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John Vanderslice
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - John Vanderslice

John Vanderslice
"Other Songs - John Vanderslice"

1. Ambition playlist
2. Do You Remember playlist
3. Don't walk away so fast playlist
4. Interlude No. 4 playlist
5. Mansion playlist
6. off the grid playlist

Album Lyrics: life and death of an american fourtracker

John Vanderslice
"life and death of an american fourtracker"

1. Amitriptyline playlist
2. Cool Purple Mist playlist
3. Fiend In A Cloud playlist
4. Greyhound playlist
5. Nikki Oh Nikki playlist

Album Lyrics: Pixel Revolt

John Vanderslice
"Pixel Revolt"

1. Angela playlist
2. continuation playlist
3. crc7173, affectionately playlist
4. dead slate pacific playlist
5. dear sarah shu playlist
6. Exodus Damage playlist
7. farewell transmission playlist
8. letter to the east coast playlist
9. New Zealand Pines playlist
10. Peacocks in the Video Rain playlist
11. Plymouth Rock playlist
12. Trance Manual playlist

Album Lyrics: Mass Suicide Occult Figurines

John Vanderslice
"Mass Suicide Occult Figurines"

1. Bill Gates Must Die playlist
2. Speed Lab playlist

Album Lyrics: John Vanderslice Live At The Casbah 10/27/2004 [2011]

John Vanderslice
"John Vanderslice Live At The Casbah 10/27/2004 [2011]"

1. Coming and Going On Easy Terms playlist
2. emma pearl playlist
3. Heated Pool and Bar playlist
4. Pale Horse playlist
5. radiant with terror playlist
6. They Won't Let me Run playlist
7. time travel is lonely playlist
8. Underneath The Leaves playlist
9. White Plains playlist
10. Wild Strawberries playlist

Album Lyrics: Time Travel is Lonely

John Vanderslice
"Time Travel is Lonely"

1. everything changed playlist
2. gainesville, fla. playlist
3. If I live or if I die playlist
4. keep the dream alive playlist
5. Little Boy Lost playlist
6. my old flame playlist
7. you were my fiji playlist

Album Lyrics: Insound tour support #18

John Vanderslice
"Insound tour support #18"

1. I Miss The War playlist

Album Lyrics: Cellar Door

John Vanderslice
"Cellar Door"

1. June July playlist
2. Lunar Landscapes playlist
3. My Family Tree playlist
4. Promissing Actress playlist
5. Up and Above the Sea playlist
6. When It Hits My Blood playlist