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Ras Kass
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Ras Kass

Ras Kass
"Other Songs - Ras Kass"

1. 3 Card Molly playlist
2. Ah Ha playlist
3. All or Nuthin playlist
4. Anything Goes playlist
5. Arch Angels playlist
6. Come Widdit playlist
7. Drama playlist
8. Dreams 2... (Where My Bitches At) playlist
9. Give In To Me (M.J Version ;)) playlist
10. Grindin playlist
11. Harder playlist
12. High IQ playlist
13. I Ain't Fuckin With You playlist
14. If/Then playlist
15. Jack Frost playlist
16. Marinatin' playlist
17. Miami Life playlist
18. Nature Of The Threat playlist
19. Not Give A Fuck (Remix) playlist
20. On Earth As It Is... playlist
21. Oohwee playlist
22. Oral Sex ('99) playlist
23. Ordo Abchao (Order Out Of Chaos) playlist
24. Rasassanation playlist
25. Reelishymn playlist
26. Riiiot playlist
27. Sonset playlist
28. Soul On Ice playlist
29. Thank You playlist
30. The Evil That Men Do playlist
31. The Music of Business playlist
32. The Reconciliation playlist
33. Understandable Smooth playlist
34. Van Gogh playlist
35. West Coast Mentality playlist

Album Lyrics: Rasassination [1998]

Ras Kass
"Rasassination [1998]"

1. Conceited Bastard playlist
2. Get at Me playlist
3. Ghetto Fabulous playlist
4. H2oproof playlist
5. Ice Age playlist
6. Interview With A Vampire playlist
7. It Is What It Is playlist
8. Lapdance playlist
9. The End playlist
10. Wild Pitch playlist