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Old 97s
Album Lyrics: King of the Hill Soundtrack [1999]

Old 97s
"King of the Hill Soundtrack [1999]"

1. 13. El Paso playlist

Album Lyrics: Hitchhike to Rhome [1994]

Old 97s
"Hitchhike to Rhome [1994]"

1. 504 playlist
2. Desperate Times playlist
3. Drowning in the Days playlist
4. Hands Off playlist
5. If My Heart Was A Car playlist
6. Ken's Polka Thing playlist
7. Mama Tried playlist
8. Miss Molly playlist
9. St. Ignatius playlist
10. Stoned playlist
11. Tupelo County Jail playlist
12. Wish the Worst playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Old 97s

Old 97s
"Other Songs - Old 97s"

1. A State Of Texas playlist
2. Brown Haired Daughter playlist
3. Champaign, Illinois playlist
4. Every Night Is Friday Night playlist
5. Firefly playlist
6. Holy Cross playlist
7. Ivy playlist
8. Let The Whiskey Take The Reins playlist
9. Love Is What You Are playlist
10. Making Love To You playlist
11. My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin' playlist
12. Perfume playlist
13. Please Hold On While The Train Is Moving playlist
14. The Beauty Marks playlist
15. The Dance Class playlist
16. The Grand Theatre playlist
17. Victoria (a.k.a. Victoria Lee) playlist
18. You Smoke Too Much playlist
19. You Were Born To Be In Battle playlist

Album Lyrics: Drag It Up [2004]

Old 97s
"Drag It Up [2004]"

1. Adelaide playlist
2. Blinding Sheets of Rain playlist
3. Bloomington playlist
4. Borrowed Bride playlist
5. Coahuila playlist
6. Friends Forever playlist
7. In the Satellite Rides a Star playlist
8. Moonlight playlist
9. No Mother playlist
10. Smokers playlist
11. The New Kid playlist
12. Valium Waltz playlist
13. Won't Be Home playlist

Album Lyrics: Fight Songs [1999]

Old 97s
"Fight Songs [1999]"

1. Alone So Far playlist
2. Busted Afternoon playlist
3. Crash on the Barrelhead playlist
4. Indefinitely playlist
5. Jagged playlist
6. Let the Idiot Speak playlist
7. Lonely Holiday playlist
8. Murder (Or a Heart Attack) playlist
9. Nineteen playlist
10. Oppenheimer playlist
11. Valentine playlist
12. What We Talk About playlist

Album Lyrics: Satellite Rides [2001]

Old 97s
"Satellite Rides [2001]"

1. Am I Too Late? playlist
2. Bird In A Cage playlist
3. Buick City Complex playlist
4. Can't Get a Line playlist
5. Designs On You playlist
6. King of all the World playlist
7. Nervous Guy playlist
8. Question playlist
9. Rollerskate Skinny playlist
10. Up the Devil's Pay playlist
11. Weightless playlist
12. What I Wouldn't Do playlist

Album Lyrics: Too Far To Care [1997]

Old 97s
"Too Far To Care [1997]"

1. Barrier Reef playlist
2. Big Brown Eyes playlist
3. Broadway playlist
4. Curtain Calls playlist
5. Four Leaf Clover playlist
6. House That Used to Be playlist
7. Just Like California playlist
8. Melt Show playlist
9. Niteclub playlist
10. Salome playlist
11. Streets of Where I'm From playlist
12. Timebomb playlist
13. W. Tx Teardrops playlist

Album Lyrics: Wreck Your Life [1995]

Old 97s
"Wreck Your Life [1995]"

1. Bel Air playlist
2. Doreen playlist
3. Dressing Room Walls playlist
4. Going, Going, Gone playlist
5. Old Familiar Steam playlist
6. Over the Cliff playlist
7. The Other Shoe playlist
8. Victoria playlist
9. You Belong to My Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: Turn the Power On [2001]

Old 97s
"Turn the Power On [2001]"

1. Book of Poems playlist

Album Lyrics: Blame it on Gravity [2008]

Old 97s
"Blame it on Gravity [2008]"

1. Dance With Me playlist
2. Here's To The Halcyon playlist
3. Ride playlist
4. She Loves The Sunset playlist
5. The Easy Way playlist
6. The Fool playlist

Album Lyrics: Early Tracks [EP] [2000]

Old 97s
"Early Tracks [EP] [2000]"

1. Cryin' Drunk playlist
2. Eyes for You playlist
3. Harold's Super Service playlist
4. Let the Train Whistle Blow playlist
5. Por Favor playlist
6. Ray Charles playlist
7. W-I-F-E playlist

Album Lyrics: Satellite Rides Bonus Disk Insert [2001]

Old 97s
"Satellite Rides Bonus Disk Insert [2001]"

1. Singular Girl playlist