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Obie Trice
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Obie Trice

Obie Trice
"Other Songs - Obie Trice"

1. 8 Miles playlist
2. Adrenaline Rush playlist
3. Average Man playlist
4. Average Man (Intro) playlist
5. Bad Bitch playlist
6. Body Guard F/ Dr Dre & Eminem playlist
7. Cheers playlist
8. Cheers (Ew Yeh) playlist
9. Come Down playlist
10. Don't Come Down (Edited) playlist
11. Dope, Jobs Homeless playlist
12. Follow Me playlist
13. Follow My Life playlist
14. Go 2 Sleep playlist
15. Got Some Teeth playlist
16. Got Some Teeth (My Favorite Song) playlist
17. Hands On You playlist
18. Hands On You (Ft. Eminem) playlist
19. Hey Lady Ft Eminem playlist
20. Hey... Lady playlist
21. Hoodrats playlist
22. Just An Average Man playlist
23. Lady playlist
24. Lady Ft. Eminem playlist
25. Look In My Eyes playlist
26. Luv Me playlist
27. Mr. Trice playlist
28. Never Foget Ya playlist
29. Never Forget Ya playlist
30. Oh playlist
31. Oh! (Feat Busta Rhymes) playlist
32. Outro playlist
33. Rap Name playlist
34. Rap Name Remix-Ft. Keith Murray playlist
35. Shit Hits The Fan playlist
36. Spread Yo Shit playlist
37. The Set Up playlist
38. The Set Up (Remix) Featuring Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks playlist
39. The Set Up (Remix)-Featuring Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks playlist
40. The Set Up Remix playlist
41. The Set Up Remix (Featuring Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks, playlist
42. The Set Up Remix (Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks, Nate Dogg playlist
43. The Set Up Remix- Featuring Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks, playlist
44. The Set Up-Remix Featuring Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks, playlist
45. The Set-Up (Radio 1 Edit) playlist
46. We All Die One Day playlist
47. Welcome To Detroit City (Benzino Diss) playlist
48. When Shit Hits The Fan playlist

Album Lyrics: Bottoms Up [2012]

Obie Trice
"Bottoms Up [2012]"

1. Bottoms Up (Intro) playlist
2. Going Nowhere playlist
3. Dear Lord playlist
4. I Pretend playlist
5. Richard playlist
6. Bme Up playlist
7. Battle Cry playlist
8. Secrets playlist
9. Spill My Drink playlist
10. Spend The Day playlist
11. Petty playlist
12. My Time playlist
13. Ups & Downs playlist
14. Hell Yeah playlist
15. Crazy playlist
16. Lebron On playlist

Album Lyrics: Cheers [2003]

Obie Trice
"Cheers [2003]"

1. Average Man playlist
2. Cheers playlist
3. Got Some Teeth playlist
4. Lady playlist
5. Don't Come Down playlist
6. The Set Up playlist
7. Bad Bitch playlist
8. Shit Hits The Fan playlist
9. Follow My Life playlist
10. We All Die One Day playlist
11. Spread Yo Shit playlist
12. Look In My Eyes playlist
13. Hands On You playlist
14. Hoodrats playlist
15. Oh! playlist
16. Never Forget Ya playlist
17. Outro playlist
18. Synopsis playlist

Album Lyrics: Second Round's on Me [2006]

Obie Trice
"Second Round's on Me [2006]"

1. Wake Up playlist
2. Violent playlist
3. Wanna Know playlist
4. Lay Down playlist
5. Snitch playlist
6. Cry Now playlist
7. Ballad of Obie Trice playlist
8. Jamaican Girl playlist
9. Kill Me a Mutha playlist
10. Out Of State playlist
11. All Of My Life playlist
12. Ghetto playlist
13. There They Go playlist
14. Mama playlist
15. 24's playlist
16. Everywhere I Go playlist
17. Obie Story playlist

Album Lyrics: Special Reserve [2009]

Obie Trice
"Special Reserve [2009]"

1. Welcome playlist
2. Got Hungry playlist
3. You've Been Slain playlist
4. On & On playlist
5. I Am playlist
6. 4 Stories playlist
7. Roughnecks playlist
8. Cool Cats playlist
9. What You Want playlist
10. Jack My Dick playlist
11. Dope, Jobs Homeless playlist