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Stan Walker
Album Lyrics: The Complete Collection [2013]

Stan Walker
"The Complete Collection [2013]"

2. Black Box playlist
3. Choose You playlist
4. Forever I'm Yours playlist
5. Hallelujah playlist
6. Homesick playlist
7. Inside Out playlist
8. Invisible playlist
9. It's A Man's Man's Man's World playlist
10. Light It Up playlist
11. Loud playlist
12. Move Your Body playlist
13. Music Won't Break Your Heart playlist
14. On Our Way playlist
15. Ordinary People playlist
16. Purple Rain playlist
17. Shine playlist
18. Song In My Head playlist
19. Songbird playlist
20. Stuck In A Box playlist
22. Take It Easy playlist
23. Tear Down These Walls playlist
24. The Climb playlist
25. Think Of Me playlist
26. Unbroken playlist
27. We Will Rock You playlist
28. Welcome Home playlist
29. Who We Are playlist
30. Won't Let You Down playlist
31. All I Need playlist
32. Amazing Grace playlist
33. Chandelier playlist
34. Kissing You playlist
35. Let's Stay Together playlist
36. Love Graffiti playlist
37. One Thing playlist
38. Stand Up playlist
39. Superstar playlist
40. Take It Easy [Radio Mix] playlist
41. The One playlist
42. With Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Stan Walker

Stan Walker
"Other Songs - Stan Walker"

1. Bulletproof playlist

Album Lyrics: Introducing Stan Walker [2009]

Stan Walker
"Introducing Stan Walker [2009]"

1. Let's Stay Together playlist

Album Lyrics: From The Inside Out [2010]

Stan Walker
"From The Inside Out [2010]"

1. The One playlist

Album Lyrics: Bulletproof - Single [2013]

Stan Walker
"Bulletproof - Single [2013]"

1. Bulletproof playlist