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Album Lyrics: The Gathering [1999]

"The Gathering [1999]"

1. 3 Days In Darkness playlist
2. Allegiance playlist
3. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate) playlist
4. Eyes Of Wrath playlist
5. Fall Of Sipledome playlist
6. Hammer Of The Gods playlist
7. Legions Of The Dead playlist
8. Sewn Shut Eyes playlist

Album Lyrics: Dark Roots Of Earth [2012]

"Dark Roots Of Earth [2012]"

1. A Day In The Death playlist
2. Animal Magnetism (Scorpions Cover) playlist
3. Cold Embrace playlist
4. Dark Roots Of Earth playlist
5. Dragon Attack (Queen Cover) playlist
6. Last Stand For Independence playlist
7. Man Kills Mankind playlist
8. Native Blood playlist
9. Powerslave (Iron Maiden Cover) playlist
10. Rise Up playlist
11. Throne Of Thorns playlist
12. Throne Of Thorns (Extended) playlist
13. True American Hate playlist

Album Lyrics: The New Order [1988]

"The New Order [1988]"

1. A Day Of Reckoning playlist
2. Hypnosis playlist
3. Musical Death (A Dirge) playlist
4. Nobody's Fault (Aerosmith Cover) playlist

Album Lyrics: Live At The Fillmore [1995]

"Live At The Fillmore [1995]"

1. A Dirge playlist
2. Apocalyptic City playlist
3. Eerie Inhabitants playlist
4. Hail Mary playlist
5. Return To Serenity (Acoustic) playlist
6. The Legacy (Acoustic) playlist
7. Trail Of Tears (Acoustic) playlist
8. Urotsukidoji playlist

Album Lyrics: Souls Of Black [1990]

"Souls Of Black [1990]"

1. Absence Of Light playlist
2. Beginning Of The End playlist
3. Face In The Sky playlist
4. Falling Fast playlist
5. Love To Hate playlist
6. Malpractice playlist
7. One Man's Fate playlist
8. Seven Days Of May playlist

Album Lyrics: The Formation Of Damnation [2008]

"The Formation Of Damnation [2008]"

1. Afterlife playlist
2. Dangers Of The Faithless playlist
3. F.E.A.R. playlist
4. For The Glory Of... playlist
5. Henchman Ride playlist
6. Killing Season playlist
7. Leave Me Forever playlist
8. More Than Meets The Eye playlist
9. The Evil Has Landed playlist
10. The Formation Of Damnation playlist
11. The Persecuted Won't Forget playlist

Album Lyrics: The Ritual [1992]

"The Ritual [1992]"

1. Agony playlist
2. As The Seasons Grey playlist
3. Deadline playlist
4. So Many Lies playlist
5. The Ritual playlist
6. The Sermon playlist
7. Troubled Dreams playlist

Album Lyrics: Low [1994]

"Low [1994]"

1. All I Could Bleed playlist
2. Chasing Fear playlist
3. Last Call playlist
4. Legions (In Hiding) playlist
5. P. C. playlist
6. Ride playlist
7. Shades Of War playlist
8. Trail Of Tears playlist

Album Lyrics: First Strike Still Deadly [2001]

"First Strike Still Deadly [2001]"

1. Alone In The Dark playlist
2. Burnt Offerings playlist
3. First Strike Is Deadly playlist
4. Reign Of Terror playlist

Album Lyrics: Practice What You Preach [1989]

"Practice What You Preach [1989]"

1. Blessed In Contempt playlist
2. Confusion Fusion playlist
3. Envy Life playlist
4. Greenhouse Effect playlist
5. Nightmare [Coming Back To You] playlist
6. Time Is Coming playlist

Album Lyrics: The Legacy [1987]

"The Legacy [1987]"

1. C.O.T.L.O.D. (Curse Of The Legions Of Death) playlist
2. Do Or Die playlist

Album Lyrics: The Spitfire Collection [2007]

"The Spitfire Collection [2007]"

1. Careful What You Wish For playlist
2. Disciples Of The Watch playlist
3. Down For Life playlist
4. Hatreds Rise playlist
5. Into The Pit playlist
6. John Doe playlist
7. Over The Wall playlist
8. Practice What You Preach playlist
9. Riding The Snake playlist
10. Souls Of Black playlist
11. The Burning Times playlist
12. The New Order playlist
13. The Preacher playlist
14. Trial By Fire playlist

Album Lyrics: Signs Of Chaos - The Best Of Testament [1997]

"Signs Of Chaos - The Best Of Testament [1997]"

1. Demonic Refusal playlist
2. Dog Faced Gods playlist
3. Draw The Line (Aerosmith Cover) playlist
4. Low playlist
5. Perilous Nation playlist
6. Return To Serenity playlist
7. Sails Of Charon (Scorpions Cover) playlist
8. Signs Of Chaos playlist
9. The Ballad playlist

Album Lyrics: Return To The Apocalyptic City [1993]

"Return To The Apocalyptic City [1993]"

1. Disciples Of The Watch (Live) playlist
2. Over The Wall (Live) playlist
3. Return To Serenity (Radio Edit) playlist
4. So Many Lies (Live) playlist
5. The Haunting (Live) playlist

Album Lyrics: Demonic [1997]

"Demonic [1997]"

1. Distorted Lives playlist
2. Jun-Jun playlist
3. Murky Waters playlist
4. New Eyes Of Old playlist
5. Nostrovia playlist
6. Ten Thousand Thrones playlist
7. Together As One playlist

Album Lyrics: Live In London [2005]

"Live In London [2005]"

1. Electric Crown playlist
2. Let Go Of My World playlist
3. Raging Waters playlist
4. Sins Of Omission playlist
5. The Haunting playlist
6. The Legacy playlist

Album Lyrics: Saw V (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2008]

"Saw V (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2008]"

1. True Believer playlist