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Album Lyrics: Mental Jewelry [1991]

"Mental Jewelry [1991]"

1. 10,000 Years (Peace Is Now) playlist
2. Brothers Unaware playlist
3. Good Pain playlist
4. Mirror Song playlist
5. Mother Earth Is A Vicious Crowd playlist
6. Take My Anthem playlist
7. Tired Of 'Me' playlist
8. Waterboy playlist
9. You Are The World playlist

Album Lyrics: Songs from Black Mountain [2006]

"Songs from Black Mountain [2006]"

1. All I Need playlist
2. Get Ready playlist
3. Home playlist
4. Love Shines (A Song For My Daughters About God) playlist
5. Mystery playlist
6. Night Of Nights playlist
7. Show playlist
8. Sofia playlist
9. Where Do We Go From Here? playlist
10. Wings playlist
11. You Are Not Alone playlist

Album Lyrics: Live at the Paradiso Amsterdam [2008]

"Live at the Paradiso Amsterdam [2008]"

1. All Over You playlist
2. Dance With You playlist
3. Forever playlist
4. Heaven playlist
5. I Alone playlist
6. I Walk The Line (Johnny Cash cover) playlist
7. Lakini's Juice playlist
8. Lightning Crashes playlist
9. Operation Spirit (The Tyranny Of Tradition) playlist
10. Overcome playlist
11. Purifier playlist
12. Selling The Drama playlist
13. Simple Creed playlist
14. The Dolphin's Cry playlist
15. The River playlist
16. Turn My Head playlist

Album Lyrics: The Death Of A Dictionary [1989]

"The Death Of A Dictionary [1989]"

1. Ball And Chain playlist
2. Libra playlist
3. Morning Humour playlist
4. Paper Flowers playlist
5. Raising A Man playlist
6. Saviour For A Day playlist
7. Sister playlist
8. The Hands Of A Teacher playlist
9. Who Put The Fear In Here? playlist

Album Lyrics: Radiant Sea (bootleg rarities and two new songs) [2007]

"Radiant Sea (bootleg rarities and two new songs) [2007]"

1. Beautiful Invisible playlist
2. Nobody Knows playlist
3. Pillar Of Davidson playlist
4. Radiant Sea playlist
5. Shit Towne playlist
6. Sweet Release playlist
7. The Beauty Of Gray playlist
8. The Distance playlist

Album Lyrics: Throwing Copper [1994]

"Throwing Copper [1994]"

1. Bonus Track (Horse) playlist
2. Iris playlist
3. Stage playlist
4. T.B.D. playlist
5. The Dam At Otter Creek playlist
6. Top playlist
7. Waitress playlist
8. White, Discussion playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Live

"Other Songs - Live"

1. Born Branded (unreleased) playlist
2. Cheetah (unreleased) playlist
3. Dealing Dreams playlist
4. Deeper (unreleased) playlist
5. Don't Wait (unreleased) playlist
6. Hold Me Up playlist
7. Indie Hair playlist
8. Let Me Be Your Saviour... playlist
9. Lift Me Up (unreleased) playlist
10. Love My Way playlist
11. Still Aroused (unreleased) playlist
12. Supernatural (Vic Chesnutt cover) playlist
13. Susquehanna (unreleased) playlist
14. Unsheated playlist
15. Untitled playlist
16. Vine Street (unreleased) playlist
17. Walk Into This Room playlist

Album Lyrics: Birds of Pray [2003]

"Birds of Pray [2003]"

1. Bring The People Together playlist
2. Everytime I See Your Face playlist
3. Life Marches On playlist
4. Lighthouse playlist
5. Like I Do playlist
6. Out To Dry playlist
7. River Town playlist
8. Run Away playlist
9. She playlist
10. The Sanctity Of Dreams playlist
11. What Are We Fighting For playlist

Album Lyrics: V [2001]

"V [2001]"

1. Call Me A Fool playlist
2. Deep Enough playlist
3. Flow playlist
4. Forever May Not Be Long Enough playlist
5. Hero Of Love playlist
6. Intro playlist
7. Like A Soldier playlist
8. Ok? playlist
9. People Like You playlist
10. The Ride playlist
11. Transmit Your Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Secret Samadhi [1997]

"Secret Samadhi [1997]"

1. Century playlist
2. Freaks playlist
3. Gas Hed Goes West playlist
4. Ghost playlist
5. Graze playlist
6. Heropsychodreamer playlist
7. Insomnia And The Hole In The Universe playlist
8. Merica playlist
9. Rattlesnake playlist
10. Unsheathed playlist

Album Lyrics: The Distance To Here [1999]

"The Distance To Here [1999]"

1. Face And Ghost (The Children's Song) playlist
2. Feel The Quiet River Rage playlist
3. Meltdown playlist
4. Sparkle playlist
5. Sun playlist
6. They Stood Up For Love playlist
7. Voodoo Lady playlist
8. We Walk In The Dream playlist
9. Where Fishes Go playlist

Album Lyrics: Four Songs [1991]

"Four Songs [1991]"

1. Heaven Wore A Shirt playlist
2. Negation playlist

Album Lyrics: Awake, The Best of LIVE [2004]

"Awake, The Best of LIVE [2004]"

1. Pain Lies On The Riverside playlist
2. Run Away (with Shelby Lynne) playlist
3. Run To The Water playlist
4. We Deal In Dreams playlist