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The Clarks
Album Lyrics: I'll Tell You What Man... [1988]

The Clarks
"I'll Tell You What Man... [1988]"

1. All That Much playlist
2. Hear It From You playlist
3. Hesitating playlist
4. In The End playlist
5. Let Me Die playlist
6. On My Way Back Home playlist
7. Perfection Not Required playlist
8. Pretty As You Please playlist
9. Today playlist

Album Lyrics: Another Happy Ending [2002]

The Clarks
"Another Happy Ending [2002]"

1. All The Things I Wanted playlist
2. Inside You playlist
3. Love Is What You Need playlist
4. So You Can Sleep playlist
5. Superstar playlist
6. This Old House Is Burning Down Tonight playlist
7. Twist My Arm playlist
8. Wasting Time playlist

Album Lyrics: Love Gone Sour Suspicion and Bad Debt [1994]

The Clarks
"Love Gone Sour Suspicion and Bad Debt [1994]"

1. Already Down playlist
2. Behind My Back playlist
3. Better Day playlist
4. Climb Down playlist
5. I'm The Only playlist
6. Let You Go playlist
7. Madeline playlist
8. Now And Then playlist
9. Promised Land playlist
10. Sound The Warning playlist
11. Sun Don't Shine playlist
12. Tell Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Fast Moving Cars [2004]

The Clarks
"Fast Moving Cars [2004]"

1. Anymore playlist
2. Blue playlist
3. Happy playlist
4. She Says Don't Miss Me playlist
5. Take Your Time playlist
6. Train playlist
7. Wait A Minute playlist

Album Lyrics: Between Now and Then - Retrospective [2005]

The Clarks
"Between Now and Then - Retrospective [2005]"

1. Apartment Song playlist
2. Born Too Late playlist
3. Caroline playlist
4. Cigarette playlist
5. Help Me Out playlist
6. Mercury playlist
7. Penny On The Floor playlist
8. Snowman playlist
9. Treehouse playlist

Album Lyrics: Still Live CD/DVD [2006]

The Clarks
"Still Live CD/DVD [2006]"

1. Better Off Without You playlist
2. Bona Fide playlist
3. Boys Lie playlist
4. Butterflies And Airplanes playlist
5. Fast Moving Cars playlist
6. Gypsy Lounge playlist
7. Hell On Wheels playlist
8. Hey You playlist
9. Let It Go playlist
10. Maybe playlist
11. On Saturday playlist
12. Shimmy Low playlist
13. The Letter playlist
14. You Know Everything playlist

Album Lyrics: Strikes and Gutters 2 [2004]

The Clarks
"Strikes and Gutters 2 [2004]"

1. Brand New playlist
2. The River playlist

Album Lyrics: Let It Go [2000]

The Clarks
"Let It Go [2000]"

1. Chasin' Girls playlist
2. Flame playlist
3. Highwire playlist
4. I'm A Fool playlist
5. If Memory Serves playlist
6. Think Of England playlist

Album Lyrics: Restless Days [2009]

The Clarks
"Restless Days [2009]"

1. Come 'Round Here playlist
2. In Between playlist
3. Inside playlist
4. Midnight Rose playlist
5. Restless Days playlist
6. Soul and Skin playlist
7. Sunshine playlist
8. The Clowns playlist
9. The Runaway playlist
10. Trampoline playlist
11. True Believer playlist
12. What a Wonderful World playlist

Album Lyrics: Someday Maybe [1996]

The Clarks
"Someday Maybe [1996]"

1. Courtney playlist
2. Everything Has Changed playlist
3. Fatal playlist
4. Hollywood playlist
5. Last Call playlist
6. Lost And Found playlist
7. Never Let You Down playlist
8. No Place Called Home playlist
9. One Day In My Life playlist
10. Rain playlist
11. Stop playlist
12. The Box playlist
13. These Wishes playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - The Clarks

The Clarks
"Other Songs - The Clarks"

1. Cry playlist
2. For What It's Worth playlist
3. If I Can't Have You playlist
4. Kiss playlist
5. Love And More playlist
6. So You Can Sleep At Night playlist
7. Untitled #1 playlist

Album Lyrics: The Clarks [1991]

The Clarks
"The Clarks [1991]"

1. Daylights playlist
2. Dear Prudence playlist
3. Goodbye playlist
4. If I Fall Through playlist
5. King Of The Asylum playlist
6. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind playlist
7. She Revolves playlist
8. Spy playlist
9. Thought It Was Free playlist
10. Train Of Love playlist
11. What A Way To Go playlist

Album Lyrics: Strikes and Gutters [2001]

The Clarks
"Strikes and Gutters [2001]"

1. Does Your Harbour Light Still Shine? playlist
2. Give Me Tonight playlist
3. Little Sanctuary playlist
4. Lock And Key playlist
5. Mother's Only Son playlist
6. Over Me playlist
7. Roses And Diesel playlist
8. Talk Of The Town playlist
9. The Blizzard playlist
10. The Deal playlist
11. Tonight playlist