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Devendra Banhart
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart
"Other Songs - Devendra Banhart"

1. Anchor playlist
2. Angelika playlist
3. Baby playlist
4. Cristobal Risquez playlist
5. First Song For B playlist
6. I Do Dig A Certain Girl playlist
7. London, London playlist
8. Sawkill River playlist
9. Sea Side playlist
10. The Other Woman playlist
11. Tick Eats The Olive playlist
12. Tit Smoking In The Temple Of Artesan Mimicry playlist
13. When They Come playlist

Album Lyrics: Mala [2013]

Devendra Banhart
"Mala [2013]"

1. A Gain playlist
2. Für Hildegard Von Bingen playlist
3. Golden Girls playlist
4. Hatchet Wound playlist
5. Mala playlist
6. Mi Negrita playlist
7. Never Seen Such Good Things playlist
8. Taurobolium playlist
9. Won't You Come Home playlist
10. Your Fine Petting Duck playlist

Album Lyrics: Niño Rojo [2004]

Devendra Banhart
"Niño Rojo [2004]"

1. A Ribbon playlist
2. An Island playlist
3. At the Hop playlist
4. Ay Mama playlist
5. Be Kind playlist
6. HorseheadedfleshWizard playlist
7. Little Yellow Spider playlist
8. My Ships playlist
9. Noah playlist
10. Owl Eyes playlist
11. Sister playlist
12. The Electric Heart playlist
13. The Good Red Road playlist
14. Wake Up, Little Spider playlist
15. Water May Walk playlist
16. We All Know playlist

Album Lyrics: Rejoicing in the Hands [2004]

Devendra Banhart
"Rejoicing in the Hands [2004]"

1. A Sight to Behold playlist
2. Autumn's Child playlist
3. Dogs They Make Up the Dark playlist
4. Fall playlist
5. Insect Eyes playlist
6. Poughkeepsie playlist
7. Rejoicing In the Hands playlist
8. See Saw playlist
9. The Body Breaks playlist
10. There Was Sun playlist
11. This Beard is for Siobhan playlist
12. This Is the Way playlist
13. Todo los Dolores playlist
14. When the Sun Shone on Vetiver playlist
15. Will Is My Friend playlist

Album Lyrics: Oh Me Oh My... [2002]

Devendra Banhart
"Oh Me Oh My... [2002]"

1. Animals In My Play playlist
2. Gentle Soul playlist
3. Happy Happy Oh playlist
4. Hey Miss Cain playlist
5. Legless Love Snail Along playlist
6. Lend Me Your Teeth playlist
7. Little Monkey playlist
8. Make It Easier playlist
9. Marigold playlist
10. Michigan State playlist
11. Nice People playlist
12. Ones playlist
13. Pumokin Seeds playlist
14. Roots (If The Sky Were a Stone) playlist
15. Soon Is Good playlist
16. Tell Me Something playlist
17. The Red Lagoon playlist
18. The Spirit Is Near playlist
19. Thumbs Touch Too Much playlist

Album Lyrics: Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon [2007]

Devendra Banhart
"Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon [2007]"

1. Bad Girl playlist
2. Carmencita playlist
3. Freely playlist
4. I Remember playlist
5. Rosa playlist
6. Samba Vexillographica playlist
7. Seahorse playlist
8. Shabop Shalom playlist
9. So Long Old Bean playlist
10. Tonada Yanomaminista playlist

Album Lyrics: The Black Babies [2003]

Devendra Banhart
"The Black Babies [2003]"

1. Bluebird playlist
2. Cosmos and Demos playlist
3. Lagoon playlist
4. Long Song playlist
5. Old Thunderbird playlist
6. Onward the Indian playlist
7. Surgery I Stole playlist
8. The Charles C. Leary playlist

Album Lyrics: Cripple Crow [2005]

Devendra Banhart
"Cripple Crow [2005]"

1. Canela playlist
2. Chinese Children playlist
3. Cripple Crow playlist
4. Dragonflys playlist
5. Heard Somebody Say playlist
6. Hey Mama Wolf playlist
7. Hows ABout Tellin' a Story playlist
8. I Feel Just Like A Child playlist
9. I Love That Man playlist
10. Inaniel playlist
11. Korean Dogwood playlist
12. Lazy Butterfly playlist
13. Little Boys playlist
14. Long-Haired Child playlist
15. Luna de Margarita playlist
16. Now That I Know playlist
17. Quedate Luna playlist
18. Queen Bee playlist
19. Santa Maria Da Feira playlist
20. Some People Ride the Wave playlist
21. The Beatles playlist