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Caedmon's Call
Album Lyrics: 40 Acres [1999]

Caedmon's Call
"40 Acres [1999]"

1. 40 Acres playlist
2. Climb On (A Back That's Strong) playlist
3. Daring Daylight Escape playlist
4. Faith My Eyes playlist
5. Petrified Heart playlist
6. Shifting Sand playlist
7. Somewhere North playlist
8. Table for Two playlist
9. Thankful playlist
10. There You Go playlist
11. Where I Began playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Caedmon's Call

Caedmon's Call
"Other Songs - Caedmon's Call"

1. All Across The Western World playlist
2. All I Know playlist
3. All My Life playlist
4. Almost Gone playlist
5. Always Been There playlist
6. April Showers playlist
7. Caedmon's Medley playlist
8. Clean Am I playlist
9. Communion playlist
10. Covenant Song playlist
11. Crooked Deep Down playlist
12. Derek Serenading Bebo playlist
13. Excerpt... playlist
14. Expectations playlist
15. Famous Last Words playlist
16. Glory Glory Lord (Live) playlist
17. Great And Mighty playlist
18. Hold The Light playlist
19. I Surrender All playlist
20. I Waited (Live) playlist
21. I Will Sing playlist
22. If We Are The Body playlist
23. In God's Country playlist
24. In The Shadow playlist
25. It's Gotta Rain playlist
26. Jar Of Clay playlist
27. Ju Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni (Can't Lose You) playlist
28. Let Me Be playlist
29. Majesty playlist
30. My Calm // Your Storm playlist
31. Open Letter playlist
32. Potiphar's Door playlist
33. Sacred playlist
34. Sound Check playlist
35. Staircase (Live) playlist
36. Start Again playlist
37. Suicidal Stones playlist
38. Ten Thousand Angels playlist
39. The Lord Is In His Holy Temple playlist
40. The Rich Song playlist
41. The Truth playlist
42. There Is A Reason playlist
43. There's A Stirring playlist
44. Too Tender playlist
45. Trouble playlist
46. Wedding Dress playlist
47. What Child Is This? playlist

Album Lyrics: Share the Well [2004]

Caedmon's Call
"Share the Well [2004]"

1. All I Need (Did Not Catch Her Name) playlist
2. Bombay Rain playlist
3. Dalit Hymn playlist
4. International Love Song playlist
5. Intro playlist
6. Jenny Farza playlist
7. Los Hermanos Count Off playlist
8. Mirzapur Group playlist
9. Mother India playlist
10. Punjabi Group with Joseph d'Souza playlist
11. Sarala playlist
12. Share the Well playlist
13. The Innocent's Corner playlist
14. The Roses playlist
15. There's Only One (Holy One) playlist
16. Volcano Land playlist
17. Wings of the Morning playlist

Album Lyrics: Propska One [1998]

Caedmon's Call
"Propska One [1998]"

1. Another Ten Miles playlist

Album Lyrics: Back Home [2003]

Caedmon's Call
"Back Home [2003]"

1. Awake My Soul playlist
2. Beautiful Mystery playlist
3. Hands of the Potter playlist
4. Manner and Means playlist
5. Mystery of Mercy playlist
6. Never Gonna Let Go playlist
7. Only Hope playlist
8. The Emptiest Day playlist
9. The High Countries playlist
10. The Kingdom playlist
11. Thousand Miles playlist
12. Walk With Me playlist
13. You Created playlist

Album Lyrics: Long Line of Leavers [2000]

Caedmon's Call
"Long Line of Leavers [2000]"

1. Ballad of San Francisco playlist
2. Can't Lose You playlist
3. Dance playlist
4. Love Alone playlist
5. Love Is Different playlist
6. Masquerade playlist
7. Mistake of My Life playlist
8. Piece of Glass playlist
9. Prepare Ye the Way playlist
10. Prove Me Wrong playlist
11. The Only One playlist
12. Valleys Fill First playlist
13. What You Want playlist

Album Lyrics: In the Company of Angels: A Call to Worship [2001]

Caedmon's Call
"In the Company of Angels: A Call to Worship [2001]"

1. Before There Was Time playlist
2. Carry Your Love playlist
3. God of Wonders playlist
4. God Who Saves playlist
5. I Boast No More playlist
6. Laden With Guilt playlist
7. Oh Lord Your Love playlist
8. The Danse playlist
9. Thy Mercy playlist
10. Warrior playlist
11. We Delight playlist
12. Who You Are playlist

Album Lyrics: Caedmon's Call [1997]

Caedmon's Call
"Caedmon's Call [1997]"

1. Bus Driver playlist
2. Center Aisle playlist
3. Close of Autumn playlist
4. Coming Home playlist
5. Hope To Carry On playlist
6. I Just Don't Want Coffee playlist
7. Lead of Love playlist
8. Not Enough playlist
9. Not the Land playlist
10. Standing Up for Nothing playlist
11. Stupid Kid playlist
12. This World playlist