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CeCe Peniston
Album Lyrics: Thought 'Ya Knew [1994]

CeCe Peniston
"Thought 'Ya Knew [1994]"

1. Any Way You Wanna Go playlist
2. Forever In My Heart playlist
3. Give What I'm Givin' playlist
4. Hit By Love playlist
5. I Will Be Received playlist
6. I'm Not Over You playlist
7. Let My Love Surround You playlist
8. Through Those Doors playlist
9. Whatever It Is playlist

Album Lyrics: I'm Movin' On [1996]

CeCe Peniston
"I'm Movin' On [1996]"

1. Before I Lay playlist
2. Somebody Else's Guy playlist

Album Lyrics: The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert [1994]

CeCe Peniston
"The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert [1994]"

1. Finally playlist

Album Lyrics: Finally [1992]

CeCe Peniston
"Finally [1992]"

1. I See Love playlist
2. Inside That I Cried playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best Of [1998]

CeCe Peniston
"The Best Of [1998]"

1. I'm In The Mood (East 87th St. Mix) playlist
2. Keep Givin' Me Your Love playlist
3. Keep On Walkin' playlist
4. We Got A Love Thang playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - CeCe Peniston

CeCe Peniston
"Other Songs - CeCe Peniston"

1. Lifeline playlist
2. Stoopid playlist