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Allan Taylor
Album Lyrics: Colour To The Moon [2001]

Allan Taylor
"Colour To The Moon [2001]"

1. A House By The River playlist
2. A Road Too Long playlist
3. Back Again playlist
4. Brighton Beach playlist
5. Colour To The Moon playlist
6. Crazy Amsterdam playlist
7. Creole Girl playlist
8. Kerouac's Dream playlist
9. Notes From Paris playlist
10. Scotty playlist
11. Whatever The Way playlist
12. Wheel Of Fortune playlist

Album Lyrics: Sometimes/The Lady [2004]

Allan Taylor
"Sometimes/The Lady [2004]"

1. Belfast '71 playlist
2. Cain playlist
3. Let Me Be playlist
4. My Lady playlist
5. Nursery Tale playlist
6. Our Captain Cried All Hands playlist
7. Robin Hood playlist
8. Scarlet And Grey playlist
9. Searching For Lambs playlist
10. Simple Song playlist
11. Something's Changed playlist
12. Sometimes playlist
13. Song For Kathy playlist
14. Still He Sings playlist
15. Swallow Swallow playlist
16. The Boy And Mantle playlist
17. The Kiss playlist
18. The Lady playlist
19. The Leaves Of Spring playlist
20. The Morning Lies Heavy playlist
21. The Pied Piper playlist
22. Tudor Pop playlist

Album Lyrics: Out Of Time [1991]

Allan Taylor
"Out Of Time [1991]"

1. Boy Is A Nation playlist
2. Choose Your Time playlist
3. It's Good To See You playlist
4. Out Of Time playlist
5. Roll On The Day playlist
6. Scene From A Corner Cafe playlist
7. Standing At The Door playlist
8. The Ladies Are The Loving Kind playlist
9. We Must Journey On playlist

Album Lyrics: Hotels & Dreamers [2003]

Allan Taylor
"Hotels & Dreamers [2003]"

1. For Those We Knew playlist
2. For What It's Worth playlist
3. Los Companeros playlist
4. Pearls and Wine playlist
5. Running On Dreams playlist
6. Some Dreams playlist
7. The Mission Hotel playlist
8. The Stranger playlist
9. When Time Is Short playlist

Album Lyrics: American Album / Cajun Moon [2000]

Allan Taylor
"American Album / Cajun Moon [2000]"

1. Always You playlist
2. Get Down playlist
3. Lavinia Forsythe-Jones playlist
4. Lead On, I'll Follow (Belfast '71) playlist
5. My Father's Room playlist
6. Old Joe playlist
7. Only A Few playlist
8. The City playlist
9. The Story playlist

Album Lyrics: Roll On The Day [1980]

Allan Taylor
"Roll On The Day [1980]"

1. Ballad For The Unknown Soldier playlist
2. Driving Down To St. Tropez playlist
3. For An Old Friend playlist
4. Give A Hand playlist
5. Hard To Tell playlist
6. Looking For You playlist
7. Madman playlist
8. Taking It One Day At A Time playlist
9. Time playlist

Album Lyrics: So Long [1993]

Allan Taylor
"So Long [1993]"

1. Cry From The Heart playlist
2. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right playlist
3. Joseph playlist
4. Let It Come, Let It Go playlist
5. Like I Used To Do playlist
6. Lullaby In G playlist
7. Passing The Time Away playlist
8. Restless playlist
9. So Long playlist
10. Wind From The Mountains playlist

Album Lyrics: The Traveller [1978]

Allan Taylor
"The Traveller [1978]"

1. Homestate playlist
2. It's Your Way playlist