Best playlist
4. Promises Broken playlist

Album Lyrics: Clam Dip & Other Delights

Soul Asylum
"Clam Dip & Other Delights"

1. Artificial Heart playlist
2. Chains playlist
3. Just Plain Evil playlist
4. P-9 playlist
5. Secret No More playlist
6. Take It to the Root playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Soul Asylum

Soul Asylum
"Other Songs - Soul Asylum"

1. Barstool Blues playlist
2. Easy To Avoid playlist
3. Fearless Leader playlist
4. Freak Accident playlist
5. Freeway playlist
6. I Should Have Stayed In Bed playlist
7. Lately playlist
8. Lucky One playlist
9. Miss This playlist
10. Nowhere To Go playlist
11. Oxygen playlist
12. Some Obsessions playlist
13. Stand Up And Be Strong playlist
14. Straight Up playlist
15. The Break playlist
16. True Believer playlist
17. Wandering Eyes playlist
18. What's The Use playlist
19. You'll Live For Now playlist
20. Success Is Not So Sweet playlist
21. Sun Don't Shine playlist

Album Lyrics: Welcome To The Minority: The A&m Years 1988-1991 [2007]

Soul Asylum
"Welcome To The Minority: The A&m Years 1988-1991 [2007]"

1. Be On Your Way playlist
2. Beggars and Choosers playlist
3. Bitter Pill playlist
4. Brand New Shine playlist
5. Cartoon playlist
6. Down On Up to Me playlist
7. Easy Street playlist
8. Endless Farewell playlist
9. Grounded playlist
10. Jack Of All Trades playlist
11. Little Too Clean playlist
12. Marionette playlist
13. Nice Guys (Don't Get Paid) playlist
14. Ode playlist
15. Put The Bone In playlist
16. Something Out of Nothing playlist
17. Sometime to Return playlist
18. Spinnin' playlist
19. Standing In the Doorway playlist
20. Twiddly Dee playlist
21. Veil of Tears playlist

Album Lyrics: Let Your Dim Light Shine

Soul Asylum
"Let Your Dim Light Shine"

1. Bittersweetheart playlist
2. Caged Rat playlist
3. Crawl playlist
4. Eyes Of A Child playlist
5. Nothing to Write Home About playlist
6. Tell Me When playlist
7. To My Own Devices playlist

Album Lyrics: Say What You Will, Clarence...Karl Sold the Truck [1989]

Soul Asylum
"Say What You Will, Clarence...Karl Sold the Truck [1989]"

1. Black and Blue playlist
2. Broken Glass playlist
3. Happy playlist
4. Long Day playlist
5. Money Talks playlist
6. Religiavision playlist
7. Sick of That Song playlist
8. Spacehead playlist
9. Voodoo Doll playlist
10. Walking playlist

Album Lyrics: After The Flood: Live From The Grand Forks Prom June 28, 1998 [2008]

Soul Asylum
"After The Flood: Live From The Grand Forks Prom June 28, 1998 [2008]"

1. Black Gold playlist
2. Just Like Anyone playlist
3. Losin' It playlist
4. Misery playlist
5. Runaway Train playlist
6. School's Out playlist
7. See You Later playlist
8. Sexual Healing playlist
9. Somebody To Shove playlist
10. The Game playlist
11. To Sir With Love playlist
12. We 3 playlist
13. Without A Trace playlist

Album Lyrics: Candy From A Stranger [1998]

Soul Asylum
"Candy From A Stranger [1998]"

1. Blood Into Wine playlist
2. Cradle Chain playlist
3. Creatures of Habit playlist
4. Draggin' the Lake playlist
5. Lies of Hate playlist
6. New York Blackout playlist
7. No Time For Waiting playlist

Album Lyrics: Delayed Reaction [2012]

Soul Asylum
"Delayed Reaction [2012]"

1. By the Way playlist
2. Gravity playlist
3. The Juice playlist

Album Lyrics: Black Gold: The Best of Soul Asylum [2000]

Soul Asylum
"Black Gold: The Best of Soul Asylum [2000]"

1. Can't Even Tell playlist
2. Lonely For You playlist
3. String Of Pearls playlist
4. Summer of Drugs playlist

Album Lyrics: Runaway Train [2001]

Soul Asylum
"Runaway Train [2001]"

1. Close playlist
2. Hopes Up playlist
3. Shut Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Runaway Train (EP)

Soul Asylum
"Runaway Train (EP)"

1. Everybody Loves A Winner playlist

Album Lyrics: Baseketball: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrac [1998]

Soul Asylum
"Baseketball: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrac [1998]"

1. I Will Still Be Laughing playlist

Album Lyrics: While You Were Out [1989]

Soul Asylum
"While You Were Out [1989]"

1. Never Too Soon playlist
2. No Mans Land playlist
3. Passing Sad Daydream playlist