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Blue Öyster Cult
Album Lyrics: The Music Of Blue Oyster Cult [2010]

Blue Öyster Cult
"The Music Of Blue Oyster Cult [2010]"

1. (Don't Fear) The Reaper playlist
2. 7 Screaming Diz-Busters playlist
3. Black Blade playlist
4. Burnin' For You playlist
5. Career Of Evil playlist
6. Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll playlist
7. Divine Wind playlist
8. Flaming Telepaths playlist
9. Godzilla playlist
10. Goin' Through The Motions playlist
11. I Love The Night playlist
12. In Thee playlist
13. Joan Crawford playlist
14. Mirrors playlist
15. O.D.'d On Life Itself playlist
16. Shooting Shark playlist
17. Stairway To The Stars playlist
18. Take Me Away playlist
19. The Marshall Plan playlist
20. The Revenge Of Vera Gemini playlist
21. Then Came The Last Days Of May playlist
22. This Ain't The Summer Of Love playlist
23. Transmaniacon MC playlist
24. True Confessions playlist
25. Veteran Of The Psychic Wars playlist

Album Lyrics: Triple Feature [2009]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Triple Feature [2009]"

1. After Dark playlist
2. Before The Kiss, A Redcap playlist
3. Don't Turn Your Back playlist
4. Fire Of Unknown Origin playlist
5. Heavy Metal: The Black And Silver playlist
6. I'm On The Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep playlist
7. Redeemed playlist
8. Screams playlist
9. She's As Beautiful As A Foot playlist
10. Workshop Of The Telescopes playlist

Album Lyrics: Singles Collection [2005]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Singles Collection [2005]"

1. Astronomy playlist
2. Fallen Angel playlist
3. Moon Crazy playlist
4. Sinful Love playlist
5. The Red And The Black playlist
6. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place playlist
7. White Flags playlist

Album Lyrics: Tyranny And Mutation [1973]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Tyranny And Mutation [1973]"

1. Baby Ice Dog playlist
2. Mistress Of The Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl) playlist
3. Teen Archer playlist
4. Wings Wetted Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Club Ninja [1986]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Club Ninja [1986]"

1. Beat 'Em Up playlist
2. Dancing In The Ruins playlist
3. Madness To The Method playlist
4. Make Rock Not War playlist
5. Shadow Warrior playlist
6. Spy In The House Of The Night playlist
7. When The War Comes playlist

Album Lyrics: Imaginos [1988]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Imaginos [1988]"

1. Blue Öyster Cult playlist
2. Del Rio's Song playlist
3. I Am The One You Warned Me Of playlist
4. Imaginos playlist
5. In The Presence Of Another World playlist
6. Les Invisibles playlist
7. Magna Of Illusion playlist
8. Siege And Investiture Of Baron Von Frankenstein playlist

Album Lyrics: Secret Treaties [1974]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Secret Treaties [1974]"

1. Cagey Cretins playlist
2. Dominance And Submission playlist

Album Lyrics: Spectres [1977]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Spectres [1977]"

1. Celestial Queen playlist
2. Death Valley Nights playlist
3. Fireworks playlist
4. Golden Age Leather playlist
5. Nostferatu playlist
6. Searchin' For Celine playlist

Album Lyrics: Heaven Forbid [1998]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Heaven Forbid [1998]"

1. Cold Grey Light Of Dawn playlist
2. Power Underneath Despair playlist

Album Lyrics: Heaven Forbid: Cult Classic [2003]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Heaven Forbid: Cult Classic [2003]"

1. Damaged playlist
2. Hammer Back playlist
3. Harvest Moon playlist
4. Harvester Of Eyes playlist
5. Live For Me playlist
6. Real World playlist
7. See You In Black playlist
8. Still Burnin' playlist
9. X-Ray Eyes playlist

Album Lyrics: Extended Versions [2004]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Extended Versions [2004]"

1. Dance On Stilts playlist
2. Lips In The Hills playlist
3. Perfect Water playlist

Album Lyrics: Cultosaurus Erectus [1980]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Cultosaurus Erectus [1980]"

1. Deadline playlist
2. Hungry Boys playlist
3. Monsters playlist
4. Unknown Tounge playlist

Album Lyrics: Agents Of Fortune [1976]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Agents Of Fortune [1976]"

1. Debbie Denise playlist
2. Morning Final playlist
3. Tatoo Vampire playlist
4. Tenderloin playlist

Album Lyrics: Live In America [2007]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Live In America [2007]"

1. Dr. Music playlist
2. Hot Rails To Hell playlist
3. ME 262 playlist

Album Lyrics: The Revolution By Night [1983]

Blue Öyster Cult
"The Revolution By Night [1983]"

1. Dragon Lady playlist
2. Eyes Of Fire playlist
3. Feel The Thunder playlist
4. Let Go playlist
5. Light Years Of Love playlist
6. Shadow Of California playlist
7. Veins playlist

Album Lyrics: Champions Of Rock [1996]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Champions Of Rock [1996]"

1. E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) playlist

Album Lyrics: The Curse Of The Hidden Mirror [2001]

Blue Öyster Cult
"The Curse Of The Hidden Mirror [2001]"

1. Eye Of The Hurricane playlist
2. Good To Feel Hungry playlist
3. Here Comes That Feeling playlist
4. I Just Like To Be Bad playlist
5. One Step Ahead Of The Devil playlist
6. Out Of The Darkness playlist
7. Pocket playlist
8. Showtime playlist
9. Stone Of Love playlist
10. The Old Gods Return playlist

Album Lyrics: Mirrors [1979]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Mirrors [1979]"

1. I Am The Storm playlist
2. Lonely Teardrops playlist
3. The Great Sun Jester playlist
4. The Vigil playlist
5. You're Not The One (I Was Looking For) playlist

Album Lyrics: Workshop Of The Telescopes [1995]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Workshop Of The Telescopes [1995]"

1. Kick Out The Jams playlist
2. Subhuman playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Blue Öyster Cult

Blue Öyster Cult
"Other Songs - Blue Öyster Cult"

1. Manic Depresso playlist

Album Lyrics: Some Enchanted Evening [1978]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Some Enchanted Evening [1978]"

1. R.U. Ready 2 Rock playlist

Album Lyrics: Fire Of Unknown Origin [1981]

Blue Öyster Cult
"Fire Of Unknown Origin [1981]"

1. Sole Survivor playlist
2. Vengeance (The Pact) playlist