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Album Lyrics: Musical Differences [1998]

"Musical Differences [1998]"

1. (Sugar And Space) playlist
2. Everybody's Making Plans playlist
3. Friction playlist
4. How Late Is Too Late? playlist
5. Idiot's Delight playlist
6. Love MF playlist
7. My Worst Friend playlist
8. Shining playlist
9. Tie Me Up playlist
10. TV-Night playlist
11. Two Of These Days playlist
12. Welcome Back Home playlist

Album Lyrics: Slammer! [1988]

"Slammer! [1988]"

1. 23 B.C. playlist
2. Bughouse Baby playlist
3. Crusade (Gonna Start A Fire) playlist
4. Gamma Gamma Hey! playlist
5. It's So Cold Without A Gun playlist
6. Pigvalley Beach playlist
7. Scales To Skin playlist
8. Snakepit Rebel playlist
9. Wasting Time playlist
10. What Fucking Vibrations? playlist
11. What You Are Is What You Get playlist

Album Lyrics: Stereo [1995]

"Stereo [1995]"

1. A Safetybelt For Suzie playlist
2. Anxiety, Coke And Chocolate Bars playlist
3. Black Dog Mood playlist
4. Bossanova Death Trip playlist
5. Buy Now, Pay Forever playlist
6. Exit playlist
7. Freezer playlist
8. God Save Technology playlist
9. I Don't Wanna Talk About The Weather Anymore playlist
10. I Guess I'm OK playlist
11. I'm Gone playlist
12. Iggy Was A Farmer playlist
13. It Really Doesn't Matter Now playlist
14. Jetslide playlist
15. Kickelkum playlist
16. Lose Control playlist
17. Next To Nothing playlist
18. No Place To Land playlist
19. Out Of The Void playlist
20. Ride The Jackhammer playlist
21. The Big Shakedown playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Sator

"Other Songs - Sator"

1. A Song To You playlist
2. About Eva playlist
3. All Up To You playlist
4. Ask The Shadows playlist
5. Burn Out playlist
6. Dance To The Rocket From The Crypt playlist
7. Dog Day Afternoon playlist
8. Even As We Speak playlist
9. Find The Time playlist
10. Halter Top playlist
11. Hey You! playlist
12. If You Could See Me Now playlist
13. In Bed Without Madonna playlist
14. Long Hot Summer playlist
15. Love All, Serve All playlist
16. Nothing Hurts playlist
17. Sleep playlist
18. Smoke Screen playlist
19. So Much Time, So Little To Do playlist
20. Sonny Is A Bad Guy playlist
21. This Side Of Nowhere playlist
22. Time And Distance playlist
23. Too Much Trouble playlist
24. What Do You Want? playlist
25. White Trash (Halter Top Pt. 2) playlist
26. You Got It All Wrong playlist

Album Lyrics: Stock Rocker Nuts [1990]

"Stock Rocker Nuts [1990]"

1. Ain't Seen Nothing playlist
2. Baby Doc Holiday playlist
3. Dog playlist
4. Gruesome Sunday Morning playlist
5. Hitch-Hike To Caudine Forks playlist
6. Machine Gun Justice (A Love Song) playlist
7. No Reason playlist
8. Restless Again playlist
9. Rise Again playlist
10. Sergeant playlist
11. Sideshow Screwballs playlist
12. Turn Off The news playlist
13. World playlist

Album Lyrics: Basement Noise [2006]

"Basement Noise [2006]"

1. Angelina And Sister Ray playlist
2. At The End Of Time playlist
3. Escape From Pigvalley Beach playlist
4. Goodbye Joey playlist
5. No! playlist
6. So Dressed Up playlist
7. The Ghost Of My Control playlist
8. Things You Don't playlist
9. This Ain't The Way Home playlist
10. Water On A Drowning Man playlist
11. You Ain't Nothing To Me playlist
12. You Walk Alone playlist
13. You're Out Of My hands playlist

Album Lyrics: Barbie-Q-Killers Vol. 1 [1994]

"Barbie-Q-Killers Vol. 1 [1994]"

1. Black 'N' White playlist
2. Can't Shake It playlist
3. Dillinger's Brain playlist
4. Do The Dance playlist
5. End Of The World playlist
6. Fuck You playlist
7. Government Official playlist
8. I'll Wait playlist
9. I'm Bugged playlist
10. Kiss Of The Rat playlist
11. M.A.C.H.I.N.E. playlist
12. National Guard playlist
13. No Solution playlist
14. On The Way Down playlist
15. Pay To Play playlist

Album Lyrics: Headquake [1992]

"Headquake [1992]"

1. Bound To Be Good playlist
2. Down playlist
3. Haywire playlist
4. Heyday playlist
5. I Wanna Go Home playlist
6. I'd Rather Drink Than Talk playlist
7. No Time Tomorrow playlist
8. Skyscraper playlist
9. Slug It Out playlist
10. Someone Got Shot playlist
11. Turnpike playlist
12. We're Right, You're Wrong playlist