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Album Lyrics: Future Future Future Perfect [2007]

"Future Future Future Perfect [2007]"

1. Afterparty playlist
2. Do you like my Wang? playlist

Album Lyrics: Future Future Future Perfect, import version [2008]

"Future Future Future Perfect, import version [2008]"

1. Afterparty (long version) playlist
2. Brainpower playlist
3. Do you like boys? playlist
4. Frontload playlist
5. Get drunk with milk playlist
6. He says she says playlist
7. I think best in wire playlist
8. Less talk more rokk playlist
9. Ninja of love playlist
10. Pop music is not a crime playlist
11. Smoke machine (storslagen mix) playlist
12. Swimming pool playlist
13. Thought balloon playlist

Album Lyrics: Instant Gratification Pack EP [2010]

"Instant Gratification Pack EP [2010]"

1. Antikythera mechanism playlist
2. Electromagnetic playlist
3. Lose that boy (codebase morordercycle remix) playlist

Album Lyrics: Fancy Ultra-Fresh [2004]

"Fancy Ultra-Fresh [2004]"

1. Bike thief playlist
2. Boys on film playlist
3. Chess king playlist
4. Duct tape my heart playlist
5. Emotions & photons playlist
6. I am not your Gameboy playlist
7. Jem and the Holograms theme playlist
8. Manipulate (mastermind mix) playlist
9. Outer space playlist
10. Parlez-vous Freezepop? playlist
11. Stakeout playlist
12. That boy is all about fun! playlist
13. Tonight playlist

Album Lyrics: Hi-Five my Remix [2003]

"Hi-Five my Remix [2003]"

1. Bike thief (Tubeway remix) playlist
2. Freezepop forever (ionian remix) playlist
3. Lazy (Bass Kittens remix) playlist
4. Stakeout (donnerschlag remix) playlist
5. Super-sprøde playlist
6. Super-sprøde (Bunnyhug remix) playlist
7. Super-sprøde (Future Bible Heroes remix) playlist
8. Super-sprøde (Kodomo remix) playlist
9. Super-sprøde (pure remix) playlist
10. Super-sprøde (super-death remix) playlist
11. Super-sprøde (Veronica Black Morpheus remix) playlist
12. Tracey Gold (Fairlight Children remix) playlist

Album Lyrics: Brainpower CD single (promo only) [2008]

"Brainpower CD single (promo only) [2008]"

1. Brainpower (Mark Saunders instrumental remix) playlist
2. Brainpower (Mark Saunders remix) playlist
3. Less talk more rokk (Mark Saunders remix) playlist

Album Lyrics: Doppelganger Ep [2012]

"Doppelganger Ep [2012]"

1. Doppelgänger playlist

Album Lyrics: Maxi Ultra-Fresh [2005]

"Maxi Ultra-Fresh [2005]"

1. Duct tape my heart (forever remix) playlist
2. Here comes a special boy playlist
3. Outer space (Boothnavy's V***ger remix) playlist
4. Outer space/Plastic stars (live on WMBR) playlist
5. Parlez-vous Freezepop? (Inter:sect remix) playlist
6. Smoke machine playlist
7. Stakeout (Kodomo mix) playlist
8. Starlight (Karakter re-vision remix) playlist

Album Lyrics: Freezepop Forever, Elefant version [2001]

"Freezepop Forever, Elefant version [2001]"

1. Freezepop forever playlist
2. Get ready 2 rokk playlist
3. Harebrained scheme playlist
4. Plastic stars playlist
5. Robotron 2000 playlist
6. Science genius girl (decepticon remix) playlist
7. Science genius girl (hi phi edit) playlist
8. Summer boy playlist
9. T DJ playlist
10. Tender lies (single edit) playlist
11. Tenisu no boifurendo playlist
12. Tracey Gold playlist
13. Vacation playlist

Album Lyrics: Fashion Impression Function [2001]

"Fashion Impression Function [2001]"

1. Freezepop forever (Kodomo remix) playlist
2. Lazy playlist
3. Manipulate playlist
4. Manipulate (machinate mix) playlist
5. Plastic stars (Commodore Vic's sleeping dogs mix) playlist
6. Robotron 2002 (all your base are belong to us rmx) playlist
7. Science genius girl (Robotkid's lameboy mix) playlist
8. Shark attack playlist
9. Sprite - melonball bounce playlist
10. Starlight playlist
11. Tenisu no boifurendo (Kodomo remix) playlist

Album Lyrics: Form Activity Motion [2008]

"Form Activity Motion [2008]"

1. Frontload (Designer Drugs remix) playlist
2. Frontload (DJ Matthew Grim remix) playlist
3. Frontload (single version) playlist
4. Frontload (the h.v.m-a. mix) playlist
5. Moons of Jupiter (proto-mix) playlist
6. Plastic stars (acoustic) playlist
7. Thought balloon (Ming & Ping rethink) playlist
8. Thought balloon (Sean's speech bubble remix) playlist

Album Lyrics: The Rokk Suite [2006]

"The Rokk Suite [2006]"

1. Get ready 2 rokk (for those about 2 rok mix) playlist
2. Less talk more rokk (Guitar Hero 2 mix) playlist
3. Less talk more rokk (secret Izzy gh2 debacle) playlist

Album Lyrics: Imaginary Friends [2010]

"Imaginary Friends [2010]"

1. Hot air balloons playlist
2. House of mirrors playlist
3. Hypothetically playlist
4. Imaginary friend playlist
5. Lady spider playlist
6. Lose that boy playlist
7. Magnetic playlist
8. Natural causes playlist
9. Special effects playlist
10. Strange playlist
11. We don't have normal lives playlist

Album Lyrics: Less Talk More Rokk (the remixes) [2007]

"Less Talk More Rokk (the remixes) [2007]"

1. Less talk more rokk (Blazing Lazer remix) playlist
2. Less talk more rokk (Inter:sect remix) playlist
3. Less talk more rokk (Izzy Sparks remix) playlist
4. Less talk more rokk (Kodomo remix) playlist
5. Less talk more rokk (Michael Skype remix) playlist

Album Lyrics: Dancy Ultra-Fresh [2005]

"Dancy Ultra-Fresh [2005]"

1. Parlez-vous Freezepop? (daft & dotty mix) playlist
2. Photographic playlist
3. Smoke machine (macro:mix) playlist
4. Stakeout (donnerschlag micro mix) playlist

Album Lyrics: Imaginary Friends (Secret Companion Limited Edition) [2010]

"Imaginary Friends (Secret Companion Limited Edition) [2010]"

1. Peptalk playlist

Album Lyrics: Future Future Future Perfect, limited edition [2007]

"Future Future Future Perfect, limited edition [2007]"

1. Retired tennis pro playlist

Album Lyrics: The Orange EP [1999]

"The Orange EP [1999]"

1. Science genius girl playlist
2. Tender lies playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Freezepop

"Other Songs - Freezepop"

1. Science genius girl (remix version live on WMBR) playlist
2. Seven boom medley playlist
3. Stakeout (here is the mix) playlist
4. T DJ (live on WMBR) playlist
5. The number one song in heaven playlist
6. Tracey Gold (Empire State Human remix) playlist